Complete Guide to Kvarner Naturist Resorts and Beaches in Croatia

On this page you’ll find the list of Kvarner naturist resorts (campsites) and beaches, including two mainland Rivieras (Opatija and Crikvenica) and Kvarner’s islands, Krk , Rab, Cres and Losinj.

The most famous resorts on the Kvarner riviera are Opatija and Crikvenica. Opatija is the grand dame of Croatian tourism.

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It was the most fashionable seaside resort during the Austrian-Hungarian Empire where many fine hotels, residences and houses were built there during that period.

Located in the very center of the Kvarner Bay, the Crikvenica Riviera (including Crikvenica, Selce, Dramalj, Jadranovo), often called ‘the doorway to the Mediterranean’.

Kvarner Naturist Campsites And Beaches

The most of Kvarner Bay naturist venues are located on one of four biggest islands of Kvarner district. Usually naturist sections make a part of big camping-sites that have only a textile sunbathers options with a separate beach only for a naturist.

Besides official nudist resorts and beaches, you can enjoy in numerous other hidden little coves or bays, many of them reachable only by a boat, where you can enjoy total privacy for a day or meet other friendly naturists.

Moscenicka Draga – naturist beach

Moscenicka Draga is a small seaside resort located 13 Km south of the tourist resort Opatija and widely known for its beaches, which are considered to be the longest and the most beautiful on Opatija riviera.

About 2 km south of Moscenicka Draga, there is a small beach called Senjavac, dedicated to naturist lovers. The beach stretches south passing St Ivan becah and then to the famous Zagreb villa, where you’ll find, FKK Senjavac nudist beach.

This small pebble naturist beach, surrounded by rocks is rather hidden, located under the narrow car road. There is a staircase leading from the road to the beach with FKK sign.

Kvarner naturist Crkvenica riviera – Kacjak naturist beach

Located near the Dramalj village (2km from Crikvenica). It is a beautiful rocky and pebbles beach, near the tourist settlement Kacjak.

The naturist section of the beach is located right next to the textile part and you can reach it using the beach path.

Naturist beach has two sections (both signed “FKK”), a concrete part and rocky one, with some pebbled areas.

The best places on the beach are occupied from the early morning, so you need to come early if you want to find a nice place for yourself.

The beach is reachable by car or if you prefer walking for 2 Km from Crikvenica to Dramalj.

Kvarner Naturist Resources

The greater part of the naturist beaches and campgrounds are located on the islands of Kvarner, all easily accessible either by car or by ferry connections.

Krk island – naturist beaches

Krk island is the largest island among Croatian islands. It may not be the most important or most beautiful island in Croatia, but surely one of the easiest islands to visit, thanks to good transportation connections.

This island is one of the favorite spots for nudist vacations in Croatia, specially for couples and families wishing taking a vacation without clothes. Below you’ll find three most popular naturist camps:

Banculuka Naturist Camp

In the southern part of Krk island, not for from Baska town, in one of the series of beautiful bays, is located the Banculuka Naturist Camp. It can accommodate about 1400 campers, inside the lush pine woods which makes this 4 stars camp one of the most attractive.

The campsite is distinguished by terraced pitches surrounded by a pine forest and acacias growing all the way down to the beach and sea. Apart from pitches, the campsite also offers comfortable mobile homes for couples or families, all located close to the beach.

A specially secluded FKK unit, the camp has its own reception, shop, restaurant, fast food kiosk, small market, fruit nad vegetable sales, an adequate number of sanitary facilities, which makes this camp on Kvarner naturist offer as one of the best for this kind of holiday.

Konobe naturist camp

This naturist camp is located only 3 Km from the town of Punat, not far from the 3 stars hotel Punat.

The campsite covers 1500 meters of well-indented coastline and crystal clear sea. You can choose between two larger pebble beaches equipped with showers or enjoy one of the many hidden white beaches.

It is ideal for water sport and nature lovers. Recently has been totally renovated. Grill restaurant, Polynesia grill, market, tennis and volleyball fields.

Njivice – naturist beach

On the north of Krk island, not far from the Krk airport, there is a small village Njivice, with a well equipped textile auto camping ‘Njivice’ which can accommodate 2500 guests.

Like in the most textile camping sites, there is also a pebble beach for nudists. There is also a part of the rocky beach for all who love private sunbathing on the rocks. The nudist beach is located at the isolated corner of the campsite.

