Discovering Porec, Croatia: Things to Do, Where to Stay & More

Porec Croatia travel guide

Sprinkled along the shores of the Adriatic Sea, Porec (Parenzo in Italian) firmly stands as the most developed tourist hotspot, not only in the Istria region but across the entire Croatian landscape. The entire Porec area is devoted to summer tourism, so if you decide to stay anywhere in the region, you will be treated … Read more

The Best Beaches in Split, Croatia

best beaches in Split Croatia

Most people visiting Croatia have no idea that Split is actually more than just a transit hub to one of the well known Dalmatian islands. Split itself has some really amazing beaches that you will fall in love with instantly. And we’re going to talk about the best beaches in Split, Croatia in today’s article! … Read more

Perfect Croatia Itinerary: 10 Days in the Country

Croatia 10 day itinerary

If you’re planning to spend 10 days in Croatia, I am here to help you with the perfect itinerary. While you won’t be able to see everything that this beautiful country has to offer, it’s a fair amount of time that you will spend here, allowing you to experience most of Croatia. This 10 day … Read more

7 Days In Split, Croatia: THE Perfect Itinerary

Split Croatia 7 day Itinerary

This is the perfect Split, Croatia itinerary if you have 7 days to spend in this glorious city. This is my cherished hometown and as a result, I am sure I can offer the absolute best ideas for spending an unforgettable vacation here. Can you picture the sensation of basking in the warm Mediterranean sun, … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Scuba Diving in Croatia

diving in Croatia

Scuba diving in Croatia is perfect – you have the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic, sunken shipwrecks and various other important underwater landmarks and historical sites, as well as beautiful fish and other underwater life forms that every diver would enjoy. Today, I’m going to go more in depth about scuba diving in Croatia, sharing … Read more

Croatia Nudist Beaches Guide & Vacation Spots

Croatia nudist beaches guide

In today’s article, I’m building up a guide to help you discover all nudist beaches in Croatia. Fortunately, it is very easy to be a naturist in Croatia as there are plenty of dedicated beaches, as well as secluded ones that can be used. It’s incredible that such a small country still has over 1,000 … Read more