Visiting Split in October: Should You Do It?

Although summer is officially over if you decide to visit Split in October, you can still have some very pleasant surprise during this time of the year, which has started to become warmer and nicer in the past several years.

Today, I’m going to share my thoughts about visiting Split, Croatia in October, so that you can decide if it’s something worth doing or not.

Officially, October is Split’s (and Croatia’s, of course) first month of fall / autumn. However, it can be surprisingly enjoyable, even though it’s the month that starts to bring down more rain over the city.

The weather in October is sunny and warm in Split, but not too hot. There are still many tourists, but far away from the peak summer crowds in July and August.

In other words, you get to experience a less crowded city if you decide to visit Split in October, as well as lower prices. Plus, you’ll also get fewer (if any) of those scorching hot temperatures of Croatian summers.

Very warm weather is not extremely uncommon

October covers the so called ‘low season’ that actually begins in September. The weather in October can sometimes be unpredictable but still you can expect pleasant sunny days ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

Sometimes it can be cooler, but mild enough for any type of outdoors activities. Have in mind that chances of rain increase in the second half of the month, but if you’re lucky enough even early November can be dry and pleasantly warm.

Weather in Split in October

park in Split in October

According to official weather forecasts, the average high temperature in October is around 20.0 °C (68 °F) with an average of nine rainy days during the month.

However, even though the average is at just 20 degrees Celsius (which is not a lot for beach lovers and soaking up the sun), it’s worth mentioning that the average is taken down by the final week of the month and you can still have very pleasant days with around 24-25 degrees in early October.

This month offers about 197 sunshine hours, but if you want even more, you can go to Hvar Island or Dubrovnik, where you can expect even more sunshine hours in this period.

nice weather in Split in October

If you want my advice, then focus on the first three weeks if possible (ideally the first two) as the latter period can be influenced by a low pressure weather with more rainy days.

Now, here are more stats about the October weather in Split, Croatia:

  • Record high °C (°F) – 27.9 (82.2)
  • Average high °C (°F) – 20.0 (68)
  • Average daily °C (°F) – 17.1 (62.8)
  • Average low °C (°F) – 14.1 (57.4)
  • Record low °C (°F) – 3.8 (38.8)
  • Average precipitation mm (inches) – 76.5 (3.012)
  • Average rainy days – 9
  • Average snowy days – 0
  • Average monthly sunshine hours – 196.9

Weather in Split in October sometimes can be influenced by a phenomenon known as Indian summer.

This “Indian summer” usually occurs in October (in any part of the month), with temperatures above average for October – however, it’s impossible to predict when or if it will actually happen.

But it’s good to know that if you are lucky enough, you can get summer temperatures during a part of October in Split.

Although this phenomenon is usually rare, if this happens – like it did last time in 2018, you can expect temperatures higher by up to 10 degrees Celsius, sometimes even close to 30 degrees (86 F).

With climate change and the globally changing weather, this type of “Indian summer” is bound to happen more and more often, meaning that October could become warmer and warmer throughout Croatia, Split included.

Even without it, the past few years here in Split seemed to be warmer than in the past and I am sure this trend will continue.

What to do in Split, Croatia in October

Honestly, I must say that Split doesn’t really shine in terms of important cultural events like those in July and August, but still there are a lot of things to do and see – most of them being the same top Split attractions that I’ve shared already.

Split during the month of October is certainly more pleasant to explore, when the narrow Diocletian Palace’s streets are less crowded for leisurely walks around the old city.

If you want to know more about Split 1700-year long history, don’t worry; all museums and top city galleries are open – and they’re also less crowded than during the peak season, so you will have more time for yourself, as well as the chance to take better photos of everything.

It sometimes gets cloudy and rainy, but it’s not a deal breaker as this is not the norm.

In October, all organized tours around Split are still operating, but more custom and private tours to Blue Cave on Vis island, Krka river falls or Plitvice start to become unavailable towards the end of the month.

For cruising lovers in Split in October, you can still find same interesting cruising tours around Split islands including Dubrovnik.

You can find some interesting low cost cruising starting from around €450 per person for 7 days, which is a really good price having in mind that the weather is still pleasant.

Back to things to do in Split in October, it’s worth mentioning that apart from a regular Split itinerary, there’s also the chance for you to experience, first hand, one of the several Harvest Events that take place in the city or nearby islands.

These types of events give you the chance to experience the harvest of olives and grapes in the city and its surroundings, also offering you the option to sample the goods and purchase some top quality olive oil or fresh wine.

The Harvest Events also offer other locally grown vegetables and foods, so if you have a chance to experience one, do it and you won’t regret it!

Hotels & Prices in Split in October

sea and beauty in Split Croatia

The good thing about this being an off-season month, is that prices for accommodation and most touristy-related products and experiences drop significantly.

Expect hotel prices to be up to 50% cheaper than during the peak season! While some smaller hotels choose to close their doors completely due to the lack of tourists, most will still operate and offer the same high quality at half the prices.

In other words, if you’re looking to travel on a budget, going to Split in October is a really good idea as you still have decent weather with very low costs.

Conclusion: Should you visit Split, Croatia in October?

Yes, you should visit Split in October, especially if going to one of the best beaches in the area is not the only thing you want to do.

The weather is still generally nice: warm and dry, with more chances of rain expected in the final week of the month. The water temperature is still pleasant and you can take a bath, which is always a bonus.

You will encounter fewer tourists and the prices will drop significantly. However, most of the attractions, as well as all the entertainment options will remain available.

Remember – Split is a city that houses 200,000 people, so businesses do run all year long.

So if you don’t want to go to Split for extremely hot weather and guaranteed beach days every day – and instead you plan on experiencing more of the culture and the historical beauty of the city, as well as restaurants and cafes, October is a good time to visit, mainly due to the lower prices and fewer crowds.

If you’ve been to Split in October, please share your personal experiences with us in the comment section below.

Thanks for sharing this article!

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