The Most Amazing Beaches in Split, Croatia

Most people visiting Croatia have no idea that Split is actually more than just a transit hub to one of the Dalmatian islands. Split itself has some really amazing beaches that you will fall in love with instantly. And we’re going to talk about the best beaches in Split, Croatia in today’s article! Most of … Read more

Visiting Split in October: Is It Worth It?

Although summer is officially over if you decide to visit Split in October, you can still have some very pleasant surprises if you decide to visit at this time of the year. And we’re going to share all the details in today’s article! Officially, October is in Split (and Croatia, of course) the first autumn … Read more

How to Get to Split, Croatia by Bus

Getting to Split by bus is one of the best alternative to reach the Adriatic coast. There are several advantages of a bus as the means of traveling. The first one, regards the travel costs as traveling by bus to Croatia, is one of the cheapest way. The second one, refers to a comfort and … Read more

How to Get to Split, Croatia by Train

Before you decide to get to Split by train, you should first consider some other alternatives. I do like traveling by train but trains in Croatia are slow and less frequent than buses. I personally have nothing against trains in Croatia, but each time I have traveled by train to Split, not even once I … Read more

Complete Guide to Split, Croatia

Welcome to Split Croatia travel guide! This is an itinerary through Split city, Dalmatia’s capital, my birthplace! I’m extremely exciting but at the same time proud of the the city of a thousand emotions. There is a song saying “There is no city like Split” and it’s a truth. This city is my home town … Read more

Local Ferries from Split to other Cities and Islands in Croatia

Ferries from Split connect all Central Dalmatia islands by regular car and passengers ferries and by fast catamaran crossings only for foot travelers. On this page you can find all ferries schedule and prices in period for season 2018. Jodrolinija has updated a new 2018 schedule. In case I don’t get the chance to update … Read more

Best Restaurants & Pubs in Split, Croatia

To find a good place to eat in Split has never been a big problem. There are enough Split restaurants for every taste but all depends on what kind of food you are looking for. When talking about eating while traveling, Split is not very different from any other travel destination. It all depends on … Read more