Traveling to Split By Car

If you planning on traveling to Split by car this summer, here is a useful guide how to find the best way to travel to Split from neighboring countries.

There are many ways of traveling to reach the sea. Some of them are slower but more economic while others are much faster but involve the higher travel costs.

From the point of money saving, driving to Split Croatia isn't one of the cheapest ways as well not the fastest way. The advantage of traveling by car, is in the first place in the freedom to stop when and where you want or to visit most interesting sights.

If you are interested in natural beauty, unspoiled nature, national parks, mountain landscapes, than I suggest to travel by car. The first place that comes to my mind is undoubtedly the UNESCO natural heritage site of Plitvice Lakes.

Traveling To Split By Car Via Highway A1

Getting to Split driving your own or rented car has never been easier taking the new highway A1 that will take you in  less then four hours from Zagreb to Dalmatia coast.

In order not to be confused, A1 highway or motorway (Croatian: Autocesta A1) is a major north–south motorway in Croatia connecting the capital of the country, Zagreb to the Dalmatia region, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik (still under construction).

On the most road map (like this Google map) you will find route description using indications E65 and E71. The fact is that A1 highway is only a Croatian part of two major European routes, E65 Prague–Bratislava–Zagreb–Rijeka–Split–Dubrovnik and E71 Budapest–Zagreb–Karlovac–Bihac–Knin–Split.

The driving distance between Zagreb to Split is about 410 km, requiring approximately 3 hours and 50 minutes. It is time that you will need if you take A1 ( E71) highway route, driving all the way to Dugopolje exit and from there taking direction to Split city center. For calculation of any distances within cities, check this useful distance calculator.

If you're traveling from Zagreb to Split, there is a possibility to visit Plitvice Lakes, as the most of travelers while traveling to reach Split, intend to stop on these lakes, before continuing their journey to the seaside. 

Travel costs to drive to Split by car amount up to 610 Kuna considering a toll fees on this route, that will cost you 157 Kuna (20 EUR), adding the cost of gasoline  for these 410 km, approximately 454 Kuna (60.60 EUR).

From Zagreb To Split By Car

The fastest and easiest way to get from Zagreb to Split is to use highway A1, 380 km long. When the signs let you know you're getting close to Split, look at the Dugopolje exit and you're almost there.

From Slovenia to Split

Driving from Slovenia to Split is very simple. Simply follow highway E70 all the way to Zagreb, and then take direction to A1 and keep driving until you see Dugopolje exit to Split.

From Italy to Split by car

It's easier than it may seem at first glance. Driving on E70 highway to Trieste, as soon as you enter in Slovenia, follow the signs that point to Fiume (Rijeka) on route N° E61 (local route 7) crossing Slovenia to Pasjak village (border crossing).

Keep driving towards Rijeka and take route E65 (local route 6) to Bosiljevo, where you'll notice the signs for the A1 highway. You just have to continue up to Dugopolje exit. The distance from Pasjak to Dogopolje exit is 424 Km and it will take you 4 hours by car.

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