Zagreb Nightlife Guide: Best Clubs in the City (Jazz Clubs Included)

If you are wondering what’s Zagreb nightlife entertainment looks like, you can be sure you’ll never be bored in Zagreb.

Zagreb has a solid and animated nightlife which revolve around several distinguishing and relaxed clubs, pubs and discos.

Most of the activity takes place between September and late June as some of the clubs shut down for the summer, relocating their activities along the Adriatic coast, above all in Novalja, Pag island.

Zagreb is full of bars and pubs. Sometimes it seems to be as many cafe-bars in Zagreb as people. Locals commonly start their evening around 9 or 10 PM and the first stop is in some bar or pub in Tkalca street (Tkalciceva ulica).

In the hot summer nights it is crowded with people of all ages, strolling around or sitting and sipping their cold drinks.

Tkalciceva street is one of the most popular Zagreb streets, considered the center of city nightlife. Situated in the Upper town, this relatively short street is full of fine small café-bars, nice and inexpensive restaurants, pizzerias and art galleries.

At Tkalciceva street a favorite cult bar is Melin a jazz bar hosting live jazz performances by renowned Croatian jazz musicians. A great outside seating spot, nice music, good drinks. Lovely place to sit and relax and have few drinks. Bar offers excellent choice of wines and spirits.

In spite of some negative local people reviews, particularly regarding the prices, this club is still a popular hangout, usually just a warm-up spot before you start thinking to find the top Zagreb night clubs venues

Zagreb nightlife Discotheques and Clubs

In terms of nightclubs, Zagreb has plenty to offer. There are so many great night spots in Zagreb to keep you from being bored. No matter what kind of music you like, the Zagreb club scene offers something for everyone.

The most Zagreb nightlife venues are concentrated mostly in Zagreb Lower (Donji Grad) town area, while to start any night out in Upper Town (Gornji Grad) you have to be in Tkalciceva street.

Clubs in the city center

You are in Zagreb during the weekend, and you don’t have any plans. You finally think of going out, but you don’t know which club to choose. I’ll try to share with you some places you can go, so you wouldn’t feel lost in Zagreb’s jungle of parties.


If you’re done with sightseeing for the day and are looking for a place where you could hang out with your co-travelers, grab a drink and listen to some good music, I suggest you check out the KSET club.

KSET is a great little place for people who are not really fans of noisy music that’s blasting full-volume in most clubs today. Drinks have reasonable prices comparing with some other Zagreb nightlife clubs. This club is the meeting place for students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Club is located in Unska 3 street, Zagreb (Lower Town). Opening hours: daily from 08:00 PM to 04:00 AM. Take tram 13 to get there!

Zagreb Nightlife VIP club

Located in the very center of the city, in Ban Jelacic Square, with its many live concerts during the week, this club attracts mostly jazz lovers, while at weekends it turns into a real dance floor.

Space of VIP Club is an attractive location in the basement of City Cafe on the main square, and covers an area of about 500 square meters. This club has two types of programs, from 20:00 to 23:00 , the concert program has been scheduled, while after 23:00 you can enjoy the club’s programs with DJ and their guests.

Five days a week, from Tuesday to Saturday, concerts of different musical styles are performed, from jazz, classical music to rock, indie, alternative and electronic music.

Peper Club – Ex Peppermint

A familiar name on Zagreb nightlife scene, but now in a new location, Ilica 5 street, formerly Pepermint. It still continues to provide you with great music and great drink deals. Funk, disco, pop, rock and soul.

Actually, there are two Peper’s very close to each other. One is located at Margaretska 1 street (it’s a nice cafe bar that works during the day) while Peper at Ilica 5 street is a night club.

The one in Ilica street is open all week round, it’s always worth calling in to see what’s on that night. Entry is free up until 22:00 Wednesday and Thursday, and until 23:00 at the weekend.

It’s particularly recommended to be there on Sunday nights to have a great time. Drinks prices are reasonable (between 30 to 40 Kuna). It’s a perfect place for dancing.

Both Peper are located in the very center of Zagreb and you can use tram transport from the main Zagreb square Ban Jelacic and Frankopanska street.

Alcatraz Bar and Nightclub

Coffee bar and nightclub Alcatraz is located in the center of Zagreb in Preradoviceva Street 12, and is known for the great atmosphere.

It’s a crowded hangout spot in the evening but a nice little bar to get inexpensive coffee during the day. In the evening all kind of music attracts a lot of people in, especially on weekends.

It’s a must visit place if you happen to be in Zagreb, cool vibe with live DJ playing rock and popular music, cheap prices and a great selection of beers. If you can, avoid weekends when it gets packed and a bit too crowded.

