Complete Guide to the Best Beaches in Sibenik [2023 Update]

If you are visiting Sibenik in Croatia, you are definitely doing so for the beautiful beaches that are close to the city.

Because frankly speaking, there are not many beaches in the Sibenik town itself, but you have great options in the vicinity. And we’re going to talk about the best beaches in and around Sibenik today.

Only few of them are within walking distance from the city center – but the options you have are more than enough for spending a remarkable and unforgettable vacation in Croatia.

Over the past several years, things have actually improved in the area, particularly when in 2012 some old beaches have been renovated and in 2013 after the local authorities decided to build the promenade through the St. Anthony Channel.

This has contributed to bringing closer several coves and new beaches in the Channel area to the city.

But these details don’t matter as much as my recommendations below, which is what you’re after: the best beaches in Sibenik, both closer or a bit farther away (but totally worth it!) If you have time, you definitely must check them all out!

Solaris beaches in Sibenik

solaris resort beaches
The Solaris resort beaches are breathtaking!

If you decide to visit Sibenik, the Solaris resort with its beaches will probably offer everything you need for a perfect stay in Croatia. It is my top recommendation in the area. Click here to check it out.

The resort itself has been renovated recently and it really looks amazing as you can see in the photos attached here.

The Solaris resort is located 6 kilometers away from Sibenik (towards Split) and it’s easily accessible via the A1 motorway – so you can easily visit if you’re located in the town or vice versa: you can quickly reach the town if you choose to stay at Solaris – which would be a really good choice, by the way!

solaris resort waterpark
The impressive aquapark in Solaris Resort

Want to know more about this impressive resort? Then you should know that Solaris offer a whooping 4 kilometers of beaches thematically divided into five different parts:

  • Solaris sand beach – one of the top beaches of the Adriatic and one of the best things that the Solaris brand offers
  • Solaris club beach – the best place for wild and unforgettable parties
  • Solaris SPA beach – with a new Wellness & Spa Center
  • Solaris family beachSolaris Kids Hotel Andrija and Solaris Beach Hotel Jakov, with the first Aqua Park in the Adriatic
  • Solaris camping beach – the best and most rewarded campsites in the region

Check prices for your dates on

Best Beaches in Sibenik Town Area

Believe it or not, Sibenik is the only town in the Adriatic that has no town beach! The locals themselves and the tourists who stayed in Sibenik must use city transportation, a car or a boat to go to the nearest beach.

But it is a trouble worth going through, because the views and the beaches themselves are priceless.

Sibenik’s nearest public beach is about half an hour walk from the center of the city – which might sound bad at first, but if you are a fast walker you can reach it even faster.

Also, you can take a car or use public transportation to get there in no time. The beach I am talking about is…

Banj (Crnica) town beach

This is a relatively new city beach that has been revived back in 2012. It’s a gravel beach located approximately one km from the city center and offering truly spectacular views, postcard-like as you can see in the image above.

It’s very popular among local people. It’s suitable for families, older and young people. It is easily reached on foot or by car. The beach has showers and toilets and a lifeguard.

For those looking for more than just soaking up the sun, enjoying the warm water of the sea and looking at other tourists, this beach offers various sports such as basketball, beach volleyball, water polo and even a fitness park.

Each evening, the young people meet in the bars and nightclubs close to the beach – so it’s lively and nice all around. You can never get bored here, but if you’re looking for something more secluded, this is obviously not the place for you.

But if you are looking for a great pebble beach near the city of Sibenik, this is the right beach for you. It offers a breathtaking view of the old part of the city.

Jadrija city beach – Sibenik

Among the beaches in Sibenik, this one is one of the most popular places for swimming since 1921.

It’s located in the nearby suburb of the same name and it’s connected by local transport with the mainland and there are also connections by sea.

There are numerous “famous” beaches along the coast. Bacvice in Split, Kolovare beach of Zadar, Banje in Dubrovnik, Bonj of Hvar , to mention just a few (you can click the links to check them out). But Jadrija of Sibenik seems to have a special aura even to those not native to Sibenik.

It is probably because it is the last “classic” beach still standing and, despite its old age, it has the beauty to wow you as soon as you get there.

Beaches in Sibenik: St. Anthony channel

After the opening of the Sibenik channel in 2013, the town has been enriched with two new beaches, both reachable by car or even on foot if you don’t mind walking a bit further.

Make sure you are properly hydrated if you give walking a try since the sun is unforgiving during the steamy summer months!

The first one is Skar Cove  (pictured above) – a pebble beach with a view of St Nicholas Fortress, one of most important Sibenik sightseeing sites.

Being easily accessible by car, this beach has quickly entered on the list of the favorite beaches in Sibenik.

It doesn’t offer the beautiful sand that people usually associate with beaches and the seaside, but most of Croatia’s beaches don’t. This doesn’t make them less spectacular or enjoyable. Just give it a try!

Another beach I suggest is Minerska bay beach, a beautiful, quiet beach on the promenade of St. Anthony.

The beach is easily reachable by car but you’ll need to walk to the beach as the parking place is located in front of Sibenik channel entrance ramp.

It’s not a long walk and the best part of this pebble beach is that it’s a bit more private than most.

It’s true, during the season, it might get crowded – just like most beaches, but it will never be that bad that you’ll feel people breathing up your back.

I personally love this beach for its character and personality – and especially the fact that it’s not as popular as the others.

Rezaliste Beach

This beach is located near the Brodarica settlement, which is 6 km away from Sibenik. It’s a small pebbled beach, recommended for families with children.

Lovers of active rest and sports will find different kinds of water-related sports and entertainment on the beach.

This is clearly not within walking distance, but you can get there easily by car. It is extremely popular and can get a bit crowded, but it’s also well maintained, clean and the water is absolutely amazing!

Wrapping up

In the end, you have a lot of choices when it comes to enjoying the sun, the water and the views in and around Sibenik. Hopefully my list of the best beaches in the area is helpful and you’ll be able to enjoy them all.

And if there’s more than beaches that interest you, make sure to read my other article detailing the best things to do in Sibenik.

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