Guide to Milna and Dubovica Beaches in Hvar, Croatia

Milna and Dubovica are two small villages on the Southern side of Hvar Island, Croatia. And today, I want to talk more in-depth about the beautiful beaches between these two villages.

The truth is that you will encounter a range of several beautiful pebble beaches in and between Milna and Dubovica, for a perfect day trip away from bustling and often crowded Hvar Town.

During your stay on the Hvar island, you can try to get each time to a different one, mostly off-the-beaten-track beaches, but only apparently hard to reach. Read more about the best beaches in Hvar here.

Beaches Between Milna and Dubovica Bay

milna and dubovica beaches

Just a stone’s throw away from the island’s main attraction, Hvar Town, at a mere 4 km distance, lies the quaint Milna village.

This charming hamlet is tucked away on the southern shore of Hvar Island. Make sure not to mistake it with its namesake on Brac Island – they’re two different locations!

Milna is a perfect coastal retreat for those looking for tranquility and fewer crowds, but still offering a collection of stunning pebble beaches and things to do. There are three main beaches in Milna town on Hvar Island:

  • Plaza Milna
  • Beach Mala Milna
  • Beach Velika Milna

The three beaches above are all within walking distance from the village and I recommend checking them all out.

In Milna on Hvar Island, you can indulge in the day’s freshest catch at local eateries, savoring fish that just left the water.

The village is also known for its delicious homemade olive oil and tasty local wines that can make your entire stay a lot more pleasant.

A notable landmark in Milna is the 17th-century Ivanic family boarding house, a magnificent specimen of Baroque-Renaissance architecture.

This structure bears witness to a storied past, with Matija Ivanic, a celebrated figure who led a revolt against the Venetian Republic in 1510, among its lineage.

Family-Friendly Shores and Accommodations

pebble Beaches in Croatia

Families, in particular, will find Milna as the perfect escape. The village offers a blend of modern comforts with its private accommodations, rooms, and villas, catering to those who seek both serenity and a touch of luxury.

Hotel Fortuna stands out as the crown jewel of Milna’s hospitality, promising a stay that couples relaxation with refinement with its 4-star rating, amazing rooms with a sea view (make sure to choose them!) and proximity to the sea.

How to Get to Milna on Hvar Island

You have two easy options to get to Milna village from Hvar:

  • a local boat transfer is fast and cheap and drops you off at the harbor
  • alternately, you can drive the short distance to Milna if you have a car

And if you don’t know how to get to the island itself, I have a full guide on how to get to Hvar from the mainland or from Italy.

From Milna to Dubovica: A Pebble-Beach Paradise

The journey between Milna and Dubovica Bay is a beachgoer’s dream. We’re basically talking about a long stretch of pebble beaches from one point to the other, as you can see in this screenshot taken from Google Maps:

Milna Hvar to Dubovica stretch of beaches

As you can see, the closer you get to Dubovica Bay, the more secluded coves and beaches you can find. Most of these don’t even have a name, but they are great if you want to enjoy some raw nature and tranquility.

Zarace Village

As you can see on the map above, the first stop from Milna to Dubovica is Zarece Village.

Nestled atop the rocky cliffs, this small yet picturesque enclave is home to two stunning coves: Velo Zarace (Big) to the east and Malo Zarace (Small) to the west.

Both are must-visit destinations and you can check both out during a one-day stay, if you don’t have more time available.

The village doesn’t skimp on comfort either, offering travelers a choice of a restaurant right by the beach, serving up local delights and delicious food. You also have plenty of private accommodation options in case you want to stay for longer.

Truth be told, though, I think you’re better off choosing Milna or Dubovica as your home base, simply because there’s more to do in these villages.

Dubovica Bay: The Most Beautiful Beach on the Island

view of Dubovica beach on Hvar Island

Finally, your trip to Southern Hvar Island takes us to the destination from Milna – Dubovica Bay.

The beach here competes in fame with the famous Zlatni Rat on the neighboring island of Brac. In other words, it’s really amazing – all these people publishing photos of this beach can’t be wrong, after all!

I’m sure that the image of the beach I posted above convinces you that this is indeed a top place to visit during your stay in Hvar.

NOTE: If you don’t want to explore all the beaches on Hvar’s Southern coast, you can also get to Dubovica beach from Stari Grad, another main town on the island. The drive to the bay is spectacular, too!

Wrapping up

I really wanted to write a dedicated article to the beaches from Milna, Hvar to the amazing Dubovica Beach in Croatia.

It’s a trip you should take – from one village to another, sampling the local food and especially the tons of free beaches along the way.

If you made the trip and you have any comments, don’t hesitate to comment below. Or if you have photos you’d like to publish on this blog, contact me and I’ll make it happen.

Thanks for sharing this article!

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