How to Enjoy 7 Days In Split, Croatia (Itinerary)

If you read carefully my proposal of seven days in Split, you’ll be convinced from the facts, not hearsay or supposition, that Split can be your memorable place for your vacations.

And if they are backed up with travel experience of somebody who is born in Split, than any suggestion how to spend unforgettable sojourn is based on facts and not hearsay.

Nobody will deny that Split may seem a little chaotic particularly in high season. The fact is that Split has the most impressive Mediterranean spirit among all towns along the Adriatic coast. I would dare to compare it with Naples in Italy.

Split is a vibrant city, with plenty going on throughout the year. Being a ferry port, the high season is obviously the busiest, when the city is pulsating and full of nightlife parties all over the city.

This seven days itinerary in my home town will be based on your travel preferences, budget and personal style. It will be a trip for the time you have and the things you love to do.

Few cities like Split can propose you abundance of excursions, events and adventures, combining traditional beach holidays with experience of local history and culture of local people.

Split always has something for everyone from beach lovers, without neglecting possibility to discover Split’s rich historical background and historic places. For foodie lovers, for them it will be time to taste typical Dalmatian cuisine and for partying seekers, Split is a right place to be.

If you prefer more active holidays Split and its surrounding area is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts including whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, canyoning, mountain biking, climbing, hiking and zip lining to name a few.

Day by Day Summary

  • Day 1 – Podstrana (7 overnights).
  • Day 2 – Visit Split old town (morning walking tour) , visit Bacvice beach (afternoon). Return to your hotel.
  • Day 3 – A full day tour to Krka National Park.
  • Day 4 – Dedicate the whole day on one of the Podstrana beaches.
  • Day 5 – A full day to Blue Cave Vis and Hvar Island from Split.
  • Day 6 – A full day basic canyoning on Cetina River from Split.
  • Day 7 – Visit Upper (Gornja) Podstrana and have a lunch at tavern Carevi Dvori with an amazing view. Order famous peka meal.

Start Planning Seven Days in Split Croatia

Day 1

You might be surprised if I suggest to stay in Podstrana, a small Split city municipality located about 7 km from Split historic city center.

I recommend Podstrana as the most convenient small Riviera for couples and families with children just a few steps from Split, particularly during the high season (July and August).

During your first day, I suggest you take a nice walk along a nice Podstrana promenade with many beach bars and restaurants. Go for a dinner in one of amazing restaurants along the promenade.

Day 2

The second day of your seven days in split will be entirely dedicated to Split city exploration. Don’t even think about going to Split by your car (rented or your own). It’s only 7 km from Podstrana to Split but finding a parking place is very difficult.

Dozens of buses connect Split and Podstrana.Take a bus N°60 that runs every hour. Ask at your hotel reception desk (do it the day before) where to buy tickets. The bus station is located in Grljevacka street Podstrana, close to Hotel San Antonio. Click on this link to focus the bus station on the map!

Once you hop on your bus, you should get off at penultimate bus stop (Trznica – green market – better known as Pazar). You are actually in the very center of Split town, few steps from the Silver Gate entrance to Diocletian Palace.

Once you enter into his majesty Diocletian emperor palace, you have two options, walk around on your own or take part of one of many walking old town tours or if you happen to be in front of Bronze Gate (Riva promenade) around 11.00 AM (check time schedule) you can join a free city walking tour.

if you are one of those who wants to know the historical background of the place you are visiting, Split hosts many museums some of them placed inside the palace walls – Split City Museum and Ethnographic Museum.

If you get hungry in Split you can find a lot of places to eat in Split on the go. The famous
taverns (konobe) offers tasteful and homemade food. On these seven days in Split, foodies won’t be disappointed.

In the afternoon dedicate a couple of hours visiting Marjan hill, called the ‘lungs of the city’ a green hill, the most popular place to escape from the city busy and chaotic flow of life during the high season in July and August.

In alternative many tourists flock to Bacvice sandy city beach for a dip or a couple of beer glasses watching young people playing popular ‘picigin game‘, one of Split attractions.

