How to Get to Zagreb, Croatia by Plane, Bus or Train

Getting to Zagreb, Croatia has never been easier, no matter how you plan to reach the country’s capital: by air, bus or train. In today’s article, I am going to share a complete guide to getting to Zagreb, Croatia using your preferred means of transportation and share with you the main options that you have … Read more

Zagreb Nightlife Guide: Best Clubs in the City (Jazz Clubs Included)

If you are wondering what’s Zagreb nightlife entertainment looks like, you can be sure you’ll never be bored in Zagreb. Zagreb has a solid and animated nightlife which revolve around several distinguishing and relaxed clubs, pubs and discos. Most of the activity takes place between September and late June as some of the clubs shut … Read more

Best Zagreb Tours to Explore the City and Its Surroundings

Taking one of Zagreb tours is the good opportunity to get to know the region in the vicinity of Zagreb city area that extends from the Slovenian border to Varazdin town on the north. This green and hilly region known as Hrvatsko Zagorje o Zagreb’s Zagorje covered with pastoral villages, medieval castles and thermal springs, … Read more

Exploring the Zagreb Upper Town: Things to See and Do

Zagreb is divided into two halves, the Zagreb Upper town and Zagreb Lower Town (Gornji and Donji Grad). The first one is the old city dating back to the 11th century, full of red tile roofs and cobblestone streets. It’s the most romantic part of Zagreb. It’s my favorite part of Zagreb. Every time I … Read more

Complete Guide to Visiting Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb Croatia is the biggest town of Croatia. It’s the capital of Croatia, the town of museums, good restaurants, vibrant nightlife and modern hotels. Zagreb is a modern, cosmopolitan city with some high class hotels, friendly and above all a safe city. Very often ignored by tourists, rushing to reach the sunny coast, missing to … Read more