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North Dalmatia Nudist Beaches Guide

The North Dalmatia nudist region extends over two counties, Zadar and Sibenik. Like in other counties along the coast, the most of naturist beaches are concentrated within naturist camping grounds and resorts.

Some of them are only partly reserved for nudists and rarely in recent year are exclusively designated for nudists.

The most of naturist camping sites are located along the mainland while on the numerous islands of Sibenik and Zadar archipelago there are many other nudist or clothing optional beaches that are not officially designated for naturists but are tolerated by local communities.

In both counties there are some small islands that are entirely dedicated to nudists where only naked sunbathers are welcomed. Today, except on official nudist beaches marked as ‘FKK’, nudity is often tolerated on many other so called ‘wild beaches’.

Lately yacht and boat charters in Croatia for all those who love to sail, navigate and explore the natural beauty of the Croatian coast and islands, has become the best way to practice the nude swimming and sunbathing, visiting secluded bays and coves that otherwise would never be able to visit.

Northern Dalmatia region with two-thirds of Croatia’s islands, is the best nautical destination for so-called bare-boat charters that permit you to enjoy the complete passenger privacy on board as well as a free choice of anchorages, marinas, sailing duration etc.

Zadar County – North Dalmatia Nudist Beaches

It’s difficult to establish how many naturist beaches are there in Zadar district, including Zadar archipelago islands, whose number is the same as the number of days in a year.

On the map above I have listed only some of more known and more frequently visited by naked sunbathers. Beside well-known naturist camping sites along the mainland, you’ll find also some nudist beaches and some small islands dedicated only to naturist.

If you are looking for naturist camping sites there are only three of them in this region. Between them there is a difference as only one is dedicated only to the naturists while one is a textile camp with a nudist beach and other one is a combined textile & nudist.

Camping Sovinje – Only 100 % North Dalmatia Nudist campsite

It’s the only camping site in North Dalmatia nudist area, exclusively dedicated to naturists. This three star camp is located 2 Km from the small fishermen village Tkon, on the island of Pasman in the county of Zadar. Tkon village has a regular ferry boat connection from Biograd.

Accommodating 200 guests, the campsite is situated in a pine forest, next to the sea in the south part of the island. There are two sandy beaches available to naturists. The camp also offers sailing boat excursions to Kornati National Park and National parks of Krka and Plitvice Lakes.

Within the camp are available various recreational activities like table tennis, beach volleyball, basketball, boat and bicycle hire.

Camping Strasko – near Novalja, Pag island

Strasko is located on the island of Pag and 1 Km from Novalja town, not far from famous party Zrce beach.This 4 stars camping site has separate zones for naturist campers and non-naturist (‘textile’) campers.

It accommodates about 6000 guests and has a wide 2 Km long beach. About a third of the accommodation in the camp is reserved for naturists. It offers plots, ranging between 100 and 140 square meters, all fully equipped with all amenities and have been highly rated by ADAC (German Automobile Club).

All kind of sports activities are organized within the camp by the campsite’s staff. The camp also has a restaurant and a pizzeria, as well as two well-equipped markets. On request it is possible to visit the famous Croatian Ibiza – Zrce beach.

Camping Oaza Mira (Peace Oasis)

Among North Dalmatia nudist camping, Oaza Mira camp-site is a textile camping site with a nudist beach.

This three star camp is a completely renovated and equipped campsite with its own small bay, situated in Drage near Pakostane, 10 Km from Biograd and reachable by main roads from Zadar and Sibenik.

Camp Oaza Mira has been recognized as one of Croatia’s Best Camps and has also received a Zoover award. The camp is located in natural surroundings with a view of the nearby islands.

Located close to the camp’s coastline is the island of Vrgada and as well as numerous small islands which can be quickly reached by boat.

Sibenik County – North Dalmatia Nudist Beaches

Sibenik county boasts with two national parks, Krka NP with plenty of waterfalls which is only 10 km far from the town and Kornati NP archipelago with more than a hundred of islands.

Like in Zadar county the most of the naturist beaches are located on nearby islands, particularly between Murter island to Vodice on the south. The number of naturist campsite is limited on only one , located in Betina village on the Murter island.

Camping Kosirina, Betina

Located in Betina, near Murter, on the island with the same name, camp Kosirina occupies a partially wooded terrain covered with pine and olive trees and can accommodate 400 guests.

It’s a textile campsite but it has also a sandy beach reserved for naturists. Betina is situated 35 km west of Sibenik, on the northeastern coast of the island of Murter, which connected to the mainland in Tisno village.

On Murter island there are several small nudist beaches, one is very close to beautiful sandy Slanica beach, considered the main beach on Murter island, with a small nudist beach, located at the end of the Slanica textile campsite.

In the north Dalmatia nudist area between Vodice and Primosten towns, there are three islands with beaches reserved for naturists.

Two of these islands, Tijat and Prvic (see the map) offer beautiful naturist beaches. Prvic island has a regular ferry connection from Sibenik to Luka Prvic and Sepurine villages and Vodice town.

The third island is a naturist beach on the small island of Smokvica located in front of picturesque little town of Primosten, south of Sibenik. Taxi boat runs several times during the summer season to this beach.

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