Hvar, Croatia Beaches: Milna and Dubovica

On the southern side of Hvar island between Milna and Dubovica you will encounter a range of several beautiful pebble beaches, for a perfect day trip away from bustling and often crowded Hvar Town.

The south coast of Hvar island is full of beautiful beaches and bays. During your stay on the island you can try to get each time to a different one, mostly off the beaten track beaches, but only apparently hard to reach.

Beaches Between Milna And Dubovica Bay

Milna village

The closest village only 4 km from Hvar town on the southern seashore of the island, is a small Milna village. (don’t confuse this village with Milna on Brac island). It’s nested in a well sheltered cove with several pebble beaches.

Besides the beautiful beaches, Milna offers few restaurants with daily fresh fish, homemade olive oil and good local wine. On the western part of the bay, there is a 17th century the Ivanic family boarding house, built in a Baroque-Renaissance style.

The most famous member of this family was Matija Ivanic the leader of the people’s rebellion in 1510 against the Venetian Republic.

If you are looking for a quite place far from the summer crowds, this tiny village is a perfect place for families with kids. Milna offers a modern and comfortable private accommodation, rooms and villas. The top hotel is Hotel Fortuna. From Hvar you can reach Milna, by local boat from Hvar harbor or by own car.

Zarace village beaches

Not far from Milna village, there is Zarace village, 6 km from Hvar. On the rocky cliffs stands this small scenic settlement with two deep coves with pebble beaches, Velo Zarace (Big) on the east and Malo Zarace (Small) on the west side.

The beaches under imposing rocky cliffs are true beauties. The village has several restaurants and comfortable private accommodation. The picturesque seashore is the perfect place for underwater fans. The place can be reached by car or by boat.

Dubovica bay

On the lists of best Hvar beaches between Milna and Dubovica, the last one stands out as the iconic symbols of Hvar town. It’s one of the most published beach photos after Zlatni Rat, glorious Bol, Brac island beach.

A favorite Hvar town resort is situated 8 km east of city, with large pebble beach and beautiful submarine scenery. Dubovica can be reached by boat or car.

You can reach Dubovica by car from Stari Grad, passing through the tunnel. As you come out of the tunnel you have to park on the main road above the bay and to get down a rough path to the sea.

Where to stay?

Hvar Town Tourist Board with participation of some volunteers have been busy clearing the old paths of the island, so that tourists can enjoy more hikes. Watch the video below to enjoy some highlights of a stunning hike from Dubovica to the heart of wine country, Sveta Nedjelja. (only 7 Km)

Maybe you would like to visit!

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