How To Plan Your Perfect
Vacation in Croatia

For those in search for vacation in Croatia will be pleasantly  surprised how this small country of spectacular natural landscapes and marvelous seacoast, has become today easier to visit than ever before.

Since the entry into the European Community in 2013, a great progress has been made in the national infrastructure from the motorway network extended and modernized and many hotels have been renovated and new ones built with in a modern and  contemporary design.

In last few years Croatia has also become much easier to reach, with more and more airlines now flying from the major  European cities. During the summer all major seaside towns like , Split, Zadar, Pula and Dubrovnik are regularly connected by most important low-cost companies.

For those in search of history and culture, city destinations such as Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split, Sibenik, Pula and Zadar with their monuments from Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Austrian Hungarian periods are top Croatia destinations.

Adding the fact that Croatia offers several UNESCO world heritage sites, such as historic centers of Dubrovnik and Split, the cathedrals in Trogir and Sibenik and the basilica in Porec, it is clear why Croatia has become the popular destination.

The lovers of outdoors activities will find vacation in Croatia filled with numerous adventures between the sea and the mountains, sailing, scuba diving, sea kayaking, rafting, mountain biking, hiking and rock climbing.

Plan Your Perfect Vacation
In Croatia

Inspirock: Personalized Travel Itineraries

Even Croatia may seem to be unfamiliar area for most visitors, particularly for oversea tourists, it's no more complicated to plan a trip on your own in Croatia than in any other European destination.

When it comes to planning a trip, it isn't so easy. Which destinations do you want to visit? What is the optimal route? How many nights are sufficient to stay in each place?

What is there to see in the area? And, if you’re visiting a number of different spots in Croatia in one trip, how do you manage the booking process through so many different places?

It is difficult to decide which are of the best destinations to be visited in Croatia as there are so many marvelous destinations for a holiday. Although many destinations are on par among them, Dubrovnik on my own list will be the number one.

Inspirock offers a unique set of vacation planning tools, including a daily itinerary of places to go and things to see based on your interests. Start Croatia trip planning NOW  !

Step By Step To An Unforgettable
Vacation In Croatia

How to create your custom-made trip to Croatia day-by-day itinerary? I’ve divided itineraries into three parts: routes for those who enter the country at Zagreb, and routes for those who start in Split or in Dubrovnik.

Here are some suggested Itineraries:

In case you'd like to add a single location or make it a multi-destination trip based on your preferences, refine your plan, choose the best hotels and activities and:

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