After a tiring day full of memories, take the same bus (N° 60) from the same bus stop (Trznica or Pazar) and back to your hotels in Podstrana. Tomorrow is a new day on your seven days in Split itinerary! I hope you’ve enjoyed this one!

Day 3

The third day on your seven days in Split itinerary will be on you to decide between two tours proposals. I have in my travel bucket even more, but sometimes too many can create a confusion to what to decide on.

I’m proposing two tours, each has several variants and prices, both are organized by bus.

  • A tour to Plitvice Lakes is by far the most popular National Park in Croatia. The scenery will leave you breathless! Here are proposals according your budget.
  • The National Park Krka is an exceptional sight and fantastic experience for everyone regardless of your age. Here are some tips on booking a tour to Krka.

Be very careful because any of these excursion during your seven days in Split, usually last from 9 to 11 hours, and leave early in the morning (usually between 07:45 AM and 09:00 AM. Don’t miss to accord with tour organizers every detail, particularly time and meeting point. (all start from Split).

Day 4

I don’t know if you agree that sometimes filling an itinerary with too many activities, may turn your vacations into a stress. If you do agree with me I propose one of seven days in Split, in full relax.

Podstrana Riviera with beaches that stretch over 6 km are the perfect place for swimming and bathing. The most beaches are pebbles with a good access to the sea.

The most beautiful beach in Podstrana is in the Hotel Le Meridien Lav. This five stars family hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in the area.

If you are bored with sitting on the beach or you have children then consider to rent a boat. You can take some lessons in diving and snorkeling, hiring a paddle-board or Jet Ski may be a great fun.

Day 5

Split county or Central Dalmatia runs from old town of Trogir in the north-west to Ploce in the south-east and includes the large islands of Brac and Hvar as well as the smaller islands of Vis and Solta.

Since these are the most beautiful islands on Croatia’s Adriatic sea, it would be unacceptable not to dedicate one of seven days in Split on one of them. Let me decide which one to choose!

Each of these islands can be visited in one day, if you decide to take part of organized guided full day tours. It’s also possible to visit any of them on your own, taking a ferry or fast catamaran ships from Split harbor. The only exception is Vis island, since it’s the most distant island from the mainland.

To undertake this trip on seven days in Split on your own you should consult indications how to get to Hvar island, Brac island (the one nearest to Podstrana) or small Solta island.

Day 6

After the day on Central Dalmatia islands, it’s time to spend a more relaxing day in the vicinity of Podstrana.

When just sunbathing and swimming is no longer enough, some Croatia adrenaline adventures can enhance your holidays in Croatia. Lot of people like to include at least one of outdoor adventures on their vacation.

The best place for this is Omis, a small town, located south-east from Podstrana, only 13 km. Omis is situated in the mouth of the Cetina river, surrounded with massive gorges and beautiful sandy beaches.

It’s ideal place for one of seven days in Split to try some thrilling adventure, like rafting , climbing or Omis Cetina river canyon Zip Line.

I would never suggest any Croatia adrenaline adventures tours that are not 100% safe. These can be high adrenaline charged adventures, but the safety is always on the first place.

How to get there? The best way is to take a bus from Podstrana. There are several bus carriers that keep connection between Podstrana and Omis. There are over 32 bus departures. (All buses from Split to Omis, stop in Podstrana).

Day 7

On the last day, I suggest to explore Podstrana Municipality which consists of several settlements along the coast, Mutogras, Sveti Martin (Saint Martin), Grbavac, Grljevac, Miljevac, Strozanac and the old settlement located under the hilltop Perun, 200 meters above sea level, named Gornja Podstrana (Upper Podstrana).

You can hire a bike if you like cycling. Around Podstrana there are 8 different trails from easy, flat and pleasant trail to a demanding mountain trails with breathtaking views.

If cycling isn’t for you, I suggest hiking in Podstrana as it does not require a lot of effort but is the best way to tour the region and discover all its natural and cultural assets.

I hope this seven days in Split itinerary will help you to spend a pleasant week in Split and Central Dalmatia Region.

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