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Once you arrive in Split, you can be sure you'll have a lot of Split tours and things to do, available to make your vacations, more enjoyable and meaningful. Split is a typical Mediterranean city, full of life and fun.

Exploring Split by walking is the best way to discover all beauties of the city. Split is an ideal city to encourage walking and few cities are so suitable for walking like Split Croatia.

To walk around the city is the best way to experience its true spirit and its typical Mediterranean soul.

As a natural result, your every visit to Split, either short or long, inevitably will be located inside the Split old town on wandering Split’s narrow, cobbled streets, discovering hidden paths, enjoying beautiful architecture and popular Split landmarks .

Recommend list of Split tours and
things to do

Split Old town

The oldest part of Split, set inside the walls of the roman palace dating back to the early 4th century, will be one of the first things to do in Split.

Split's city friendly pedestrian structure, makes this town easy to experienced on foot. You can do it in different ways. If you are only few hours in Split, than walking on your own is the best way to discover the city.

To get the most out of your time in Split, walking Split tours are an excellent way to get to know all about its history, about Diocletian's Palace and learn all about the eccentric life of the Roman emperor.

A classic 4-hour walking tour of Split with a local guide with a traditional Dalmatian lunch at a local restaurant is worth doing tour to get a right feel of the city. If you think 4 hours is too long than opt for the highlights of historical Split on 1.5-hour walking tour that starts with a stroll along the Riva promenade and then follow your guide along the cobblestone streets and narrow walkways of Split Old Town.

Last years one of the popular Split tours is a 2-hour ride through town with your very own Segway. It's one of unique and unusual ways to see a city. The starting point is Obala Hrvatskog Narodnog Preporoda street, better known as Riva promenade.

Split city always comes up with some new surprises during the whole year, particularly in high season (June to September). One of these are so called 'free Split tours'. But they aren't free at all! Some of them are for an affordable € 10 for 2,5 hours of original walking tour.

Original Split Walking Tour and Split walking tours are two associations, both rewarded with more than 600 excellent reviews on Trip Advisor.

Split walking tours is one of the most popular that organizes tours in English language, starting every day at 10.30h | 12.00h | 13.00 | 18.00  from Peristyle Square

Blue umbrella

It's easy to recognize their tour guides, Lucy, Danko, Darko, Olga, Natasa, Ina, Mijo, Tanja, Luka and Vicka. They usually carry a blue umbrella.

They will bring the past alive and share the facts and inside stories with you on the best rated Split tours in town. Split walking tour includes the Roman part of town (Diocletian palace) and Medieval part of town (City hall, promenade, Fish market..)

Split tours on Marjan hill

Marjan hill walking tour

There is an old saying 'There is no Split without Marjan hill'. This is a fact that will be confirmed by all who live in this city!

It's a symbol of Split city. This hills and its  forests are the lungs of the city, the most popular place to escape from the city bustling and chaotic pace of life during the high season in July and August.

It has always been a favorite place for walking, running, jogging, climbing or riding a bike.  I warmly recommend to take some time to visit this magnificent natural park.

Throughout Marjan hill you will find roads, trails and paths, so you can reach easily every corner of this park. See the map below:

Marjan hill map

There are two ways to reach Marjan hill. The first one takes only 15 minutes of pleasant walking to reach the first Marjan's lookout point (vidilica). This route takes you through the old city neighborhood, Varos. It's enough to follow the signs  - Marjanski put (path).

The second one is the St.Frane church. Just, keep going on the left and follow the Trubiceva Obala street (Matejuska) and at the end you will find a staircase.

Take those stairs uphill and you will end up at the Vidilica (lookout) where you can have a drink in the Café Vidilica bar and enjoy the great views over the city center.

Many Split tours inevitably include Marjan hill as one of favorite places for walking, running, jogging, climbing or riding a bike. On of them is a 4 hours small group hiking tour, guided by a friendly local guide, following at the leisurely paced hike a route along Marjan Hill’s southern slopes to the peak.

Marjan hill has been always ideal place for fans of cycling tour. Marjan hill cycling tour is an exceptionally entertaining activity for all ages and experience levels and Marjan hill is a great fun while zigzagging through the numerous trails.

A 4 hours rock climbing tour, climbing the rocky limestone cliffs of Marjan Hill is another exciting activity. Learn about techniques such as top-rope climbing, and then have a go yourself. Marjan Hill offers great climbing conditions for all levels of experience - beginner or advanced.

Surrounded by sea from three sides, Marjan hill is perfect for one of the most exciting Split tours, kayaking around Split’s Marjan peninsula. This 4 hours sea-kayaking tour is guided by an expert local guide, where you paddle at a leisurely pace and explore Marjan peninsula, discovering secluded coves and unspoiled bays.

Split archipelago Islands Hopping

Not long time ago, Split wasn’t touristy town. The most tourist in these times, considered Split city just as a harbor to catch a ferry boat to nearby islands. It was simply a getaway to more popular tourist destinations, like island of Brac or Hvar island.

Today, the situation has drastically changed where Split has become one of the most visited places in Croatia. More and more tourists, choose Split as a base , and then visit islands for a day or two.

