Sailing Holiday To Enjoy Croatia

In the country with more than 1000 islands, sailing holiday will give you the most beautiful view and the most spectacular experience of Croatia that you can imagine.

Sailing in Croatia is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. The beauty of the Adriatic coast, numerous coves and hidden beaches that are accessible only by boat is just one of the reasons why everyone should rent a sailboat or take a cruising tour in Croatia at least once.

Believe me, nothing is comparable with traveling by sea, sailing on the calm blue waters of the beautiful Adriatic Sea. When talking about sailing I don't refer only on renting a sailing boats but also catamarans, motor yachts or simply booking a cruising vacations on a wooden ship.

This sailing is for vacationers who love to swim, sunbathe, and snorkel, which can be done right off the ship as it anchors in beautiful spots. If you like camping, don’t require much privacy, and are comfortable with informal living, than you are a good candidate for this holiday adventure.

A boat can be rented in almost every place along the Croatian coast. If you plan to arrive by plane, my advice is to book a ticket before you choose your charter base in Croatia. When planning to rent a sailing boat, catamaran or a motor yacht in Croatia, you have to consider a few things.

The most important thing is to make sure to have a license for sailing, which is valid in Croatia. If you don't have one, you can  sail with skipper or to take part of many sailboat cruises in Croatia.

Sailing holidays in Croatia now include almost everything that customers could possibly want. There are thousands of bare-boat yachts to charter in bases from Pula and Cres in Istria, to the massive yachting centers of Zadar, Sukosan, Sibenik, Murter Island, Split and Dubrovnik.

Each one of those can be chartered with a skipper for those without the necessary experience. The opportunities to spend one week hopping from one to another island are endless.


Top 5 reasons to choose sailing holiday in Croatia

The freedom to explore

The benefit of sailing is a free choice to decide where and how to spend your time. Sailing gives you and your friends or family a complete experience that staying in the hotel you can not afford.

The freedom of sailing in Croatia

Sailing on the Adriatic sea offers a unique opportunity to visit every day a new and attractive location - either a historical Mediterranean town or an exotic Adriatic island will inspire you to make photos.

Each day is a new adventure, you are not bound by time or place. You can change your sailing itinerary  if you want without worrying for extra charges like in hotel. Sailing is really one of the most flexible holiday adventures to explore Croatia.

Private and comfortable way of traveling 

No need or space for a fancy wardrobe or many suitcases. These sailing adventures are for tee shirts, swim suits, a few towels with lots of sun lotion in a small suitcase.

Sailing on a yacht your privacy is 100 % guarantee. While staying in crowned hotels or holiday resorts it's difficult to find a place where you and your friends will be alone, on your own yacht you have the privacy to do anything you want.

If you decide on sailing holiday on old-timer wooden ships (gullets), you have to be fit, agile, adaptable, and enjoy meeting people from all over Europe. The cabins are basic and small and not sound-proof, reachable by narrow steep stairs. Most ships have private bathrooms for each cabin, while others are shared.

Don't forget snorkeling gear

If you are considering going on a sailing adventure with children or teen-angers than snorkeling will enhance your holiday by enjoying undersea life.

Bring your own gear or rent it in Croatia. In Croatia you will have a lot of opportunity to snorkel and explore stunning underwater. Most of the beaches in Croatia are pebbly, rocky and narrow, but they have the cleanest waters in the Mediterranean.

Children friendly sailing holiday

If you are considering going sailing or cruising with children or teenagers in Croatia than you should read this article:

A sailing holiday with two small kids? Are you mad? Tim Ecott tries it and finds a week afloat is a huge hit and the perfect way to see Croatia's lesser known islands and bays

More value for the money

Many believe that sailing and cruising mean luxurious vacation that only few can afford. In fact, a week cruising tour or hire the yacht for a week, will cost you less than you would expect.

If you are going on a summer vacation with your family and friends the cost of sailing will be notably less and it will give you completely new experience with clear expenses, compared to the traveling on mainland.

For example: MayBeneteau Oceanis 50 Family yacht berths 10+2, Cabins 5+1, Toilets 4 in period ( May 6 for 7 days) will cost you 1.722 € (price in offer) Divided by 10, the cost drops to just at € 17,22 per person per day. Cheaper than you can imagine, right?

Recommending Croatia sailing holidays

Cycling and sailing holiday

The Croatian coastline is stunning and sailing in combination with cycling is an amazing way to experience it. Combine your passion for traveling with love for cycling and spending time in nature.

Cycle around astonishing Croatian islands and coastline, admire Croatian landscapes by cycling down quiet lanes and trails. Here are some best cycling and sailing combined tours organized by top Croatian Adriagate operator:

  • Central and Southern Dalmatia - 7 days Split - Brac - Hvar - Korcula - Mljet - Peljesac & Makarska - Omis & Split 
  • Zadar archipelago islands hopping with two National Parks - 7 days Zadar – Island of Vir – Island of Molat – Island of Zverinac – Island of Dugi Otok – Island of Rava – Island of Dugi Otok – Nature Park Telascica – Kornati Islands National Park – Sibenik – Skradin & Krka Waterfalls – Martinska – Vodice – Island of Murter – Island of Pasman – Island of Ugljan – Zadar
  • Kvarner bay islands - 7 days Rijeka – Island of Krk – Island of Rab – Island of Pag – Island of Losinj – Island of Cres – Rijeka. 

Is sailing for a woman?

Sailing was mainly a male domain until this last decade now we find more women who sail either to cruise or race, why?

Sailing women!

This is from a sailing women point of view, the challenges, sailing solo, sailing with a partner or family, and experiences from seasoned sailors and cruisers. Read more about sailing women's point of view to get an idea why sailing holidays in Croatia, can be a right destination for you!!!!!!!!

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