Zagreb Airport Guide: Bus, Transfer & General Information

Zagreb airport, better known as Pleso airport is is the largest airport in Croatia, and the main hub for international flights to and from Croatia. Pleso airport is only 17 km outside of the city area, south of Velika Gorica settlement.

It is the main hub for the Croatian flag carrier Croatia Airlines, that connects Zagreb capitals with domestic destination along the Adriatic coast, Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar and Pula.

The following companies have been regularly flying to the Pleso Airport: Aeroflot, Air France, Austrian airlines, Croatia Airlines, German Wings, Csa, Iberia, Lufthansa, Malev, Sas International (Scandinavian airlines), TAP Portugal, Turkish Airlines, Wizz Air.

This airport is also connected with some low-cost companies in seasonal period like: Vueling to Barcelona, Tunisair to Monastir, Iberia to Madrid and Valencia , Eurowings operated by Germanwings to Berlin–Tegel, Cologne/Bonn, Stuttgart and Hamburg, Air Europa to Zaragoza, Air Transat to Toronto–Pearson, Montreal.

How to get to/from Zagreb Airport

There are several ways of transportation to and from Zagreb Airport:

By bus

A regular bus Pleso company, connects Pleso airport to Zagreb Central bus station. Buses from the bus station to the airport run every half hour from 04:30 AM in the morning (5:00 AM on weekends) to 20:00 PM. Bus transportation is fully adapted with airport flights schedules.

The bus shuttle terminal is located at the ground floor of the Central bus station, while the starting bus stop at the airport is in front of the arrival passenger terminal.

  • Ticket price is 30.00 Kuna.(one way)
  • A daily two-way ticket is 40.00 Kuna.
  • The ride from the airport to the city takes about 30 minutes.

Important note: There is no bus connection from the airport to the train station. When you arrive to Zagreb by train, you are only a few tram stops away from the Central bus station. You should get onto the tram number 2 (direction Savisce) or 6 (direction Sopot) and get off at the 3rd stop.

Public city transportation

There is no direct line of public transportation directly from the city center to Pleso airport. There is a bus line N° 268 (from Central Railway Station) to Velika Gorica. In case to take this bus, you should mention to the driver you want to get out at the station (Zagreb street in Velika Gorica), next to the airport.

This bus station is located approximately 1.5 km from the airport, which can be quite inconvenient, if you have a lot of luggage. This line is not recommended for those who are not familiar with Zagreb.

Book in advance your transfers to / from Zagreb airport

Sometimes handling the luggage or moving it from one vehicle to another, can be tiring and not practical, particularly if you are not located near the bus station.

In order to facilitate transfers, I recommend to book in advance your transfer and ensure direct transportation to any address in the city or other destinations. Your driver will wait for you at the arrival or departure points.

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling solo, with a companion or even a small group, the transfer is reliable, safe and on time. This is a secure option, better than taxis and public transportation.

Taxi transfers

For taxi transfers from/to Zagreb airport you’ll pay 16 kuna start fee and 9 kuna for each kilometer (daytime transfers) and 19.20 kuna and 10.80 (Night transfers, Sunday and festivities). For each piece of the luggage, additional fee is 2.50 Kuna.

If you want to arrange a taxi to wait for you, the safest way is to use authorized local taxi service. The average price from the airport to any downtown hotel is 21.00 Euro one way.

If you need to rent a car from Zagreb airport, you can find a large selection of car rental offers from the airport.

Zagreb Airport parking lots

There are three parking lots at Pleso airport. The map bellow indicates three parking places, P1, P2 and P3 including bus stop 1 and 2, taxi station and travel terminal. Three parking lots offer about 550 parking spaces.

Parking fees depend of parking lot you choose. On P1 and P2 prices are the same starting from 27 kuna for one hour to 47 kuna for two hours and 70 kuna for 3 hours.
From 12 to 24 hours the fee is 150 kuna and up to 48 hours 210 kuna.

Parking lot P2 has lower prices, starting from 19 kuna per the first hour to 50 kuna for three hours. For one day (24 hours) you’ll be charged 130 kuna and up to 48 hours. the fee is 189 kuna. The price for long-term parking is also calculated per hour on each parking lots.

Zagreb airport hotels

Practically, there are no hotels on area of Pleso airport. As the distance from the airport to city center is only 17 km, book one of hotels near Zagreb central station or around the central Ban Jelacic Square.

Hotels Near Zagreb Airport

There are some 3 stars hotels situated very close to airport terminal. Some of them like Hotel Pleso, a four stars hotel is only 300 meters from terminal. If you do not have high demands, not far from the airport, you can find several small hotels, rooms rentals, offering air-conditioned rooms, free parking, free WiFi and some even a free airport transfer.


  • Dream Hotel 3-star hotel – 2 km from the airport
  • Cool Rooms Zagreb Airport – 500 meters from the airport
  • Rooms Barba Niko near airport – 300 meters
  • Guest House Ivac Inn Pleso Airport – 100 meter
  • Guesthouse Tiban – 400 meters
  • Guest house Ikar – a mile from airport, offering free transfer
  • Deluxe Pleso Rooms – 50 meters from airport
  • Rooms Airport – 2 minutes walk from airport terminal

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