How to Spend an Amazing Vacation in Zadar on a Budget

If you want to stay in Zadar on a budget, there are some very affordable places where anyone can find suitable budget-friendly accommodation.

Zadar isn’t different from other Dalmatian cities, for example, Split and Dubrovnik where prices tend to climb higher and higher by approaching the high season (July and August).

A modern traveler, particularly the younger generation, tries to visit and experience as much as possible, but of course, preferably at a low cost. When I say, at a low cost, I don’t refer to sleep on the bench in the park but a comfortable accommodation enough for a good night’s rest.

Zadar isn’t an exception where a traveler has to renounce comfort totally in order to spend less money on accommodation. On contrary, with a simple research, following my tips that work, you’ll find a cheap accommodation in Zadar.

Zadar on a budget – Hostels

What to expect in Zadar hostels? Since hostels started growing like mushrooms, they have become the best choice for those traveling on tight budget. They are a great place to meet tolerant, open-minded, friendly people from around the world.

Since, cheap hotels in Zadar are a rarity, Zadar hostels depending on the travelers’ budget, can decide on a bed in a dorm or a room with more privacy and yet not spend as much as they would have to for a hotel room.

Some hostels in Zadar like Boutique Hostel Forum can accommodate travelers in four bed dorms or couples in amazingly designed doubles that offer incredible value for money. This hostel has a perfect location.

The most of Zadar hostels are privately owned by local people where the well-trained employees who speak different language, will be an excellent source of information about the destination, the sights, what to do, what to see and where to eat.

Top rated hostels in Zadar on a budget

– Lazy Monkey Hostel
– Hostel Canki
– Windward Hostel Zadar
– Hostel Kolovare
– Hostel Diklo
– The Drunken Monkey Hostel
– The Hostel Zadar
– Hostel Sunset
– Hostel 4 You

If you add that some hostels also have a shared kitchen, it could be an additional money saver. Zadar also has become a place of so-called design hostels. One of them Design Hostel Mr Charles located 5 minutes walk (it’s not within old Zadar peninsula), designed under influence of happy 60´s pop-art culture.

Hostel disposes with four, six, seven and eight-bed dorms plus twins offering free internet access and parking. Prices are quite acceptable starting from € 34 to € 38 for twins per night with private or shared bathroom. Price per bed in dorms ranges from € 14 to € 16 per night.

Zadar City Center Apartments

If you are traveling as a group of friends, or a family with children, considering to rent an apartment, is the best way to visit Zadar on a budget.

Follow my budget tips and beside saving on apartments rentals (you are paying for a unit not per room), possibility to do shopping on Zadar’s open green city market, will be a great place to save extra money.

In most Dalmatian towns the market is a delight for all the senses. Zadar is no exception, and the Zadar market is one of the most picturesque and most colorful in the area.

There are at least four markets in the wider area of Zadar but the one that stands there since the Middle Ages, is in the very center – Zadar Market (Zadarska Trznica) in Pod bedemom (Under the walls) street.

One form of savings is hiring a private room in Zadar. Most of these privately owned properties are scattered across the whole city area, particularly in city’s outskirts – Borik and Diklo, but these lodgings are also available on Zadar’s peninsula.

As in all the coastal towns along the Adriatic coast, it is common to come across at the bus stations and ferry ports, on so called ‘sobe-ladies’ that offer on a loud and sometimes intrusive way their properties, mainly room renting.

Even in Zadar this way is less visible but if it happens to you, there are some tips you should follow before you decide on hiring a room.

I recommend to read Jeanne Oliver’s article about how to behave and what is important to do on the spot accommodation in Croatia.

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