Top Dubrovnik Attractions You Should Check Out

If you try to list all Dubrovnik attractions, the list will be quite long and all are located within the city walls. To visit all of them, will depend how many days you have available. If you are time limited, you can do all of this in a day, but I don’t recommend it. In … Read more

Guide to Dubrovnik, Croatia: The Adriatic Pearl

If you are planning to visit Croatia, without visiting Dubrovnik Croatia, is like visiting Italy skipping Rome or Florence! If the Stendhal syndrome is more appropriate to Florence, it’s easy to face it even here as this entire city is a magnificent work of art. This is a town of a long tourist tradition, ready … Read more

Tourist Map of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Do you really need to have a map of Dubrovnik while visiting Dubrovnik? Considering the richness’s of cultural monuments concentrating on the relatively limited surface among the mighty city walls, I would say that having a map would be essential. If you are staying in Dubrovnik for a day or two, probably you won’t be … Read more

These Are the Absolute Best Beaches in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Among many beaches in Dubrovnik what beach is best to swim at today? A rocky beach or a gravel one? Perhaps a nudist beach you are looking for? Or you are a person that only a sandy beach that matters to you? I must say that lovers of sandy beaches will be disappointed as the … Read more

Ferries to Dubrovnik with Schedule and Rates (2018)

If you are looking for information on ferries to Dubrovnik, here you’ll find updated timetable to help you plan your travel to Dubrovnik Croatia. Searching the web you’ll still find some car ferry connections with Dubrovnik from Split, Hvar or Korcula. All these information are about non existing car ferry lines. The fact is that … Read more

These Are the Best Dubrovnik Tours (Including Game of Thrones Tour!)

Taking a part in one of many Dubrovnik tours is the only way to comprehend such a rich historical and cultural offer of Dubrovnik. The most of Dubrovnik sights are difficult to understand in depth without a professional guidance. Here are some proposals of some of the best guided tours of Dubrovnik’s old town and … Read more