Guide to the South Croatia Naturist Beaches: Korcula, Mljet & More

If you are looking for Southern Croatia naturist beaches, this guide will help you discover some of the most beautiful ones in the region, which are perfect for those looking to connect with nature during their stay in Croatia.

In spite of the fact that on the entire South Dalmatia region there is just one naturist camp site, Camping Kate, situated in the picturesque village of Mlini only 6 km from the old town of Dubrovnik, there are many beaches in this area dedicated exclusively to naturists.

And we’re going to talk about them all in today’s article, where you’ll find the list of naturist beaches in the region: the islands of Korcula, Mljet, the Peljesac Peninsula, Elafiti islands and even the well known Dubrovnik.

My intention with this article is to help you find out the free naturist beaches around Croatia, which are also a bit off the beaten path: they are less crowded, a bit more raw and truly beautiful.

One of the many small, secluded beaches for nudists that you can find in Croatia

How to tell if a Croatian beach is Naturist-friendly or not?

It is very easy to know if a beach in Croatia is for naturists: all the official beaches for nudists are marked with an FKK sign. If the beach is not marked specifically, it is not officially a naturist-friendly one!

But besides those FKK beaches in South Croatia, there are many other hidden little coves or bays, some only reachable by a boat, where you can enjoy total privacy for the entire day. And we’re also going to find some of them in this article!

If you’re choosing your destination in Croatia – South Dalmatia – based on naturist beaches alone, you shouldn’t worry! Whatever island or part of the coast you choose, you will find plenty of places for you.

But it is useful to keep in mind my advice to lovers of naturism: although nudism is accepted here like elsewhere along Croatia’s Adriatic coast, don’t be the first naturists on a beach you’re not familiar with it and 100% sure it is permitted.

Even more, if you’re in the vicinity of a town or village, better wait to see if it is permitted or ask around. Not all beaches allow for naturists so make sure you know what you’re doing!

Korkula Island Naturist Beaches

Korcula island has several naturist beaches that are a real heaven for your vacations and offer complete relaxation possibilities.

Between the Korcula town and the small village of Lumbarda, there are 19 small islands that form an archipelago with tons of options for you, as seen in the map below.

Badija, Vela and Mala Stupa naturist islands

The biggest island is Badija and it lies east of the town of Korcula. It is one of the most popular naturist destinations in the region and throughout Croatia.

It has a surface of about one square kilometer and is covered by dense maquis and pine, cypresses and olive trees.

It’s only twenty minutes away by boat from the Korcula town and, despite its popularity (or maybe just as a reason for that), it’s one of the best places in the area for naturists. So definitely put it on the top of your list if you are in Korkula or nearby!

Next, Velika and Mala Stupa are two small islets not far from Badija, also often visited by naturists.

On the largest one, named ‘Vela Stupa’, there is a small konoba (tavern) restaurant, run by a local family well known as a good place to eat.

But apart from that, it’s pretty much raw nature and nothing else. In other words, a dream come true for any naturist out there!

Korkula itself is beautiful!

On the western side of Korcula island, in front of the Vela Luka town, there is a small islet named Proizd, also called ‘the island of love’.

The city and port of Vela Luka is an area less frequented by mass tourism and situated in a protected bay closed in by the islets of Osijak, Kamenijak, Gubesa and Proizd.

The islet of Proizd is an oasis of untouched nature – crystal clear sea, rocks, white pebbles, naturist beaches and lush vegetation are its main attractions.

This can be called a hidden gem and although its popularity has increased over the past years, it’s still a bit off the beaten track and a perfect choice for those looking for some privacy.

Mljet island nudist beaches guide

Mljet is the eight largest island of the Adriatic sea and one of the most indented, situated near the famous and beautiful city of Dubrovnik. Because 70% of its surface is covered by forest, Mljet island also called ‘the green island’.

What you want to visit there is the Blace naturist beach, which is located in the most beautiful sandy bay at the very southeastern end of the island (see the map above – the beach is marked with yellow.).

It takes twenty minutes of walking to get there from the Blaca village or from the Saplunara village where you can also book your stay (check options here) to explore the area or for easy access to the Blace beach.

This beach is nearly 1 km long, surrounded by a dense forest of centenary pines and presenting an ideal example of intact nature. This is not an official naturist beach and it is used by both naturists and textiles.

Lumbarda and Racisce naturist beaches

The Lenga naturist beach is a rocky naturist beach 1 km to the east from the Lumbarda village on south of Korcula island.

The beaches might be rocky, but the water is amazing!

This is a long stretch of coast with several pretty small bays. The sea is especially beautiful, crystal clear and blue. Although the majority of sunbathers are naturist, also ‘textiles’ can be found there.

Racisce is a settlement 12 Km west from the town of Korcula, settled in a beautiful bay where the Korcula Channel meets the Peljesac Channel.

Only 1 Km from the village, there is a small white pebble beach in a Vaja cove hidden among the rocks.

To get to Vaja beach, you need to take the macadam road north of the village at the far end of harbor, up to the hill.

At the end of the road take the path down the cliff to the beach. The parking place is rather small. You can easily ask around any local, but it’s impossible to miss!

