Top 6 Summer Destinations for 2019 in Croatia

Do not be surprised if among top 6 summer destinations for 2019 in Croatia you won’t find widely publicized spots like Hvar or Dubrovnik.

Summer is the main season when tourists from all over the world visit Croatia. There are so many different and exciting destinations in Croatia. In fact, so many that one can keep on exploring its beauty for years, and still might not have enough time for all of them.

Croatia is an ideal destination for your vacation, so many famous tourist places that it is sometimes difficult to decide which to choose. Where to go next summer? Which destination to choose, along the coast or on one of many islands?

How to find the ‘right destination’ that will suit you and your friends, family or loved ones? All depends what are you looking for?

Maybe only a nice beach for lazying around on the hot sun or if you want peace and relaxation choose a smaller place for a more peaceful holiday. Maybe you like a certain place, town or island you are visiting for years where you’re already considered as an inseparable part by local people.

Keep on reading and find out which destination I think they deserve to be on the list of top 2018 Croatian summer destinations.

Top 6 Summer Destinations For 2019 In Croatia

Losinj Island

I will start this list with island of Losinj that makes a part of Kvarner bay islands. The reason I’ve selected Losinj island isn’t only because it’s a known summer destination but much more.

  • Mild climate, clear sea and fragrant Mediterranean nature make this island an ideal environment for health tourism – for people who have issues with their respiratory system.
  • This island is ideal for fans of active holidays offering more than 280 km of cycling and walking routes.
  • It’s the only island where you can watch dolphins, known as a home of about 200 good dolphins.
  • It’s not a surprise that Losinj took the second place on Food Wine and Travel Magazine among top 11 travel destinations for 2018, called ‘Island of Vitality ‘.

Solta Island

Among top 6 summer destinations for 2018 in Croatia, this small island near great Split, Dalmatia capital, for years attracts attention for international travel experts.

When a travel magazine like Travel + Leisure add this island on the first place among 50 best travel destinations for 2018, it’s convincing enough why this island has become synonymous with pristine nature (pebbly beaches, turquoise waters, lush greenery), medieval villages, winemakers and family-run olive oil.

The island of Solta is an ideal destination for a peaceful summer holiday in combination with relaxing activities:

  • Explore the bays of island on foot, by bike or boat.
  • Enjoy swimming in numerous amazing beaches and bays.
  • Taste the native olives called Levatinka.
  • Try rosemary honey called Olintio .
  • Visit local winery Dobricic and take a sip of red wine made of the autochthonous Dobricic grapes.
  • Daily 30 minutes ferry connections to Split.

Pag Island

If sunbathing and swimming is not the only thing you are interested in, than Pag island is a great place for party beaches. The island of Pag is a popular summer destination, especially among party lovers who simply cannot miss the Zrce party beach in Novalja.

Zrce beach, Novalja on the island of Pag is a popular summer resort which hosts probably the only beach in Croatia with Ibiza sense.

Zrce is a long, stretched, white pebbled beach with crystal clear sea. The beach has numerous facilities and three popular open-air clubs offering entertainment until ‘small’ hours.

If you ask someone what makes this island famous, it is certain that the response will be related to four nouns – lamb, salt, cheese and lace.

Lastovo island

Many visitors have never heard the name of this island. In spite of this I think it’s right to add it to top 6 summer destinations for 2018 in Croatia. What makes this island so special, even if it’s not Hvar or Korcula.

Lastovo island has been considered as one of the last paradises in the entire Mediterranean. First of all this island is a rare example of untouched natural resources, unique natural habitat , rich in marine and plant diversity. This island is far away from those usual tourist beaten-tracks places.

If you are looking for holidays based on private accommodation, which includes abundant offers of fish and lobster, vegetables grown in private gardens, homemade wine offered by generous local house owners that this island, is the right place for you.

This island is designed for couples and small family groups holidays. It’s the only of top 6 summer destinations for 2019 in Croatia, far away from the city noise, crowded beaches, car traffic, or without bustling social nightlife.

Makarska Riviera

Makarska riviera is the only one top 6 summer destinations for 2018 in Croatia along the Croatia Adriatic coastline.

Find out why Makarska Riviera beaches are considered the most beautiful pebble beaches along the Croatia Adriatic coast for your best beach holidays.

Most visitors to Dalmatia go straight for the islands, neglecting Makarska Riviera on the mainland coast between Split and Dubrovnik, missing the main attractions of this Riviera, its beaches.

Murter Island

Is not accidental that I have chosen the Murter island. Rarely you can find the islands having such a favorable position like this one.

There are four settlements on the island, Murter, Tisno, Jezera and Betina. This island is know as a gate to Kornati islands, ‘the nautical paradise’ with 89 islands, islets and cliffs.

The close vicinity of Kornati national park makes it the most important nautical base on the Croatian coast. For lovers of boating holidays Murter should be one of the top 6 summer destinations for 2019 in Croatia.