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Many travelers have no idea about Split beaches. The most of them consider Split just as a transit hub to one of Dalmatian islands.

Many will be surprised when they discover that Split has a several nice and clean beaches in residential part of the city. Split in July and August can be terribly hot and muggy,
particularly when you are waiting for your ferry in Split port .

Do you know that in case you have a couple of hours before your ferry departure, there is a sandy beach just  5 minutes walk from the harbor. This is the only Split urban beach where you can find the best place to cool off.

Split beaches map

Split beaches map

The above map shows a layout of beaches in Split area, divided in three main areas. In the west part of Split port there are less frequented and crowded beaches located on both sides of Marjan hill, the symbol of Split.

In the east part of Split harbor are located some of the most beautiful urban sandy beaches, starting from the most popular, Bacvice sandy beach with shallow waters.

Bacvice, the most popular Split beach, 5 minutes walk from the harbor.
Bacvice urban sandy beach

Looking for accommodations near Bacvice Beach?

Strolling from Bacvice beach, 5 minutes walking, you will find more beaches like Ovcice beach, a small pebble beach with a playground for children.

Ovcice (Sheep) pebble beach
Firule sandy beach

Only 5 minutes further from this beach, there is another sandy beach Firule, a popular family friendly sandy beach with shallow sea. Because of its fine sand and natural shelter Firule have always proven to be especially interesting for mothers with young children.

More southeast from Bacvice beach, following the D8 road  (also called Jadranska magistrala - Adriatic coastal road ), in the length of 10 km, there are numerous beaches (sandy, gravel, rocky) which extend one after another all the way to Podstrana Riviera.

Split Beaches in Podstrana

I consider Podstrana the most appropriate small Riviera for couples and families with children just a few steps from Split.  It’s a nearest Split town’s Riviera.

Podstrana is a small settlement only 7 km south of Split hosting several gravel beaches with a good access to the sea.  The beaches in Podstrana stretch over 6 km with many small family hotels and apartments.

This small Riviera becomes more relevant during the high season (July and August) when Split becomes overcrowded bee hive and Podstrana is the only quite place to find nice beaches and accommodation that is directly at the beach. Let me help you find accommodation in Podstrana!

Podstrana beaches have become very popular among Split beaches, first of all because they are easily accessible by plenty of daily buses from Split.

If you decide to stay in one of Podstrana hotels and you’re traveling by car, take my advice, leave your car in Podstrana and take the bus into Split in order to avoid the parking jams.

Le Meridien Lav beach
Strozanac Podstrana beach

After Bacvice beach, Znjan beach is the second most popular among Split beaches, located between the beaches Trstenik in the west and Duilovo in the East.

Znjan beach

Znjan beach is about  3 km from Split harbor, located under Promenade of Pope John Paul II, easily reachable by local bus line  N° 8 . Take this bus from Trznica (Green Market opposite Silver Gate) bus stop. It runs 2-3 times per hour from 5:30 to 22:30. Are you looking for accommodation properties near this beach?

Split Beaches Around
Marjan Hill

Marjan hill will be for every visitor the only relaxation place after the vibrant and crowded Split center. It's a perfect place to emerge to perfect combination of pristine nature and cultural heritage like the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments and Mestrovic Gallery. (see all Split attractions )

Marjan hill boasts with a long coastline , with three sides surrounded by the sea shore . This Split area is rich with a variety of Split beaches, some of them situated on the south  and northern side of Marjan  peninsula.

There are actually four beaches that deserve your attention. In general all beaches on Marjan peninsula are less crowded but no less attractive as urban beaches like Bacvice, Ovcice, Firule or Znjan beaches. Are you looking for accommodation properties near Marjan hill beaches?

Bene beach

Bene - a stone beach on the north side of Marjan. Accessible by public transport (car only with a special pass).

Kasjuni beach

Kasjuni - stone and gravel beaches on the south side of Marjan Hill. Car access possible. Dog friendly beach.

Kayaking Tour from Split: Marjan Peninsula, Ciovo or Hvar Islands

Paddling and sea kayaking around Marjan Hill

4-hour guided sea-kayaking tour around  Marjan peninsula. Perfect tour for beginners who want to enjoy a simple and relaxing adventure. Take this sea kayaking tour around Marjan Hill, enjoy beautiful nature, and discover secluded bays and fantastic beaches.

Kastelet beach

Kastelet - pebble beach on the south side, also a popular romantic/lovers place Car access possible.

Jezinac beach

Jezinac beach - located in Meje an elite part of Split city only 2 miles from the old Split center.

How to get to Marjan hill beaches:

Most of Split beaches are reachable on foot but also by public bus service. Marjan beaches are easily reachable by Line N° 12  and Line N° 21 from St. Frane (Saint Francis) bus stop on the west end of the Riva promenade waterfront.

  • Line N° 12 Sv. Frane-Bene-(Meje)-Sv.Frane
  • Line N° 21  Sv.Frane-Meje-Sv.Frane
  • Bus 21 has a stop at the entrance of Kasjuni beach.
  • Bene beach is the last stop on bus N° 21 line.
  • All info about Split public transport can be found on Promet Split website.

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