If you stay in Split for a couple of days, you should try some Split tours to visit some of the islands. The interesting islands to visit for a day include Brac, Hvar, Solta, Drvenik Veli (Trogir and Ciovo island), and even Vis .

You can visit these islands by ferry boat, on your own. It’s the cheapest option, unless you travel by car. Another option is sailing. I consider it as the best option to visit one of he nearby islands in day Split tours.

There are various agencies offering a daily sailing trip to the islands. The prices range from from 80 € to 120 € per person,  depending on a size and a style of the boat, and the season.

Catamaran tours from Split

Recommended island hoping tours:

If you are just fond of sailing or you just need a pure relaxation at the sea, you can contact Sunburst Sailing  for a day or even night sailing tour, without any particular destination in mind.

Split tours to top Croatia Landscapes

The nature has richly gifted Croatia landscape with several  natural wonders, difficult to find in other countries. It's really an embarrassment to choose the most beautiful among so many unspoiled landscapes.

Booking some Split day tours during your Croatia vacation is an excellent opportunity to visit nearby landmarks. There are two the most famous destinations you shouldn't miss:

  • Discover why million people every year visit Plitvice Lakes.
  • Explore the wonders of nature and visit National Park Krka.

Plitvice Lakes recommended tours from Split:

Krka River Waterfalls recommended tours from Split:

Krka National Park

The most demanded Split tours

There are some destinations that are hard to imagine anyone being in Croatia without visiting. While you are staying in Split, some of these destinations are worth visiting in a full day tour.

Day Tours To Dubrovnik from Split

Dubrovnik, Adriatic pearl

It's hard to believe being in Croatia without visiting Dubrovnik, the pearl of Adriatic sea. If you don't know how to get from Split to Dubrovnik and back again, just follow my advice and discover several ways to travel between both cities.

If you choose Split as your holiday base, there is a possibility to visit Dubrovnik from Split on a full-day excursion.

Enjoy a full-day excursion from Split to Dubrovnik, where you will tour inside the historic city walls and along the limestone streets of the Old Town. First, enjoy a scenic ride along the Dalmatian Coast, stopping once or twice for panoramic views across the Adriatic Sea.

Split to Mostar and Medjugorje Day Trip

Madonna of Medjugorje

This is an amazing day trip that enables you to discover Croatia’s neighbor country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, visit an important religious site, and discover a quaint little town of Mostar.

On this among one of the most demanded  11 hours Split tours, visit the best of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Mostar and Medjugorje. Visit Medjugorje - famous pilgrim place in Hercegovina region visited by pilgrims from all parts of the world.

First visit the beautiful Ottoman town of Mostar. Your guide will help you explore the town's rich history and Islamic heritage. After lunch, the tour leaves for Medjugorje, one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in the Catholic world.

Adventure Split tours

Once you visit Dalmatian and its capital Split city, you'll quickly realize that not only a splendid Adriatic Sea, but high mountains and rivers, make this region really special for various adventure tours.

It is a region suitable for lovers of all kinds of adventure and activity from hiking, climbing on surrounding mountains from Mosor to Biokovo (Makarska Riviera) or rafting, canoeing, canyoning, zip-lining and all this just only 20 km south of Split.

Cetina river whitewater rafting

Cetina river

Rafting on Cetina River is one of the most popular outdoor adventures in Croatia, and one of favorite Split tours to undertake from Split. It's one of the 'must' adventures from Split.

Whitewater rafting on Cetina river

During the summer season, in the lower course of Cetina river, rafting tours are taking place every day, twice a day for 3-4 hours. Rafting journey through the crystal-green waters of the Cetina usually ends with a barbecue lunch on the banks of the river.

All you need to bring with you is a swimming suite, some shoes suitable for water and dry clothes. If you want to take pictures, it's recommendable a waterproof camera.

For those who are encountering rafting for the first time, there are also courses on the river for all ages. It doesn’t take any previous experience to do the course.

Recommended rafting Split tours:

Omis River Canyon Zip-Line

For those who want to enrich their holidays with a bit of adrenaline than this is the right challenge for those braver.

I would never suggest any adrenaline adventure day tours that are not 100% safe. These can be high adrenaline charged adventures, but the safety is always on the first place.

From Split to Omis - 3 Hours Cetina Canyon Zip-line Experience

Jeep Safari Split tours

With two mountains above Split city, Kozjak and Mosor, get on-board a jeep, for an exciting ride to experience Split’s hinterland, and fresh mountainous air.

The tour takes you to the top of the Kozjak Mountain for magnificent views over the sea, Split, and the nearby islands.

Game Of Thrones Filming Locations

Fortress of Klis – City of Meereen

Less than 15 km from Split, on a mountain pass between Kozjak and Mosor Mountains, lies medieval Klis Fortress.

The actual fortress is rather impressive. Settled high atop a rock, Klis fortress has been a defensive stronghold in the area for over two thousand years.

The site was a filming set for Meereen scenes in HBO Games of Thrones series. You can visit the fortress as a part of the Game of Thrones Tour  from Split.

If you are Game of Thrones fanatic go all ‘Game of Thrones’ while in Split by booking this cool combo tour in Dubrovnik and Split.

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