The beach is quite small but with crystal clear water, ideal for swimming, but could be rather crowded in high season. But in this case, it’s totally worth sharing with other tourists and beach lovers!

Peljesac peninsula naturist beaches

After Istria, Peljesac is the largest peninsula of Croatia. Peljesac is famous for beautiful beaches, excellent red wines and famous oysters and mussels which are cultivated here.

So if you’re a fan of any or all of these, you have an extra reason to visit! Because, as in most places in Croatia, there are naturist-friendly beaches available as well!

There aren’t any official naturist beaches on the Peljesac peninsula, but there are many so called non-official beaches visited by naturists.

For example, between Zuljana village and Trstenik (see the map) there are many coves and beaches used by nudists regularly.

There is an unwritten rule that if a naturist shows up first, a ‘textile’ sunbather goes for the next cove, and the other way around.

On the a length of 6.6 km, all beaches are reachable by dirt roads situated some 50-100 meters from the beach, so there are a lot of beautiful spots to choose from.

It goes without saying that if you wake up early, you will be there first and turn that spot naturist-friendly for the day!

There are some truly breathtaking views in the area

Among the most beautiful south Dalmatia naturist beaches, we also have Grdni Do, near Zuljana village. This beautiful fine pebble beach is facing west so it has plenty of sunshine. It is accessible by boat or by dirt road from Zuljana.

Please have in mind that I have been recently contacted by authorities and they informed me that naturism here is only tolerated when a low profile is held, but that nudism is considered illegal in the area. So if there are fully clothed people in the area, find another place.

More Peljesac peninsula central Dalmatia naturist beaches

  • Ostupa, Orebic – this beach is located in the Orebic town. The whole area of Orebic offers a lot of caves suitable for naturists. Many naturists also visit the Korcula islands archipelago. Find this beach on the map !
  • Camp Prapratno, Ston – Located in the bay of the same name in the immediate vicinity of Ston, in an area overgrown with forest and olive trees. This camp is textile with a nice separated naturist beach nearby. Find it on the map !

If you belong to regular ‘no clothes’ swimmers then you have to visit some islands of the Dubrovnik archipelago.

The nearest naturist beach, Cava beach, is located on Babin Kuk peninsula, about 6 km northwest of Dubrovnik’s old town.

The beach is rocky with mainly large pebbles and stones between the rocks. It is quite narrow (about 10 meters) and about 300 meters long.

This beach is close to the popular textile Copacabana beach which has lots of facilities. To reach this beach, take the bus N° 6 from Pile Gate in front of the old town in Dubrovnik, and exit at the last station near the President hotel.

Follow the path in front of the hotel where you find two signs indicating the way to Copacabana and Cava beach.

The first part of the beach is mainly textile, but the smaller part afterwards is only for naturists. There are no facilities on the beach, but there is a beach bar in the vicinity.

Lokrum Island Naturist Beaches

The Lokrum island is situated ten minutes away by taxi boat from the old port of Dubrovnik. Lokrum is honored as one of Croatia’s national parks and home to one of the country’s premier beaches for nudists.

If you are a naturist, then this island should be your top destination. The Lokrum island is a nature park with exotic tropical and subtropical plants and a unique botanical garden.

The best bet is to catch one of the boats from the old city and after ten minutes you are there, ready to enjoy the FKK beach nearby.

Take a nice walk through the island crisscrossed by shady paths covered by pines. Extensive rocky beaches run along the eastern end of the island, and there’s a nudist section (FKK) at the far eastern cape. It’s the real haven for naturist swimmers!

Elafiti archipelago

One of the top South Dalmatia highlights are the Elafiti islands, a group of fourteen islands. Only three of them are inhabited (Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan), with a total of about one thousand inhabitants. So they are still extremelly quiet and raw!

The Elafiti islands have a lot of beautiful lovely bays, sandy beaches, and they are just approximately 20 minutes by boat away from Dubrovnik, from the Gruz port.

Jadrolinija (the national company) keeps one ship line and one car ferry line from Dubrovnik to Elafiti islands that run throughout the year.

Elafiti islands naturist beaches map

Cavtat area Naturist Beaches

Finally, let’s round this up with the options that you have in the Cavtat area:

  • Betirina naturist beach – This beach is located near the charming fishing village Mlini and neighboring resort of Srebreno, between Dubrovnik and Cavtat. The naturist beach has its own restaurant, located in a secluded bay five minutes by boat from Mlini.
  • Supetar island – The Cavtat naturist beach is located on the small island just opposite of Cavtat town, 10 km south of Dubrovnik. The beach is rocky and it can be reached by a regular boat service from the Cavtat harbor.
  • Plat – is situated between the Cavtat and Mlini villages. This nice small pebble naturist beach is situated close to the Orphee and Plat hotels, right after the quay where taxi boats dock for trips to Cavtat, Mlini and Dubrovnik.
  • Camp Kate, a three star campsite, is situated in the picturesque village of Mlini, 6 Km from the old town of Dubrovnik. The campsite is a textile camp but with a dedicated area for nude sunbathing and swimming.

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Also, if you are interested in other areas in the country, you can check out my other articles about the naturist beaches in Istria or Central Dalmatia or my overall guide to nudist beaches in Croatia.

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