Complete Ciovo Island Travel Guide (Best Beaches Included)

view of Ciovo Island from Trogir

Čiovo (pronounced Chyoh-voh) is a small, yet full-of-life island in central Dalmatia, seamlessly connected to the UNESCO-listed town of Trogir and its extremely popular tourist riviera. Often thought of as a peninsula due to its southern proximity to medieval Trogir and the fact that it’s linked by bridges, Čiovo is a gem that you have … Read more

Croatian Inventions that Changed the World

Croatian inventions that have changed the world

Croatia may be a small country, but it had a huge impact on the world thanks to some of the most important inventions that helped humankind. In today’s article, I will share the most important Croatian inventors (and their inventions) that have reshaped history For a quick and brief summary, here are some of the … Read more

The Best Spots for Windsurfing in Croatia

windsurfing in Croatia

Croatia is a great place for practicing windsurfing, thanks to the reliable winds such as the Bura (Bora), Maestral (Mistral), and Jugo (South), which cater to both beginners and seasoned windsurfers alike. The Mistral, known locally as Maestral, is particularly favorable for windsurfers. This daily northwestern wind arises from the temperature differences between the mainland … Read more

The Most Unusual Museums in Croatia

most unusual museums in Croatia

We all know Croatia for its beautiful coastline and charming resorts, the unique Plitvice Lakes National Park, or the filming locations of the Game of Thrones series. Croatia is also home to some of the craziest and most interesting museums I have ever seen and today, I am here to share them all with you. … Read more

Tourist Map of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik Maps

Do you really need to have a map of Dubrovnik while visiting Dubrovnik? Considering the richness’s of cultural monuments concentrating on the relatively limited surface among the mighty city walls, I would say that having a map is essential. And since there is more than Google Maps (although that is the go-to resource you should … Read more

Public Transportation in Zagreb: Full Guide [2024 Update]

Today, I’ll discuss how to navigate Zagreb using the public transportation system effectively. It’s my favorite way to move around the city – fast and cheap! As I keep saying, Zagreb is actually a relatively small city and it’s pretty much walkable. However, for faster travel across town, I recommend using the city’s public transport … Read more

How to Get from Budapest to Split, Croatia by Train, Bus or Plane

getting from Budapest to Split by train

Getting from Budapest to Split, Dalmatia’s capital is not difficult and fortunately you have various options available for your trip. Today, I will share the best ways to get from Hungary’s capital to Split, Croatia. Currently, there are no direct flights from Budapest to Split, as is the case from Budapest to Zagreb or any … Read more