Top Things to Do and See in Central Dalmatia

Many travelers will agree that Central Dalmatia boasts a reputation as the most popular and the most visited Croatia’s region. Honestly this region has every reason to enjoy this fame. For me born in this region (Split Croatia), it will not be easy to choose the most significant points of this region, which as you … Read more

Pakleni Islands Your Exotic Escape in Croatia

Pakleni islands is a tiny archipelago of 16 islands right opposite the town of Hvar, the capital of Hvar island. Their exact name would be Paklinski otoci (islands). I have heard someone calling them ‘Hell Islands’. Literal translation of the Croatian words ‘Pakao’ (Hell) or ‘Paklen’ (Hellis) has nothing to do with these islands, as … Read more

Traveling to Krk Island, Croatia: Everything You Need to Know

Among the 1185 Croatian islands, Krk island is the largest one and as locals proudly say this is the only Golden island on the Adriatic. Krk island is Croatia’s largest island, with 409 sq-km. It is one of the most visited islands. Krk may not be the most important or most beautiful island in Croatia, … Read more

Croatia By Bike: Cycling in Croatia

If you travel slowly, you enjoy more! Cycling in Croatia is a great way to explore Croatia’s highlights. Regardless of whether you are amateur or professional, around the Croatia you will find the perfect trails just to suit everyone. Nature parks, river valleys and forests are easy to tour on two wheels. Islands are not … Read more

Guide to Trogir, Croatia: The Little Venice of Dalmatia

Trogir Croatia is one of the Dalmatian coast’s wonders, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, as many call it, the Little Venice of Dalmatia or the Stone Beauty. Trogir town is located on a small island in a narrow sea passage between the main land and Ciovo island , separated by a small canal. The islet … Read more

Tourist Map of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Do you really need to have a map of Dubrovnik while visiting Dubrovnik? Considering the richness’s of cultural monuments concentrating on the relatively limited surface among the mighty city walls, I would say that having a map would be essential. If you are staying in Dubrovnik for a day or two, probably you won’t be … Read more