How to Get from Budapest to Split, Croatia by Train, Bus or Plane

How to travel from Budapest to Split, is a question that many travelers are asking each year at the beginning of the summer season.

Although the distance between the Hungarian capital and capital of Dalmatia, is only 750 km (466 miles), many travelers have difficulty finding the right info and resources before undertaking this trip.

If Hungary is on your travel plan through Europe, Budapest has been covered by a number of airlines that operate flights from almost all European airports, so getting to Budapest by plane should be extremely easy.

I wouldn’t advise flying to Budapest if your only intention is to reach Croatia from there, though – especially if you want to continue by plane, because at the moment there are no direct flights from Budapest to Split.

It’s more convenient flying to Italy (Venice for example), Slovenia or Austria, and then continuing to Croatia depending on where your final destination is.

But if you are already in Budapest, things haven’t changed a lot compared to the past years when it comes to getting to Split, Croatia. This means that you can get there by bus, car or by night train via Zagreb.

If you are traveling from Budapest to Croatia, Zagreb will be the main junction to all Croatian destinations, specially those along the Adriatic coast (Split, Pula or Dubrovnik).

Traveling from Budapest to Split by train

Traveling by train has always been the most popular and oldest way to reach the Adriatic coast from Budapest. Although it’s the slowest way of traveling, many tourists consider it the safest and one of the cheapest.

All trains from Budapest leave from Keleti station (Address: Dohány utcai Zsinagóga VII. Dohány u. 2-8, Pest Budapest). This station is the largest among the three train stations in Budapest and and is located about 2 miles from Budapest’s city center. You can reach this station by metro lines M2 and M4.

The second railway station is Budapest Southern Railway Station Déli Pályaudvar (find it on the map ). Usually from this station leaves an early morning train to Zagreb (at 06:05 AM).

All trains from Budapest stop at the Zagreb train station (Zagreb Glavni Kolodvor), located in the very center (Lower town). Find it on the map ! However, in some cases (see below), you won’t need to switch trains to reach Split, so we’re talking about direct connections!

There are usually two daily trains leaving from Budapest Keleti station with a compulsory change of the train in Zagreb.

Night train from Budapest to Split

This seasonal night train is the most interesting means of transportation from Budapest to the Adriatic coast. It’s the only train that goes directly to Split without changing the train at Zagreb station.

This train usually is available from April 29th to October 29th. It leaves Zagreb at 23.03 PM and arrives in Split next morning at 06.54 AM. (Make sure to double check this info in advance as it could always change).

Getting from Budapest to Split by bus

Eurolines is Hungarian company that runs direct buses between Budapest and Split. There are many other companies that run direct or connecting buses to Split, so you have many options here.

Flying from Budapest to Split

Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Budapest to split. All of the flights available have at least one stop over, like a stop in Zagreb or Vienna or other nearby countries.

In the end, with short connecting times in between flights and more stress involved, we wouldn’t recommend trying to fly from Budapest to Split – but take a more direct route recommended above.

Traveling by car from Budapest to Zagreb

The distance from Budapest to Split is about 750 Km (466 miles) and if you decide to drive, it will take you from 7 to 8 hours to get there.

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