Croatia Currency Guide: Kuna and Euros in Croatia

Although it has become a member of EU (Europe Union), the currency in Croatia is not officially Euro. The Kuna (code HRK) is official Croatia’s currency since 1994. There are plans for Croatia to join the Eurozone, but it won’t happen too soon. The latest estimates are that Croatia will switch to using Euros by … Read more

What to Do in Croatia During the Spring Season

Have you ever imagined that visiting Croatia in spring, can be a perfect time of year to visit some top Croatia destinations, when the days are longer, everything starts blooming and the nature is waking up. Most of the tourists don’t include this period as a part of their holidays planning. In this period, the … Read more

Map of the Dalmatia Coast

The map of Dalmatia that we’re sharing in today’s article will definitely help you decide which part of the Adriatic is for you when visiting the Dalmatian coast. Insider tip: you have a ton of options and they are all amazing! Dalmatia, as the most visited tourist region in Croatia, consists of three areas, without … Read more

These Are the Best Beaches in Hvar, Croatia

Before visiting Hvar island, Hvar island beaches are the most popular topics people are are interested in. The beaches are everywhere around the island of Hvar. Not all beaches are accessible for everyone. Some, sometimes the most beautiful, you’ll never see, unless you have the boat or you plan to hire one. The fact is … Read more

Enjoying Nin Lagoon Beach: a Sandy Paradise in Croatia

Although Croatia can not boast with too many sandy beaches, Nin Lagoon beach close to Zadar, will be a great discovery for all those looking for a sandy pleasure under the feet. Particularly this beach and many other sandy beaches around Nin town offer the best conditions for families with children of any age. Among … Read more