Best Month To Visit Split

If you are trying to find out, the best period to visit Split in Croatia, my opinion might seem too subjective as Split is my hometown.

I can assure you it’s worth a visit at any time, but it all depends on your expectations and interest when you decide to visit this town.

Planning a vacation is always a fun, but knowing in advance Split weather conditions will be important to decide when to go to Split Croatia.

I do prefer to talk about weather on wider geographic area including the whole Split-Dalmatia County is case you are interested in Dalmatia islands hopping even, fundamentally  the climate conditions are more or less equal in the whole area.

When to visit Split?

While the most of the guidebooks recommend visiting Dalmatia only in the summer, Split has enough things to do and places to see to deserve to be visited in winter too.

You can not go wrong visiting Split in May. May in Split is one of my favored months to enjoy my home town. May announces the coming summer, but still far from the tourist invasion.

Split in June is another peaceful month. The days are getting longer and each day is warmer and warmer. Schools are still open until June 15.

These two months are peak tourist season in  Croatia. Usually the most visitors complain about the crowds as the most of tourists invade Split.

In September, Split turns into a different town. Instead of the daily hustle and bustle of August, city begins to live a more peaceful pace.

October together with May, are called 'low season'. The weather can sometimes be unpredictable but still sunny and warm.

Considering all above periods, from climatic point of view, the best months to visit Split town and county islands are May, June, July, August and September. But looking at this data in terms of price, the number of tourists, things look different.

Without thinking twice I would recommend, late spring or early autumn followed by summer, while winter is good in Christmas time, Carnival in February and March around Easter.

My favorite months are May, June (tourist season getting warmed up, prices are affordable, days are getting long and progressively sunny) , September and October when number of visitors decreases but the days are still favorable for swimming or cruising. I personally open my swimming season on 1st of May.

What others say about Split ? If you haven't yet decided whether to go to Split, this nice article by the Russian girl, Julia will help you decide for sure. 'Why you should definitely go to Split, Croatia'

Factors to take in consideration

Deciding on the best time to visit Split, primarily will depend on personal taste and personal engagements. For these reasons there are some factors that should be taken into account:

  • Flights to Split  - You can fly to Split all year around by some direct flights from major European cities. Situation changes dramatically in the period April - October when many carriers introduce a seasonal schedule.
  • Weather - It's important factor but Split has a mild climate and the weather is rather pleasant all year round. Usually swimming period starts from May to the end of October. Summers can be hot and the snow in winter is rare.
  • Off season  - It refers to period between November to March. Actually in Split city with over 200.000 inhabitants, there is no off season period, as most of its attractions are open  all year round. Problem can be faced if beside a visit Split you are planning to visit nearby islands.
  • Cultural events and festivals  - If you want to visit Split in full swing of festivals and concerts don't miss to consult Tourist Board of Split where you'll find all annual events.

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