Exploring Murter Island: A Guide to the Best Things to Do & Beaches to Visit

Welcome to Murter Island, Croatia! I am excited to share with you some of the top things to do – but also the best beaches on this amazing island that will result in a perfect holiday here.

Located between Zadar and Sibenik, Murter Island belongs to the Northern Dalmatian group of islands.

Its prime location, just 30 km north of Sibenik and 60 km south of Zadar (check the top things to do in Zadar here), makes it a perfect destination for sea lovers.

The close proximity to the Kornati National Park, which has 89 islands, islets and cliffs, makes it the most important nautical base on the Croatian coast. Check them out on Google Maps here.

Murter Island: The 4 Main Settlements

Murter Island settlements

There are four settlements on the island: Murter, Tisno, Jezera, and Betina. Each one of them offers a unique experience and atmosphere.

  • Murter is the main village on the island in the northwest, known as a starting point for trips to Kornati National Park. The nearby sandy Slanica beach is the most popular family beach with its shallow waters. Right next to the beach is an affordable 3-star hotel, Colentum, and a camping ground. The hotel is named after the Roman ruins of Colentum.
  • Tisno is the youngest town on the island and is situated at the point where the island of Murter connects the mainland with the old mobile bridge.
  • Betina village is considered one of the most beautiful places in the Adriatic, known for its tradition of shipbuilding. There are nearly over 20 small family shipyards in Betina where skillful shipbuilders use hand tools to build distinctive and lifelong traditional wooden boats.
  • Jezera is the smallest town on the island of Murter, located around the sheltered bay on the northeast side of the island. This village is famous for its marina and for being one of the strongest fishing centers in central Dalmatia.

Everything on Murter Island is dedicated to nautical tourism, and there are several modern marinas for yachts owners.

One of the best marinas is Hramina, located in the beautiful Murter bay with 400 berths and 250 places on land. It is equipped with all infrastructures needed for an enjoyable stay.

In addition, there are two marinas in the very heart of the Kornati National Park, one on the island of Zut with 113 berths, and the other on the island of Piskera with 120 berths. Both marinas are open from March to October.

Best Things to Do on Murter Island

On Murter Island, all activities are associated with the sea, so it’s ideal to visit during the warmer summer months. Here are some of the top things to do:

1. Cruising through Kornati

Kornati park sailing

Kornati National Park is the crown jewel of Murter Island. This “nautical paradise” boasts 89 islands, islets, and cliffs, making it the perfect place for a day-long boat tour.

Take in the breathtaking scenery and explore the natural wonders of the park, including Telašćica Nature Park and the cliffs of Mana Island.

2. Diving and Snorkeling

The crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea are a haven for divers and snorkelers. With its rich underwater world, Murter Island offers excellent diving opportunities for both novice and experienced divers.

The island has several dive centers where you can rent equipment and take guided dives to explore the underwater world.

3. Sailing School

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to sail, then Murter Island is the perfect place to do it. The island has several sailing schools where you can learn the basics or improve your sailing skills.

4. Swimming in the Sea

Swimming around Murter Island Croatia

The Adriatic Sea is known for its crystal-clear waters, and Murter Island is no exception. Whether you’re looking for a secluded cove or a lively beach, the island has plenty of spots where you can take a refreshing swim.

Some of the popular swimming spots include Podvrske Beach, Slanica Beach, and Kosirina Beach. We’ll get more in depth with the best beaches on Murter Island down below, as they deserve a section of its own.

5. Walking and Hiking on the Kornati Islands

The Kornati Islands are a hiker’s paradise, with stunning landscapes and breathtaking views. Take a guided hike or explore the islands on your own, and discover hidden bays, cliffs, and coves.

The islands are home to diverse wildlife, including rare bird species, so keep your eyes peeled for some amazing sightings.

I recommend two amazing tours that you can get for a full day of exploring the Kornati Islands:

6. Kayaking Adventures

Kayaking is a great way to explore the coastline of Murter Island and get up close and personal with its stunning natural beauty.

Rent a kayak and explore the hidden coves and secluded bays, or join a guided tour and discover the island’s hidden gems.

7. Fishing Your Own Meal

Cook your own fish on Murter island

Experience traditional fishing methods and catch your own dinner on Murter Island. The island has a rich fishing tradition, and there are several places where you can rent fishing equipment and take a guided tour.

Catch your own fish, and prepare it with the help of the locals, who will teach you the traditional way of cooking fish.

8. Night Tour to Discover Amazing Starry Sky Above Kornati

Murter Island is known for its clear night skies, and the Kornati National Park is the perfect place to stargaze.

Take a night tour to discover the beauty of the Milky Way and learn about the constellations from an experienced guide.

9. Attend Betina Village’s Traditional Ships Regatta

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend Betina Village’s Traditional Ships Regatta, named Latinsko idro (Latin sail), held every year at the end of September during the feast of St. Michael, the patron saint of the town.

Best Beaches on Murter Island

Best beaches in Murter Croatia

Murter Island has a plethora of stunning beaches, and even though I have already touched on this subject above, I want to go a bit more in depth and share the top five beaches in the region.

There are plenty more – many secluded beaches too – but the ones I’m sharing below are the ones you shouldn’t miss.

1. Podvrske Beach

If you’re looking for a more secluded spot, then Podvrske Beach is the perfect choice. The beach is located on the south-eastern side of the island and is only accessible by foot or boat.

The crystal-clear waters and the stunning scenery make it a great spot for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling.

2. Slanica Beach

Slanica Beach Murter Croatia

Slanica Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island, and for a good reason. The sandy beach is perfect for families with children, as the shallow waters make it safe for swimming.

The beach is surrounded by pine trees, offering some shade during the hot summer days.

3. Kosirina Beach

Kosirina Beach is a hidden gem on the island, located on the northern side of Murter. The beach is surrounded by pine trees, and the turquoise waters make it a great spot for swimming and snorkeling.

The beach is not as crowded as some of the other beaches on the island, making it a great place to relax and unwind.

4. Murtaric Beach

Murtaric Beach

While Google Maps lists this as an observation bay, you will be surprised to see how beautiful the place is – natural, wild and more secluded by most, located on a small peninsula connected via sand to the shore.

It’s a bit more difficult to get here (you will need a car or boat), but it’s worth all the trouble, as it features the best crystal clear waters in the area and amazing views, even though the beach itself is not spectacular (it’s rocky and without any shade).

5. Cigrada Beach

Cigrada Beach is located on the northern side of Murter and is known for its pebble beach and crystal-clear waters. The beach is perfect for swimming and sunbathing, and there are several beach bars and restaurants nearby.

Also make sure to check out the best beaches in Sibenik, which is really close to the island.

Murter Island Accommodation

Colentum Resort
Amazing view from the Colentum Resort in Murter – link below

Murter Island offers a wide range of accommodation options, ranging from 3-star hotels to private apartments and camping grounds. It’s best to choose accommodation on the island if you plan to explore it in depth

Here are some of the top accommodation options on the island, located in various areas and all offering great value for the money:

Final Thoughts

Murter Island is a hidden gem in Croatia that offers lots of outdoor activities, from hiking to all sorts of water sports, but also amazing beaches and plenty of natural beauty.

So, what are you waiting for? Add Murter Island to your travel bucket list, and discover the magic of this stunning island in Croatia, now that you know everything about it from my guide.

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