Zagreb Map to Easily Get Around Croatia’s Capital (Includes Tram and Bus Map)

Although Zagreb is not a very large city – at least not when compared with other capitals in Europe, you could still make good use of a Zagreb map and that’s exactly what I’m going to offer you in today’s article.

Even more, to make everything a lot easier for you when it comes to navigating around the city, I am also attaching below a bus map and a tram map for Zagreb’s public transportation system. So I’ve got you covered!

But first, let’s look at the main thing you’re here for: the map of Zagreb! If you enlarge the map below by simply clicking on it, you will easily find all the important sights in the Upper and Lower town (Donji and Gornji Grad).

If you get to Zagreb by train, have in mind that the Main Railway station (Glavni Kolodvor) is in the middle of the map – and you can choose how to navigate from there.

That is a good place to start your journey, too, as you can reach all parts of the city using Zagreb’s efficient system of trams and buses buying a day ticket (dnevna karta) or Zagreb 24 or 72 hours City Card, that will allow you to use traffic means for free.

Zagreb: map of the city

The most popular tram lines are N° 5, 6, or 13 in front of the Kralja (King) Tomislav monument to get to Trg (Square) Bana Josip Jelicica. This square is the central hub for all directions.

On the map, you will notice that Zagreb has a large number of squares and parks (Trg and Parkovi).

The first one, just behind the Railway station is my favorite: Kralja Tomislava Square with the famous statue of King Tomislav.

If you intend to explore Zagreb’s center, walking around is the best way and I hope this map will help you to find all city’s things to see.

The Zagreb map above shows some top tourist sights which must be visited during your stay in Croatia’s capital, if you want to make sure that you don’t miss the most important parts in the city.

And even though visiting some of these main attractions does take time, you could probably cram them all in a single day – or two. Zagreb is cozy and nice, you will see – but totally enjoyable.

Zagreb: tram and buses map

Zagreb’s public transportation system is called ZET, short for Zagreb Electric Tram.

Its network consists primarily of buses and trams that crisscross throughout the city and extend beyond to neighboring cities including Velika Gorica, where the airport is located.

The system is extensive with 19 tram lines and 117 buses. Fortunately, Zagreb is ideal for walking, so you don’t need a car but public transportation comes in handy if you want to get from a place to another faster.

Currently, there is no metro available in Zagreb, although plans for creating an underground system for even faster transportation has been discussed since like forever.

Even without a metro, though, you can easily get around Zagreb using a bus or a tram (or by walking).

For those in Zagreb for the first time, it will be a good idea to download the public transportation app for Android platform to have the tram and bus timetables’ detailed overview and to find the nearest tram station. It’s free!

Finally, I am sharing an additional map of the region around Zagreb. Even though this part of Croatia is not as popular of a destination like the seaside cities and towns are, you still have some nice attractions around Zagreb – and you have them marked above.


This would be it for today’s article: you have the Zagreb map to start with and help you plan your journeys, plus the extremely useful map of the public transportation system.

Thanks for sharing this article!