Best Things to See and Do in Zagreb, Croatia

The city of Zagreb Croatia is nestled between Mount Medvednica and the Sava River. It is a quite an extensive city, but almost every attraction of note is within a mile and a half of Trg Bana Jelacica, the city’s main square commonly known as Trg Jelacica. The area north of the Jelacic Square includes … Read more

Zagreb Airport Guide: Bus, Transfer & General Information

Zagreb airport, better known as Pleso airport is is the largest airport in Croatia, and the main hub for international flights to and from Croatia. Pleso airport is only 17 km outside of the city area, south of Velika Gorica settlement. It is the main hub for the Croatian flag carrier Croatia Airlines, that connects … Read more

Best Hostels in Zagreb, Croatia

Are you looking for Zagreb cheap accommodation? If so, Zagreb hostels are the best place to see the city on a budget. Accommodation in Zagreb spans from hostels to luxury hotels. In recent years there has been a blast of Zagreb hostels that offer excellent value for your money. Most are modern, elegant, suitably located … Read more