Two Weeks In Croatia

When you decide to start planing two weeks in Croatia, immediately you'll face with some common problems and questions:

  • Which destinations do you want to visit?
  • What is the optimal route?
  • How many nights are sufficient to stay in each place?
  • What is there to see and do in the area?
  • How do you manage the booking process?
  • How much it will cost me?

Usually this all can be so overwhelming that sometimes is better to hand over the whole responsibility to a travel agent. Or you can join a ready made tour like those organized by Tourradar or Contiki .

But what about travelers who don’t like to use a travel agent? Why not to give them a pleasure to set their own itinerary. It will give them possibility to generate perfect itineraries based on their travel preferences, budget and personal style. Here is one planner itinerary example on fourteen days in Croatia offering relaxing way, visiting beaches and historic sites.

My Perfect Two Weeks In Croatia

This Croatia itinerary as  well as ten day Croatia itinerary can be customized according to your needs. You can change the dates as well the starting point, instead of Zagreb, you can modify any entrance point in Croatia, for example Pula, Split or Dubrovnik but also from any other country. (like from Italy or Budapest, Hungary)

For the indecisive traveler who wants to visit Croatia though really has no clue where to start from, this powerful planning tool, is a godsend as each trip can be fully customized on a easy and free way.

The process of planning is fast and smooth and it will save you time you would normally spend on consulting guide books and wandering around online information.

In case you need help, just fill a request an agent form  and you'll get my answer what ever question you need for free!

Period Jul 7  -  Jul 20, 2018

  • Route 1 - Zagreb, Croatia - 1 night
  • Route 2 - Plitvice Lakes - 1 night
  • Route 3 - Zadar Croatia - 2 nights
  • Route 4 - Sibenik Croatia - 1 night
  • Route 5 - Trogir Croatia - 1 night
  • Route 6 - Split Croatia - 2 nights
  • Route 7 - Hvar Town   -  2 nights
  • Route 8 - Korcula town - 1 night
  • Route 9  - Dubrovnik Croatia -  3 nights
Plitvice Lakes National Park
Hvar town
Korcula town

Book the Whole Trip as a Package

Book your Croatia trip as a Package

Perhaps the most important item that every traveler wants to know is the price of two weeks in Croatia. The ability to book your whole trip as a package makes the planning process very easy. Once you’ve settled on a perfect route, you have the option to price your trip.

Some programs give you possibilities to 'price your trip' presented with a full itinerary, including default hotel recommendations for each evening based on your budget, hotel’s location and TripAdvisor ratings.

You can book it all instantly in one transaction without making any changes if you want to. In case you want to make some changes, the platform offers plenty of alternatives too. Hit “change hotel”, and a list of hotels in your selected city shows up.

Here's one example of a trip from Split (starting point) to  Split, Croatia (ending point) for 8 days , visiting Trogir, Bol Brac island, Omis and Hvar town with full description of the routes with a full price.

You can get also a price fro two weeks in Croatia, changing any destination, adding a car rental to your booking for each city of your trip, and you'll get the total package price at the bottom of the page. You can save your itinerary for later or share it via social media.

The whole process of planning and booking is so straightforward and simple, that you’ll find you’ve become your own travel agent without realizing it, and that you can do everything they can do.

Below are some examples:

If two weeks in Croatia itinerary if too long, you can find all day by day itineraries like ten days itinerary, 8 days, 7 day or short 5 days for travelers who have limited time for Croatia holidays.

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