Top Things to See and Do in Trogir, Croatia

From my personal experience I am convinced that Trogir sightseeing will be a great enjoyable event. In this small old town all top sights are all concentrated in rather restricted space that it looks like an outdoor museum.

Things you’re going to see in Trogir will be convincing to understand why Trogir has been proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site of Croatia .

Leave a day to visit this stunning old town, filled with architectural treasures from 2000 old civilization, palaces, churches, towers, open markets and stone buildings lined inside the tight streets.

How much time do you need for see all things in Trogir? On the shortest itinerary, you can walk through Trogir, climb the tower of St. Lawrence cathedral and have a lunch or dinner at one of Trogir seaside promenade restaurants in about three and half hours.

If you want to explore the town at a slower pace, than spend one night or one whole day!

The Main Trogir Sightseeing Sights

Now let’s take a quick look at the main things you should see and do during your visit to Rtogir, Croatia.

Trogir cathedral of St.Lovro (St.Lawrence)

One of the highlights worth visiting is the Trogir cathedral of St.Lovro (St.Lawrence) situated in the very center of this Romanesque town.

This triple-aisles basilica, set on the foundations of an early Christian church destroyed during an Arab invasion, was built mostly in the 13th century, during the Romanesque period.

The greatest value of Trogir’s Cathedral lies in its renowned Romanesque portal (1240), the masterwork of one of Croatia’s greatest sculptors, master Radovan, now known as ‘Radovan’s Portal’.

Don’t miss climbing the Cathedral Bell Tower, 47m high with magnificent view over old Trogir and the whole area.

This two-piece portal depicts scenes from the Gospel and the birth of Christ. The doorway is filled with scenes of everyday life, pictures of saints and apostles, exotic animals, sirens and centaurs.

On the outer edge of the doorway, there are two lions, one on each side, on which are seated Adam and Eve respectively. This portal is ‘must see’ Trogir sightseeing spot!

Town Hall – Duke Palace

Duke’s Palace sits proudly in the main square of the Old Town of Trogir. Town Hall was first mentioned in the 13th century, and got back its Renaissance charm after reconstruction during the 19th century.

It’s located opposite the cathedral with a Gothic yard decorated with coats of arms and a monumental staircase. Its well features a preserved winged lion of St Mark, the symbol of the Venetian Republic.

This building was a symbol of political and economic strength of the city and it was also duke residence. Today, the building serves as an administrative center.

Fortress Kamerlengo

While walking the Trogir Croatia old town you will inevitably notice two city fortresses both built by Venetians.

Fortress Kamerlengo is situated at west end of Trogir’s islet, built by Venetians between 13 to 15 th century as a naval base for their navy forces in this part of Adriatic. It is named by town Magistrate Camerarius. Nowadays, fortress is multimedia center with open air cinema and stage for various cultural events.

Kamerlengo FortressOpening hours: from: 15/06-15/09, daily from 09:00 (9 AM) till 20:00 (8 PM). Tickets: adults: 10 Kuna, children & groups: 5 Kuna

St. Mark (Sv.Marko) tower

On the opposite side of Kamerlengo Fortress, there is another defensive tower, called St.Mark. It was built in the 15th century, located right next to the sea shore. Once it was connected by city walls.

Trogir sightseeing of Venetian palaces

Strolling the old city streets you’ll notice many outstanding Renaissance and Baroque buildings from the Venetian period.

You’ll find little architectural treasures like Gothic houses, courtyards with stoned stairs and minor but high-quality palaces. Places you shouldn’t miss are:

Cipiko Palace, one of architectural treasures at Ivana Pavla II square in Gothic style. On the right is Derossi palace situated near the North City Gate. Today is a small elegant heritage hotel!

Old town streets Trogir sightseeing

Like Split old town streets, strolling among Trogir streets, is a special experience. Trogir Croatia is a virtual maze of tight cobbled streets. Just be careful when wandering through the city, you might not find you way out! I’m just kidding!

Trogir sightseeing – museums and art galleries

If you decide to visit Trogir, don’t miss to add to Trogir sightseeing tour a visit to some museums and art galleries.

Like in every Dalmatia town, the city museum is always the first to be visited. Trogir town museum is located in old part of the town in Fanfogna palace. It’s the best place to take a voyage through Trogir rich history.

Worth visiting is the Church of St. Nicholas, a Benedictine convent with a museum, near south town gate, attached to St. Nicolas Church.

Getting to Trogir from Split

Distance from Split to Trogir center is 30 km and it takes about 25 to 30 minutes to get there. The cheapest way is by bus 37 but keep in mind that bus from Split leaves from Sukoisanska bus hub (not at main bus station) which is 1,5 km walking from the city center.

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