Route 66 Club

If you decide to take direction to Route 66 Club, you’ll find a nice place where you’ll always have the feeling that you are at home and you’ll always wish to come back.

It’s one of the most famous clubs on Zagreb nightlife scene that plays rock music. This club is not the regular type, with DJ playing recorded hits, but with live bands playing every single night. It plays country on Thursdays, rock on Fridays and Saturdays and blues on Sundays.

Swanky Monkey Garden

It’s not a typical night club venue but more a cocktail bar making a part of same name hostel. It’s one of the best places in town for good drinks, cool atmosphere, music and beautiful people!

It’s a nice place to meet people from all over the world , listen to good live music, enjoy artsy events and pub quizzes organized for guests and locals who love coming here as well.

It’s a great place with a lot of outdoor seating (a terrace), with a light house music playing in the background and a house DJ after 06 PM. The venue turns into more of a club vibe in the evenings and it also has a pool.

Lake Jarun – the best clubbing venue

The best clubbing Zagreb nightlife venue is definitely on the lake Jarun, also called ‘Zagreb Sea’. Located south of the city center, approximately 4 km from Ban Jelacic Square. This lake is the largest entertainment center in Zagreb.

Clubs at Jarun Lake, offer various club music sounds with frequent visits of well known DJ and producers as well as live band performances. The place is ideal for sunbathing or swimming on hot summer days. During the day the lake is host for walkers and athletes and in the evening nightclubs welcome nightlife lovers

Here are some of the best Jarun lake Zagreb nightlife clubs on the map:

The best recommended night clubs in Jarun lake area:

  • Aquarius Club – ( Visit website ) Top international DJ club at Jarun Lake. Address: Address: Aleja Matije Ljubeka b.b. Opening Hours: Cafe bar from 09:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Night Club from 10:00 PM to 06:00 AM. Take taxi or tram 5 or 17 to Jarun and follow signs to the jezero (lake).
  • Gallery Club – (Visit website) – This night club is consider the top venue among night crawlers. Address: Matije Ljubeka 33, Jarun Lake area. Working hours: Sunday to Thursday from 10 PM to 02:00 AM, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 PM to 06:00 AM.
  • Mansion club – (Visit website). It’s the best place to be on Wednesday night when they have their hip hop party. The club is split into two parts, one with a dance floor and then another with a large center bar. Address: Jarun Lake, Jarunska obala bb.
  • The Best Discotheque Zagreb – (Visit website). Address: Jarunska street 5. Opens at 11:00 PM.

Zagreb Nightlife – Jazz Clubs Guide

Jazz appeared in Croatia in the 1920s, and flourished in Zagreb by the late 2000s, making it a regional center for jazz. In 1959, vibraphone player Bosko Petrovic, who was likely the most famous Croatian jazz musician, founded the Zagreb Jazz Quartet.

Today, there is a large number of active jazz groups in Croatia, but Zagreb is considered a top place where Jazz has left its mark on the Croatian pop scene throughout the years.

At the scene Zagreb nightlife there are some clubs and bars recommended for jazz lovers either in Upper or Lower Town:

Booze & Blues club

Booze & Blues club located in Tkalciceva 84, street is one of the best places for lovers of great music at night. Opening hours are from 8:00 AM to 24:00 PM on weekdays, and from 8:00 AM to 02:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Saturdays and Sundays, performances and participation confirmed the most famous musicians of the region and the world in the field of blues, jazz, soul, which will surely attract all the lovers of superb music and inspirational rhythms.

Bacchus jazz bar

Another jazz haven after BP Club to enjoy Zagreb nightlife evenings. Bacchus is an ideal place to listen to live jazz music, chat with friends or simply enjoy a quiet party evening.

Located nearby the railway station, at Trg Kralja Tomislava 16 (King Tomislav Square), has opening hours from Monday to Friday (11:00 AM to midnight) and Saturday from noon to midnight.

The ambience, a 1960s TV and telephone, wooden floors and a brick ceiling transports you to a mystic old era. Mostly serves Dalmatian wines along with a short list of cocktails. On Wednesday take part in live poetry or spoken word, always seasoned with good old Jazz.

BP Jazz Club

BP is the cradle of the Zagreb Jazz. Located at Ulica Nikole Tesle 7 street, few blocks south of Zagreb central Ban Jelacic square.

Croatian the greatest jazz musician, Bosko Petrovic introduced the sedative tones of jazz music at his venerable BP Club.

If you are a jazz devotee this is a great venue to catch live performances from some of the world’s best jazz musicians in an intimate surrounding.

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