These Are the Absolute Best Beaches in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Among many beaches in Dubrovnik what beach is best to swim at today? A rocky beach or a gravel one? Perhaps a nudist beach you are looking for? Or you are a person that only a sandy beach that matters to you?

I must say that lovers of sandy beaches will be disappointed as the beaches are mostly rocky and pebble. In spite of lack of sandy beaches, the good news is the perfect quality of the sea water on the beaches regardless of those centrally located, closer to the old town, or near more distant Lapad bay (Uvala Lapad) or nearby islands.

There are beaches in Dubrovnik for all tastes and needs, beaches for families with children, party beaches, naturist lovers or and gay beaches.

Below you’ll find some Dubrovnik beaches throughout its districts from Old Town, Ploce, Babin Kuk, Lapad bay, Lokrum and nearby Elaphiti islands.

Old Town Beaches in Dubrovnik

Believe it or not, even Old Town has its beaches. There are two great places to take a quick swim for all visitors wishing to refresh yourself from the heat during the hot summer days.

The first one is old town’s dock beach under the St. John tower, while the second one is just within the walls, sometimes difficult to find. Both beaches are rocky.

  • Porporela beach – a small pier with the Red Feral (warning light) is an ideal place for quick refreshment in the hot Dubrovnik summers, located under St. John Fort that protects the southern part of the City. It’s one of the popular spots to go for quick and refreshing swim on a hot summer day and a romantic place where lovers finish their promenade through the city.
  • Buza beach – While scrolling the city walls, don’t miss two unique hidden holes on the exteriors of the walls, not clearly marked, but not difficult to find, which will take you to bathing spots on the rocks below the walls. This beach is usually used as a tanning spot and it’s recommended for experienced swimmers as the water is deep and waves can sometimes be high. Buza beach can be easily reached by using any of the streets behind the Dubrovnik cathedral.

Family-friendly and Party Beaches in Dubrovnik

Party beaches

If you are looking for party beaches in Dubrovnik, than the most famous one is Banje Beach, a trendy Saint Tropez style location, a pebble beach with a beautiful views over Dubrovnik Old Town.

It is located in front of the eastern entrance (Ploce Gate) to Dubrovnik Old Town bellow luxurious Dubrovnik hotels Excelsior and Argentina.


Set at the beachfront overlooking the Old City of Dubrovnik it offers all the luxuries a visitor could ever dream of: private sandy/pebble beach, trendy bar and stylish restaurant, where you can take delight in the afternoon and by night it transforms into a beachfront cocktail bar. The EastWest Beach Club is a must visit when you’re in Dubrovnik.

Coral Beach Club is another popular party beach, located on the sunny west coast of the peninsula Babin Kuk close to the five-star Hotel President, Valamar Group.

If you decide to stay on Babin Kuk Dubrovnik’s neighborhood , looking for a stylish beach club with a sandy beach and a relaxed atmosphere, you should look no further, Coral Beach Club is a place for you.

Surrounded by palm trees, equipped with loungers, a restaurant and a seafront, more and more visitors discover and flock to this spectacular beach haven.

Family beaches

Dubrovnik Copacabana

Kopakabana (Copacabana) Beach in Babin Kuk district is not centrally located, but nevertheless a very popular beach especially among the locals who cannot afford the wealthy and fashionable Banje Beach.

Copacabana is a long pebble beach located at area called Solitudo on Lapad peninsula. The easiest way to reach this beach is to take bus no.6 to Lapad from Pile bus station and exit at the last station near the President hotel.

It’s also popular among family beaches in Dubrovnik, because it includes a restaurant and cafe bar, fruit and ice cream shops, sport equipment, canoe and windsurfing rentals. The beach is equipped with changing cabins and showers.

In the immediate vicinity of the beach there are several hotels.

Lapad Beach (Uvala beach)

Lapad Beach is one of the biggest beaches and most beautiful beach in Dubrovnik, located close to the Lapad promenade and several luxury hotels, restaurants, cafes, tennis courts and a children’s playground.

