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Rovinj Croatia is one of the most beautiful Istria's towns, located on the west side of Istria peninsula, always one of the most beaten track destinations.

Rovinj (Rovigno - Italian name) is one of the most romantic towns on the Adriatic coast. It has a unique blend of urban and fishing settlement architecture; numerous bars and restaurants and I highly recommend it as a particularly romantic getaway.

This small town started its romantic life on a small peninsula (once an island) whose tight space conditioned the construction of compact houses, narrow streets and small squares, still untouched by modern urbanization.

It is a place that offers countless possibilities for sports and recreational activities, sailing, diving, climbing, cycling, sightseeing  of cultural attractions, archaeological sites, culinary specialties, offering  high quality hotels, tourist settlements and camps for a pleasant vacation.

The mild climate with 2.400 hours of sunshine annually, and many cultural, artistic and sport performances makes this town top tourist destination in Croatia.

Rovinj Croatia Map

This Rovinj map will help you to explore this old Istria town. Start to walk around  a peninsula following this easy map.

You can start your walking tour from the Marsala Tita square visiting the Balbi Arch, just few steps from the square in Iza Casarne street.

From there you can continue to Grisia street , the famous open air art gallery and to finish all the way to Vladimira Svalbe street, considered one of the most picturesque streets of Rovinj.

St.Euphemia’s church will be always your orientation point and wherever you go this church will be visible to help you find your way to the Rovinj harbor.

To make easy navigating this map just click to (+/-) sign to make this map larger or smaller. Keep in mind to enlarge the small peninsula part of the map which is the old town of Rovinj.

Rovinj islands

Rovinj Croatia is the only area on Istria peninsula with a very rugged archipelago that consists of 14 islands and 6 cliffs. On above picture you can see a series of the largest islands that spread from the Rovinj old town.

The total length of all the islands, including cliffs, reaches 20.5 km, while their surface is a little over 65 ha.

The most popular islands near Rovinj are St. Andrew (Red Island) and St. Catherine that is a stone throw from the Rovinj city center. On both islands there are hotels like Hotel Istra on the Island of St. Andrew and Hotel Katarina on St. Catherine's Island.

The Red Island  is really a piece of paradise on earth that consists of two tied islets - St. Andrea and Maskin. The island is covered with lush pinewoods including a botanical garden with more than 180 kinds of various plants that grow there. This island can be reached by taxi boat in fifteen minutes from the town, that runs every an hour.

Among these 14 Rovinj Croatia islands there is one particularly interesting island, only 1,5 nautical miles from the old town.

In fact it's a lighthouse called St.Ivan, a bare rock 70 x 50 meters wide. The locals calls it Lanterna ( Italian name for lighthouse).

The lighthouse was built in 1853. This
octagonal stone tower of the lighthouse, with a beautiful view, is 23 meter high, with two apartments in the building.

St. Ivan lighthouse

Croatian lighthouses on the Croatian islands and promontories are special places for a unique holiday. Choose a lighthouse in the vicinity of tourist centers or a lighthouse in the open sea; your own "paradise" far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Book St.Ivan lighthouse for your Robinson Crusoe holidays.

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From Venice to Rovinj Croatia

Fast catamaran connections from Venice to Istria

Are you looking a way to get from Venice to Croatia? Wouldn’t be nice to start in Venice and then take a day or two down the Istria coast?

Fast catamaran ferries service have been connecting Venice to Istria for several years now and they start operating earlier (from April) and will end later (second half of October).

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