Top Things to Do or See in Kvarner, Croatia

Exploring the map of Kvarner Croatia, you can notice that this region is the nearest Croatia’s holiday destination. Driving from Italian border you can reach Opatija, the elegant tourist destination, just in little more than an hour. What makes this region so attractive? This region has all you’ll need for a perfect holiday in Croatia. … Read more

Best Souvenirs to Bring Back Home from Croatia, Hvar

If you are looking for Hvar island souvenirs probably you want to have something that will remind you on your memorable moments from this fabulous island. I can guarantee you that Hvar island isn’t a place to fall into the ‘souvenir trap’ shopping for junk souvenirs that have little to no meaning. The fact is … Read more

Guide Books about Croatia to Read Before Visiting or Moving

In today’s article, I will share with you some of the best guide books about Croatia that you should read before visiting the country or moving here. No matter if you visit Croatia for the first or second time, you still have a lot to learn about this beautiful countries and one of the guide … Read more