This beach makes a part of Lapad bay (in Croatian ‘Uvala Lapad’). This bay is interlaced with an amazing promenade that stretches all the way to the seaside and connects directly all Lapad bay beaches.

The beaches in the Lapad bay are mostly a mixture of pebble area, rock area, and artificial concrete parts. Only the main beach called simply ‘Uvala (Bay)’ or in English ‘Bay beach’ has a sandy bottom while the beach part is pebbly.

Most of the hotels that are located at the Lapad bay have private beaches which are partly open to the public.

Best Island beaches in Dubrovnik

Lokrum island

This title refers to the beaches to the nearby Dubrovnik islands. The first island is the closest island to the old town – Lokrum. The Lokrum island is a nature park with exotic tropical and subtropical plants and a unique botanical garden.

There are two beaches on the island, Portoc and Bijele Stijene (White rocks). Lokrum is known also as a home of some premier nudist beaches on the easternmost point of the island.

Lokrum is easily reachable by regular taxi boat from old Dubrovnik port. It’s only a ten minute ride, and the boat departs every 30 minutes from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM in period May-October.

The island is at the same time exotic, mysterious, a place with many legends and stories. When arriving on the island don’t miss visiting a fortress (summer residence of Maximilian of Habsburg from 19th century) at the highest point of the island.

From the fortress watchtower you can enjoy a beautiful view of the island and the city of Dubrovnik. One of the special attractions of the island is a lake called the ‘dead sea’. If you travel with children, the lake is suitable for them and non-swimmers.

Lopud island – Sunj sandy beach

If you do not want to give up looking for the sandy beaches in Dubrovnik than you’ll have to visit Lopud island. It’s located about 7 NM northwest of Dubrovnik, as a part of the Elafiti islands , considered as the most developed tourist place on Elafiti.

The most famous beach on the island is Sunj beach , for those who prefer long sandy beaches. First half of the beach is for textile sunbathers and second part is for naturists.

The island can be reached by a boat from Dubrovnik’s harbor Gruz at 10am during high season (June to August). Off season ferries operate only in the afternoon. Lopud is a car free island.

The beach is located in the wide horse shoe bay of Sunj. The bay is accessible from Lopud village on the island (near 4 stars Lafodia Sea Resort ) by a 1-km long footpath and is overlooked by the Church of Our Lady of Sunj.

More Beaches in Dubrovnik

The beaches I have previously described, are mainly those well known to tourists as well to locals. The coast around Dubrovnik hides many beaches that are less known to Dubrovnik visitors, that are very popular among the local population, but deserve your attention.

St. Jakov (Jacob) beach

Beach St. Jakov, a sandy-pebble beach is located in the privileged part of Dubrovnik, in the cove under the cliffs of St. Jacob church. The beach offers a spectacular view of the old town, city walls and on the island Lokrum.

The beach is easy to find. Just take a walk from Old Town through Ploce Gate in direction of Hotel Argentina. Passing this luxury hotel, you will notice the church of St. James and behind the church you will find stairs leading down to the beach.

The stairs are rather steep and not really recommended for elderly people. The entrance to the beach is free of charge and families with children will find the right place for their holiday.

This beach is equipped with a restaurant and a beach bar. For visitors who are fond of more activities, at the beach they can rent a kayak and explore the cliffs along the coast or cruise to the Old Town or Lokrum on a jet ski.

The Sv. Jakov Beach has breathtaking views of the Old Town and the Lokrum Island and is one of the most popular beaches in Dubrovnik.

Dance (Danče) beach

I add the local name for this beach as its name has nothing to do with dancing.
This is one of the oldest beaches in Dubrovnik.

It is located at the foot of the monastery complex with the church of St. Mary of Mercy, below Park Gradac, two hundred meters away from the Old Town.

Dance Beach (Danče) is rocky, with deep, clear sea, and slightly cooler water than elsewhere in Dubrovnik. It faces the open sea and sometimes the waves are very high, so it is not recommended for children and less experienced swimmers.

Dance beach is easy to find, not far from Pile Gate but if you are not sure, just ask the locals for Gradac Park direction.

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