Dubrovnik Banje Beach Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Banje beach is one of the most popular beaches on the southern Dalmatia coast and probably the most popular in Dubrovnik. As you can see in the image above – it has the perfect location.

I remember this beach since when it wasn’t such a fancy and lavish place, like today, but I am happy to see how much it has grown in popularity and quality over the years.

The main reason why Dubrovnik’s Banje beach is so popular despite the fact that it’s pretty small is the fact that it allows you to take amazing photos with the old city walls and the Lokrum island in the background.

Things like what you can see in the photo below – so definitely visit this beach for some memorable photos from your vacation.

Banje beach view of the city

All in all, if you want to take a break from visiting the main attractions in Dubrovnik, Banje beach is the place to go. It’s the most popular around and it’s really easy to get to it.

How to get to Banje Beach

beautiful banje beach overview
Yup, easy to understand why this beach is so popular!

It is located in front of the eastern entrance (Ploce Gate) of the Dubrovnik Old Town and offers amazing views over the city and the sea, while the water is not bad at all either.

The beach has its own reception, restaurant and beach & lounge bar on the water front, as well as a club for party-lovers, but expect prices here to be higher than usual.

Banje beach offers a unique experience of sunbathing on the gravel base and a bath with a view of the old town, the city walls and Lokrum island.

Since Banje Beach is centrally located, it’s easy to reach it by foot. It only takes 5 minutes of walking from Ploce Gate in the Old Town area. You will have to climb down some stairs to get to the beach, though.

You can also take a bus to the beach, depending on your location. I recommend either walking or taking a bus, because it’s virtually impossible to find a parking spot in the area.

For buses, take bus #4 or #6 in the direction of Pile Bus Station. That’s where you should exit and walk the 5 minutes to the beach.

Basically, any bus that takes you to the old town area and close to the Ploce Gate is a great choice. There are various options, depending on where your embarking point is.

Is Banje a sandy beach?

No, Banje Beach is mostly a pebble beach with rocks of various shapes and sizes, so make sure to bring proper footwear (ideally, water shoes).

Banje Beach pebbly

The sandier part is taken over by the beach bar with the loungers from the EastWest Beach Club, but no part of this beach is what I would call sandy.

So expect a pebbly beach instead – which is still really nice. And since I mentioned clubbing, if you are in party mode (or mood), make sure to read my article about Ultra Europe, the largest music festival in Croatia.

Do You Have to Pay for Banje Beach?

Admission to the beach is free of charge, which is another of the benefits of this place.

Renting prices of sunbeds and umbrellas are rather high: expect to pay between 10-15 Euros for one, for the entire day.

You can bring your towel and enjoy the for free, but the paid area with a restaurant, loungers, and even a la carte service is the better part of the beach.

Banje beach public area
You can experience the beach completely free of charge if you don’t want to rent a lounger & umbrella

For fans of adventure activities, the beach offers all kind of water activities, like kayaking from around 8 Euros per hour, paragliding, parachute flights with the help of a speedboat.

For kids, there is banana riding for around 8 Euros per person or the crazy-shark – 10 Euros.

As a new addition to the Dubrovnik Water Sports adrenaline activities, you can try fly-boarding for around 65 Euros for 20 minutes or parasailing starting from 55 Euros for one person to 80 Euros for two.

I also mentioned the Banje Beach restaurant. I want to share some of the prices I saw there – sometimes even lower than those in the Old Town of Dubrovnik – and the food is delicious.

There is a beach bar with the same prices but fewer options, and the regular restaurant. Here are some of the prices for food and drinks, to have a better idea:

  • Octopus salad: 20 Euros
  • Pasta with clams, prams of truffles: €20
  • Saint Jacques: €15
  • Local fish soup: €6
  • Sirloin Steak: €25
  • Dessert (like Cheesecake or Creme Brule): €6
  • Mojito: €13
  • Coke: €5
  • Cappuccino: €3

I would say that the prices are more than decent, especially since the restaurant offers breathtaking views over the sea and old city. You can check out its official website here.

I am also marking the map on Google maps here, as Google usually shows you a similarly named beach in Korcula when search it.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to double check all the prices mentioned above, as they can vary greatly from month to month and especially season to season!

Banje Beach Video

I know that the photos you’ve seen above have convinced you that Banje Beach is worth visiting, but an extra video won’t do any harm – on the contrary: it puts you in the right mood to visit this amazing place!

It’s not my personal video, but shows you exactly what the beach is all about.

Wrapping up

This is all that I had to share about Banje Beach in Dubrovnik. I hope you found this article useful, but if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to let me know and I will answer them ASAP.

Either way, I am sure that your stay will be extremely fun and you will have lots of things to do apart from soaking in the sun if you choose to visit Banje Beach in Dubrovnik.

Thanks for sharing this article!

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