Complete Guide to Lubenice Beach on Cres Island, Croatia

If you remember, I’ve mentioned Lubenice beach, describing the beauties of Cres island in Croatia’s Kvarner region. Official name of this beach is St.John (Sveti Ivan in Croatian) but it’s better known under the strange name of Lubenice (meaning ‘watermelons’), the name of 4000 years old town that today has around a dozen people and … Read more

Complete Guide to Cres Island, Croatia: Top Beaches & Top Things to Do

If you are coming from Istria peninsula, Cres island should be your next destination visiting Croatian islands. It makes the part of Kvarner Bay region and it’s actually the first island in a row of Croatia’s Adriatic islands. It’s nested just between Istria Peninsula on the northwest, its big brother the island of Krk in … Read more