The charm Of Split In Winter

Should you visit Split in winter? What is a winter like in Split? Is it snowing in Split? Yes, Split Croatia does have a winter.

Although the most people identify Croatia as a destination of stunning beaches, a pristine sea and plenty of sun, there are lot of reasons why a winter visit makes sense.

Winter in Split isn't as unfriendly as one might expect for this period of year. Split has a rather mild climate but the wettest season with average 12 to 15 rainy days is in December while in January and February from  9 to 12 days

In fact, there’ scarcely any snowfall in this period but it could happen to have a day or two snowy days during the whole winter season.  If you’re looking for a fairy tale Christmas with a lot of snow, do not expect to find it in Split town.

Instead, you will encounter a fresh and crisp air and the sea will be the main protagonist even in winter. This means that Split’s temperate climate does not disappoint, offering a mild winter with some warmer sunny days  when the high temperature reaches 13 °C (55,4 °F).

It isn't exactly a picnic time but it’s worth a stroll on the Riva promenade all the way up to Split’s port or along the Marjan hill seafront.

Top Reasons To Visit Split In Winter

Save money

If you decide to travel to Spit and Central Dalmatian islands in these months, prices will be considerable lower. It is true that some hotels will be closed, but many privately owned rooms and apartments will offer a great discount prices.

However, if low-budget hostels are what you're aiming to, then simply count on the Tchaikovsky Hostel or the Split Hostel Booze & Snooze , both with excellent amenities, surprisingly comfortable beds and prices starting at € 10 per night in the off-season.

Alternatively, the CroParadise Hostels (Green and Blue) are equally satisfying options, for prices starting at £6.50.

If you are looking for high quality accommodation at very good prices, I suggest you some properties centrally located and close to the main attractions, like Palace Judita Heritage Hotel, the Emperor's Suites or the modern Split Best Apartments.  Besides their perfect position with magnificent views, they provide delicious good fillers breakfast.

If you miss the sea even during winter in Split, than 4 stars Radisson Blu Resort, set a few meters from the beach and 2,5 Km from Diocletian's Palace with a luxurious Spa center, is the best deal in Split. (a single room in March 2017 from € 80 per night).


This is a right word for Split in winter. If you have been to Split in the summer months (July and August) than you have noticed how crowded and bustling Split can be.

Imagine enjoying Diocletian palace for yourself, an empty ferry ride from Split to Central Dalmatia islands, easy to find table of your choice at your favorable  restaurant.  Split in this period is a very tranquil, relaxing destination.

Split In Winter – What To Do

One of the most important traditional event in Split is the New Year celebration. In the last couple of years the citizens of Split live all year long in expectation of the best parties of the year brought to them by the 'Christmas fair'.

The renowned 'Split Advent stalls' on the Riva and on the city squares, are a symbol of entertainment, socializing and warmth of the holiday season.

New Year celebration is another event in Split. Split is very proud having some of the most elaborate New Years celebrations on the Dalmatian Coast.

Many locals head to the Riva promenade to watch a spectacular firework display and listen to live music performances from local bands.

An enormous dance night is also held in the Spaladium Arena, which attracts thousands of fans who come to party into the small hours of the morning.

The Croatian National Theater has prepared a rich program for the art and culture enthusiasts, with the traditional Christmas and New Year's concerts as the main events. The Cultural artistic societies will dance for you the traditional Split dances on ice.  

February Split Carnival is another traditional event worth visiting when Split streets are filled with colorful processions and live music of local bands. A number of masked balls also take place in the evening, complete with harlequins and theatrical performances.

This year this traditional event takes place from February 18 to February 28. A number of masked balls also take place in the evening. The main carnival is normally proceeded a few days before by a children's carnival in which the little ones take part in their own procession.

Getting in Split In Winter

Being one of the Croatian tourist champions, Split is trying to extend its tourist season as long as possible, even during the low season. Unfortunately one of the main disadvantages is how to get to Split.

The most of flights in winter period are significantly reduced from European destinations. But still some companies will keep international flight connections throughout the winter like Croatia Airline flights to Frankfurt, Munich and Rome, or Germanwings to Cologne and Stuttgart, or Lufthansa’s to Munich.

Easyjet has no scheduled flights for Split  in winter season from United Kingdom so the only way will be flying through Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Rome or Stuttgart.

If you looking for ferry connections from Italy, a winter timetable offers only one international ferry line from Ancona (Italy) to Split .

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