Dubrovnik Banje Beach Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Banje beach is one of the most popular beaches on the southern Dalmatia coast. I do remember this beach when it wasn’t so fancy and lavish place, like today.

However, the fact is that it’s the magnet for shooting memorable photos with old city walls and Lopud island in the background.

But, lets say, if you really want to go for beach in Dubrovnik, the most popular and centrally located is this one. Also, if you happened to be in Dubrovnik just on the day trip, great place to have a quick bath is this beach.

It is located in front of the eastern entrance (Ploce Gate) to Dubrovnik Old Town bellow luxurious Dubrovnik hotels Excelsior and Argentina. The beach has it’s reception, restaurant and cafe bar on the water front with often snobbish customers.

The beach offers a unique experience of sunbathing on the gravel base and a bath with a view of the old town, the city walls and Lokrum island.

Mostly warm and clear waters each year attracts more and more domestic and foreign visitors. You rarely will find this beach deserted, even after the high season is over. I remember this beach unique in late October!

The best way to reach, Banja beach is walking (it will take only 5 minutes on foot) from Pile Gate or by public bus transport (take bus no.6 to Lapad from Pile bus station), and by car, although parking place in summer, it’s almost impossible to find.

It offers all the luxuries a visitor could ever dream of: private sandy beach, trendy bar and stylish restaurant, where you can chill in the afternoon or spend the nighty partying in the nightclub. The EastWest Beach Club is a ‘must’ visit when you’re in Dubrovnik.

Banje Beach Video

Banje Beach Water Activities

Admission to the beach is free of charge, which is another of the benefits of this place. Renting prices of deck chairs and umbrellas are rather high but the food prices are actually lower than in the bars and restaurants in the old city.

For fans of adventure activities, the beach offers all kind of water activities, like kayaking from 65 Kuna per hour, paragliding, parachute flights with the help of a speedboat.

For kids there are banana riding for 55 Kuna per person or the crazy-shark 85 kuna.

As a new addition to Dubrovnik Water Sports adrenaline activities, you can try fly-boarding for 480 Kuna for 20 minutes or parasailing starting from 390 Kuna for one person to 590 Kuna for two.

During the night the beach, converts in an unforgettable, romantic, exotic and fashionable atmosphere, surrounded by torches and candles, to party the night away, hosting the most famous names in the world of music.

Your stay will be extremely fun and you will have lots of things to do apart from soaking in the sun if you choose to visit Banje Beach in Dubrovnik.