How to Get to Split, Croatia by Bus

Getting to Split by bus is one of the best alternative to reach the Adriatic coast. There are several advantages of a bus as the means of traveling.

The first one, regards the travel costs as traveling by bus to Croatia, is one of the cheapest way. The second one, refers to a comfort and opportunity to avoid the stress of driving in unknown places and worries how to find a parking place, a problem not to be underestimated in Split city.

Traveling by bus you will be more relaxing enjoying the splendid scenery and knowing Croatia better. For example, taking a bus from Zagreb to Split you can split your journey in two parts, staying on Plitvice lakes and continue after a day or two.

Another reason is that the Split bus station’s (in Croatian ‘autobuski kolodvor‘) location. It’s conveniently located in Split harbor area, actually few steps from local and international ferry arrival/departure docks.

I will not exaggerate if I say that the bus services are excellent and prices quite affordable. In same cases you can take advantage as some bus routes (usually internal) are served by more than one bus companies sometimes with significant price differences. Just when buying a bus ticket ask for all bus carriers that run on the same route.

I suggest you to buy your tickets well in advance and reserve a seat as in some period buses are rather crowded.

If you are traveling by bus from Split and you arrive in advance you can always deposit your baggage at left-luggage office at Split bus station, paying 5 kn for first hour and additional 1,5 kn for any next hour. And, of course, if you would like an alternative, you can check out the recent guide I wrote about getting to Split by train.

Traveling to Split by Bus: International Bus Connections

Split has good bus connections with all major European countries. All buses are new and fully equipped with all facilities from air condition to toilets on board.

To / From Italy – Trieste

Split is connected with daily bus service from Trieste to Split passing through Istria peninsula and Rijeka, via Zadar and Sibenik all the way to Split bus station. It is a rather long ride but the most scenery one.

There is 483 kilometers between Trieste and Split, and a bus ride takes about 10 hours. Please consider increased road congestion during the high season. I suggest to use Autotrans company day-time ride that takes only 08 hours and 47 minutes between two cities.

You can decide on one overnight or one daily bus. All detailed information you can check on Autostazione di Trieste (Trieste bus station) website.

Milan, Italy to Split by Bus

If you are looking how to get from Milan Italy to Split, than on Buscroatia website you will find useful information on this bus route. This line makes a part of international connection that runs from Lyon (France), passing through major Switzerland cities stopping at Milan and Trieste.

The price of one way ticket (overnight ride) to Split is 424 Kuna (56 Euro) and it takes about 12 hours, with the stops at Rijeka, Zadar and Sibenik. On Buscroatia website is also available booking online for all international bus lines.

To / From Germany to Split by Bus

Bus services between Germany and Split are very good and the prices are cheaper than by rail. Almost all major German cities are connected to Split by bus.

German Eurolines operates these connections on daily bases from Köln, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Munch, Nuremberg and Stuttgart.

On their website you can find also connections to Split from Netherlands, Denmark and UK (London). Online bus booking is available from their website.

To / From Slovenia to Split by Bus

From Ljubljana capital of Slovenia, there are several bus connections to Split. This route is covered by different but transport companies with different departure schedules. Thanks to this competition bus ticket prices vary what mainly depends on the time taken to reach Split.

For example the night bus lines that involve between 7 to 8 hours, costs from 199 Kuna (26 Euro) to 220 Kuna (30 Euro) while for some slower daily lines that takes from 10 to 12 hour to reach Split will cost between 157 to 169 Kuna (20 to 22 Euro).

Some of this buses proceed to Makarska and Dubrovnik. Booking online is available on excellent Buscroatia website.

To / From Serbia to Split by Bus

There are a few overnight direct buses between Split and Belgrade that takes around 12 hours but this information is not confirmed. In alternative you can use buses from Zagreb as Zagreb has quite a few connections to Belgrade.

I’ve found a night bus (every day) from Belgrade at 19,00 to Split and Makarska and returning from Makarska via Split at 20,30. It’s 12 hours ride connecting Belgrade, Knin, Split and Makarska.

To / From Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sarajevo and Mostar

Bosnia Herzegovina has a regular bus connections to Split. There are two daily buses from Sarajevo to Split and from Mostar to Split.

The bus from Mostar for 168 Km, takes 3 to 4 hours to reach Split, taking a route via Medjugorje, Ploce, Makarska, Omis to Split. One-way ticket prices vary from 116 to 120 Kuna, depending on bus carrier.

To get from Sarajevo to Split by bus, there are also two daily lines that take from 5 to 7 hours on 244 Km long route. One-way ticket is 156 Kuna (20 Euro).

Split By Bus Prices

I’ve already mentioned that traveling by bus in Croatia is the cheapest way of traveling. If you plan to travel in Croatia by bus, you would be interested in knowing the bus tariff prices from/to Split.

Here are some details you should know before booking a bus ticket and some differences on the price list:


  • Indicated prices vary as the routes are often operated and offered by several private bus companies, each of them have a different price scheme which reflects the range. The variation in the ticket prices can also be related to the departure time and the day of the week.
  • If you buy a ticket for a specific route e.g. from Split to Dubrovnik from company A (Autotrans), the ticket is only valid for the buses operated by company A, as on this route different companies have several daily departures.
  • If you get on the bus at a smaller bus stop where there is no bus station (autobusni Kolodvor) you can buy the ticket on the bus, make sure that you get a ticket (in most cases electronic) once you have paid.

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