Guide to Port of Split, Croatia (So You Don’t Get Lost)

The Port of Split might seem chaotic at first – especially if you get here during the high season months of July and August, but let me assure you that it’s pretty easy to navigate.

And today, I am here to tell you everything I know about the Port of Split – which is a lot, since I’ve been living in Split for most of my life.

Overview of Split Harbor

The port’s address is Obala Kneza Domagoja, 21000 Split, Croatia.

The Split Harbor houses the bus station, train station, ferry ticket offices, and catamaran docks – all within a compact area, on the main promenade close to the old town area.

It doesn’t really matter if you want to get to the Central Dalmatian islands, find your way to the ferry leaving to Dubrovnik or you have just arrived by bus from the Split airport, follow my directions and you’ll get by just fine.

As you can see in the map screenshot below, there are three different piers in the Split Port, each for different destinations and transport types: ferries for both cars and passengers, catamarans for foot passengers only, and the international pier which.

three piers of Split Harbor
Map screenshot via Google Maps.

We’ll go in depth with each of these piers below, called “Gat” in Croatian.

Port of Split Layout – the Three Main Piers

port of split Croatia

Above you can see the three docking areas (aka Gat) of the Split port, each serving distinct routes:

  • Gat Sv. Petra (St. Peter Mole aka St. Peter’s Pier): Positioned nearest to the city, this dock is for local ferries to Vis Island, Stari Grad (on Hvar Island), and Korcula Island and can be considered the main one in Split’s Port. I have marked it here on Google Maps for you.
  • Gat St. Duje: The central dock handles ferries and catamarans to and from Supetar (Brac Island), Rogac (Solta Island), Hvar town-Vis, and the ferry route between Ancona, Italy, and Split. Note: Schedules and routes may change, so always verify before travel.
  • Maritime International Border Crossing: This dock is primarily for international cruise ships.

As you can see, all of these three piers are very close to the main promenade area in the city, close to all the main attractions.

So from this point of view, no matter which pier your ferry will be found in, you will still be close to everything that matters in the city, including the best restaurants and cafes.

Catamaran Port

Arriving from the Split airport by bus or taxi, you’ll end up at Obala Lazareta, the hub for foot passengers looking to catch a catamaran to the islands.

It is located above the main pier in the Split Port, and I am marking it on Google Maps here for easy access.

Ferry Companies

Croatian ferry

Jadrolinija, the Croatian national carrier, manages all car and passenger ferry connections to the Central Dalmatian islands.

You can purchase your tickets at Jadrolinija’s main office, located across from the bus terminal within the ferry terminal, or at kiosks on Gat Sv.Duje pier.

However, I recommend visiting their official website and booking your tickets there. That is where you can find all the information about the current ferries they operate.

During the off-season (May-June and September-October), securing a spot is very easy and you don’t have to worry about booking too much in advance.

But starting mid-June and especially during the peak season (July and August), I recommend booking your car ferry at least a day in advance.

While passengers generally find boarding easy, car spaces are quickly taken, so it’s best to prepare in advance. If you are 100% sure of your date, I’d play it even safer and book more than 24 hours in advance.

Besides Jadrolinija, Krilo, a private company from a village south of Split, offers fast catamaran services to Korcula, Hvar, Vis islands, and a popular route to Dubrovnik.

Krilo catamarans set sail from the catamaran port at Obala Lazareta, I told you about above.

There is also the TP-Line company that usually operates ferries and/or catamarans from the Split Port and I recommend checking them out as well if you still can’t find something you like.

But usually, I pick Jadrolinija because this is the main ferry company in Croatia.

Tips for Smooth Sailing to and from Split

Now that you know everything about the Port of Split, here are some tips from locals to make sure that you have a perfect experience, no matter if you arrive here with a ferry or International Cruise ship, or plan to depart to a different destination.

  • Arrive Early: Especially during peak season, arriving at least an hour before your departure time is mandatory, to make sure you find your Pier and ship.
  • Ticket Purchases: Buy your tickets in advance, online, if you can. While the ticket offices are in the harbor area, queues can be very long during the summer.
  • Understanding the Piers: Each pier in Split serves a specific set of destinations – you have them detailed above, and also the map to help you get familiarized before arrival.
  • Store your luggage: If you stay for a short time, but you have luggage that you can’t store elsewhere, it’s good to know that there are storage facilities near the bus station close to the Split Port.


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Wrapping up

You know everything about the Split Port, including what each of the ferry piers does (and where they are located), as well as the place for the Catamarans in the Port.

You will see that, thanks to my information, once you get there in person, it will be very easy to get around, no matter if you are coming or going.

But if it’s the former, make sure to check out my in-depth guides to some of the main things you should do while in Split, Croatia:

  • Diocletian’s Palace: A UNESCO World Heritage site, this ancient palace is probably THE must see place in Split.
  • Marjan Hill: If you’re looking for a bit of an adventure & connecting with nature, climb up the Marjan Hill for some amazing and truly Instagram-able panoramic views of the city and the sea.

If you have additional questions about the Port of Split, let me know by commenting below and I will gladly answer and help you.

Thanks for sharing this article!

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