Lounge Bar Cabana is a special place allowing the guests to preserve the privacy and at the same time to enjoy in amazing sunsets.

Cres island – Kvarner naturist beaches

Like Krk, island of Cres has a long tradition in nudist camps management. On the island stands out two campsites for naturist.

Baldarin naturist camp

Naturist Baldarin camp is located on the southern part of island of Cres, near Punta Kriza village and 15 km from the historic town of Osor. This is an oasis of tranquillity with beautiful beaches, hidden coves and crystal clear seas.

A 2 km long, naturally rocky beach stretches between two pebbly coves where you can dive into the crystal clear sea and with some luck meet one of the 150 dolphins that live in these waters.

A third of camping site is the classic part (clothed). It is located right after the camp entrance (Bokinic cove) and it stretches further 500 m inside the camp to the supermarket.

Two thirds of the Baldarin camping site is dedicated to naturists, a part that stretches for another 1 km, very well marked with parceled camping pitches that makes this camp an ideal destination for camping and naturism camping enthusiasts.

Among Kvarner naturist venues, Baldarin is well-equipped camp with all the standards of modern camping and faithful guests who have been visiting it for decades.

Kovacine Kvarner naturist camping

Camp Kovacine is located close to city Cres on the island with the same name, on the peninsula full of pine and olive trees.

Due to its location camp is popular especially among the ones that besides relaxation on the beach enjoy also in various cultural events in the Cres city. Three-quarters of the camp are dedicated to textile guests, while only a quarter is reserved for naturists.

There is a fish restaurant with a terrace, pizzeria, supermarket, bar and buffet on the beach. Sport enthusiasts can practice diving or take lessons at diving school, beach volley and basketball, renting a bike or a boat.

Rab island nudist or naturist beaches

In the history of Kvarner naturist vacations, island of Rab has a special position, referring as the pioneer of naturism on the Croatia’s Adriatic coast. Everything started back to August 1936, when the English king Edward VIII visiting Rab with his wife Wallis Simpson, was allowed by local authorities to take a nude swim in the bay of Kandarola.

Kandarola nudist beach

Kandalora beach (refereed as English Beach or Engleska Plaza) is located on the Suha Punta peninsula, overlooking town of Rab and can be reached by taxi-boat or by car.

On the beach there are two restaurants, beach bar, sports facilities, showers and a lot of trees to provide shade. The beach is about 1,5 km long and it is mostly rocky with several pebble coves. There is a small fee to enter the beach.

This beach is reachable by a shuttle boat from the town of Rab, that leaves from the pier located in front of Imperial Hotel. The taxi boat leaves every hour from (a 15 minutes ride) 9 AM from the harbor and it costs 45 Kuna, 15 each way to get there and 15 kuna for beach admission. It is about 15 minutes. In vicinity of the beach there are also two hotels, Eva and Carolina.

If you are looking for your first nudist beach experience, I couldn’t recommend better place than Kandarola Beach, as the oldest Kvarner naturist beach.

Lopar – naturist beaches

Lopar town is the northernmost place on the island Rab, about 13 km from the Rab town There are 22 sandy/pebble beaches bordered by pine groves and the shallow sea that makes them a perfect place not only for naturist but also for families with small children.

Among these beaches, three are nudists: Stolac, Sahara and Ciganka, all very close to the hotel complex San Marino, auto camp and many private accommodations.

Among these three beaches, Sahara is one of the most beautiful beaches in general, not only among nudist. It’s a sandy beach with shallow sea and some rocky portions on the sides. It’s a kind a secluded and peaceful beach, not crowded, visited mainly by naturist.

Kvarner naturist – Losinj island

On Kvarner naturist scene, Losinj island is one of the best places for naturist vacations. It’s not a problem to be a naturist on Losinj island. The choice is rather vast among different coves like Cikat, Suncana Uvala (Sunny Cove), Zlatna Uvala (Golden Cove) and Srebrna Uvala (Silver Cove).

One of the official naturist beaches is the naturist beach Vespera that lies near the Vespera Hotel. This hotel is only 50 meter far from the sea and a 20 minutes (2 km) stroll from the center of Mali Losinj. Open from spring to autumn. The Vespera hotel is a perfect choice for family vacation.

Awarded by Blue Flag this hotel beach offers showers, lifeguard and changing rooms, sun beds and sunshades . Two pebble beaches near the hotel are suitable for small children. The rocky part of the beach includes flat surfaces that are ideal for sunbathing. and nudist (FKK) beach is just close to it.

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