Travel Guide to Silba Island, Croatia

If you are wondering why I chose Silba island, the answer is related primarily because of its location and the fact that there is no car traffic on the island.

This means that only peace and tranquility reign on this island isn’t the only one reason why island of Silba attracts visitors.

But my choice of this island goes beyond of its beauty as the only reason. If you are in Zadar county this island can be the best choice for Northern islands hopping combining some of the most beautiful islands of Kvarner Bay.

Where Is Silba island?

This island belongs to Zadar’s archipelago, about 30 nautical miles, north of Zadar town and south-east of Island Mali Losinj, between the neighboring islands of Olib in the east and Premuda in the west. Its location makes it ideal for a hopping tour between the islands.

It is rather a small island, only 8 km long and on its narrowest part only 700 meter wide. The only settlement on the island is Silba village.

Here are some distances from the island to:

  • Zadar – 30 nautical miles
  • Mali Losinj – 18 nautical miles
  • Rijeka – 60 nautical miles
  • Novalja (Pag island) – 14 nautical miles
  • Pula (Istria region) – 50 nautical miles
  • From Silba island to Olib island takes one hour by ferry, 20 minutes by catamaran
  • From Silba to Premuda island takes 45 minute by ferry, 20 minutes by catamaran

Island Silba Beaches

This island of only 8.5 km long with a surface of about 15 sq/km hides several beautiful beaches.

The most beaches are pebble on the eastern side of the island while on the northern side of the island there are some bays with sandy button.

I’ve been only once on this island a long time ago but I still remember the beautiful sandy beach on the island, Sotorisce, located right in front of the Silba village. Numerous footpaths all over the island lead to other nice beaches and bays.

Sotorisce is definitely the biggest and the most popular beach. Its bottom surface is completely covered with sand which in combination with sun reflection creates beautiful light green color of the sea.

How to Reach This Island?

The island is exactly on the old route: Venezija, Pula, Mali Losinj, Zadar, or Rijeka, Rab, Zadar. Thanks to its position it has excellent and fast connections with a mainland from Zadar, Rijeka , Pula and with Ancona (Italy) via Zadar.

From Zadar to Silba island

Car ferry – From Zadar (Gazenica port) there is a car ferry line N° 401 on line Zadar – Ist – Olib – Silba – Premuda – Mali Losinj island. It sails daily from 01st July to 4th September. On this route operates only Jadrolinija state company.

Fast Catamaran line Line N° 9401 Zadar – Premuda – Silba – Olib runs the whole year. It takes 1 hour and 45 minutes from Zadar to Silba. Company Miatours operates this catamaran route!

Where to Stay and How to Plan a Hopping Tour?

Hopping among Zadar islands it’s the best way to experience as more islands as possible. I suggest to start from Zadar planning 7 days stay on these 4 islands:

  • Two or three days at Losinj island (Mali Losinj town). Take car ferry 401 line from Zadar to Mali Losinj.
  • From Mali Losinj take a ferry 401 to Premuda island . Stay there for one day/night.
  • From Premuda take catamaran 9401 to Silba island. Enjoy this island for two days/nights.
  • Proceed from Silba island to Olib island by catamaran 9401. One day/night is enough.
  • Next day (seventh day) take the catamaran from Olib to Zadar.
  • N.B This itinerary can be even longer what depends of visitor time and plans.

Traveling from Zadar to Mali Losinj by ferry line 401 takes too long (sometimes six hours). The better solution is European Coastal Airline flying from Zadar to Mali Losinj airport with two daily flights from July 1st to August 31st. It takes only 19 minutes to reach Mali Losinj.

On this calm island there are no vehicles and no hotels, only private accommodations. The same is on Olib and Premuda islands.

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