Complete Guide to Kvarner Naturist Resorts and Beaches in Croatia

This is the best resource you need to read if you’re interested to learn everything about the naturist resorts and beaches in the Kvarner region in Croatia.

In this comprehensive guide that I’m creating here, I will also include the two mainland Rivieras, Opatija and Crikvenica, as well as the islands of Krk, Rab, Cres, and Losinj.

Opatija, also known as the grand dame of Croatian tourism, became famous as the most fashionable seaside resort during the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, a period that saw the city bloom with lots of impressive construction, most of them still standing today.

Crikvenica Riviera, composed of Crikvenica, Selce, Dramalj, and Jadranovo, is known as ‘the gateway to the Mediterranean’. Found at the heart of Kvarner Bay, it serves as a central point for visitors looking to explore the Mediterranean’s charms – and, since this is the point of this article, great naturist resorts.

My Favorite Naturist Beaches in Kvarner

In the Kvarner Bay area, the majority of naturist sites are situated on the four largest islands of the district. These are usually just sections of larger camping sites that mainly cater to clothed tourists, but are separate and offer enough privacy.

Aside from the official naturist resorts and beaches, you can discover plenty of secluded coves and bays. Most of these are accessible only by boat, offering a day of complete privacy or the chance to meet other friendly naturists.

Now let’s get a bit more in depth with the offer!

Moscenicka Draga: Naturist Beach

naturist woman in Croatia

Located 13 km south of Opatija, the small resort Moscenicka Draga is known for having some of the longest and most picturesque beaches in the region.

Just 2 km south of this charming seaside resort is Senjavac Beach, a small but well maintained pebble beach for naturists.

The beach stretches south passing St Ivan beach and then to the famous Zagreb villa, where you’ll find it marked as the FKK Senjavac nudist beach. You will find the marking at the top of a stairway leading down from the road.

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Kacjak Beach

Near the village of Dramalj, just 2 km from Crikvenica, lies the stunning Kacjak Beach, characterized by a mix of rocky and pebble surfaces and located near the Kacjak tourist settlement.

The naturist section, marked “FKK,” is located next to the textile part of the beach and is accessible by walking through this part of the beach first.

I went there without water shoes and I regretted it. There’s a mix of concrete and rocks (with pockets of pebbled areas), so water shoes are a must. A soft towel or thicker rug is also welcome.

I also recommend getting there early in the morning, as the best spots on the beach fill up quickly (those close to the sea and in the pebble areas).

The Kacjak beach is accessible by car, but if you prefer to walk, it’s some 30 minutes of walking on the road from Crikvenica to Dramalj.

Kvarner’s islands host the majority of the naturist beaches and campgrounds in this area, all of which are easily accessible by car or ferry. So, let’s check out the options we have on the islands!

Krk Island Naturist Beaches

Krk, is the largest of Croatia’s islands and easily accessible due to good transportation connections.

While it’s not one of the most beautiful islands in the country, it is one of the favorite spots for nudist vacations in Croatia, particularly for couples and families who prefer a clothing-optional setting.

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Here are three top naturist camps on Krk:

1. Bunculuka Naturist Camp

Dedicated entrance to Bunculuka naturist camp

Located in the south of the Baska town, Bunculuka Naturist Camp is very close to the beach and one of the stunning bays in the area.

This 4-star camp, capable of hosting about 1400 campers, is one of the most popular and appreciated in the region.

There is a dedicated (and secluded) FKK unit with its own reception, shop, restaurant, fast-food kiosk, small market, and fresh fruit and vegetable stalls, along with ample sanitary facilities, ranking it high for naturist vacations in Kvarner.

There are also comfortable mobile homes ideal for couples or families, situated near the beach. You can find more on the official website of the resort, operated by renowned company Valmar.

If you don’t want to be in the camp, but you still want to be close by, I recommend the Kricin Sea Apartment which is a stone’s throw away from the Bunculuka beach. There are also other apartments in the area, but the one I recommended is rated at 4 stars and REALLY good.

2. Konobe Naturist Camp

Just 3 km from Punat and managed by Falkensteiner, Konobe Naturist Camp covers 1500 meters of well-indented coastline and crystal clear sea. You can choose between two larger pebble beaches equipped with showers or enjoy one of the many hidden white beaches.

Ideal for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers, the camp has recently gone through massive renovations, receiving the Blue Flag award for the main beach. Also, starting 2023, there are no moorings for ships in the beach area.

Find more details on the camp’s official website.

3. Njivice Naturist Beach

Located in the north of Krk Island, near the airport, lies the charming village of Njivice. It is home to a similarly named auto camping site that can host up to 2,500 people and has a dedicated area for naturists.

While most of the beach is for textile sunbathing, there is a small (but nice) pebble beach for nudists.

The nudist beach is situated in a private corner of the campsite, offering privacy and a chance to enjoy breathtaking sunsets from the Lounge Bar Cabana.

If camping is not your thing, I recommend staying at Hotel Magal by Aminess, which is a nice (and cheap) 3-star hotel located very close to the Nijivice FKK beach.

Cres Island Naturist Beaches

Cres Island, similar to Krk, has a rich tradition when it comes to naturist campsites, and there are two major ones on the island.

Baldarin Naturist Camp

Described as a “paradise for naturists and adventurers,” Camp Baladrin is located in the southern part of Cres, near Punta Kriza village and 15 km from the historic town of Osor.

The camp is an oasis with pristine beaches, hidden coves, and clear seas. A 2 km long rocky beach connects two pebbly coves, ideal for swimming in the crystal-clear sea, where you might even encounter some of the 150 dolphins residing in these waters.

Most of the campsite starts with an area for clothed guests: you will see it immediately after the entrance, extending 500 m to the supermarket. This is just one third of the entire beach area though, the rest being for naturists.

The FKK area is clearly marked (and parcelled) and it offers modern facilities and amenities. You can check it out and find out more by visiting its official website.

Kovačine Camping

view of the beach near Camping Kovačine
A partial view over the beach and amazing water.

Kovacine Camp is positioned near the town of Cres, on a beautiful peninsula full of pine and olive trees. The proximity to the city makes it a great choice for those who might want to participate in cultural events there, but also enjoy the beach.

While its nudist area is smaller compared to Baldarin’s offer, it is still enough and I never had any problems finding plenty of room.

The campsite features a fish restaurant with a terrace, a pizzeria, a supermarket, and a beach bar and buffet. For sports enthusiasts, there are options for diving (including school lessons), beach volleyball, basketball, bike rentals, and boat hires,

Find out more and check the price for your dates here.

Naturist Beaches on Rab Island

Rab island is considered the birthplace of naturism on Croatia’s Adriatic coast, so you can imagine it still offers some amazing beaches and sites dedicated to naturist enthusiasts.

As a fun fact, it all started back in August 1936 when King Edward VIII of England and his wife, Wallis Simpson, were granted permission by local authorities for a nude swim in Kandarola Bay. The rest is history, as we say.

Kandarola Resort & FKK Beach

Kandarola secluded beach
A small part of a rocky, secluded beach in the area (more available)

Also known as the English Beach, Kandarola is relatively secluded on the Suha Punta peninsula, offering nice views of Rab town.

Accessible by taxi-boat or car, the beach has two restaurants, a beach bar, sports facilities, showers, and ample shade provided by nearby trees.

While not a sandy beach (it’s primarily a rocky one with several pebble coves), it is 1.5 km long and is considered by many – myself included, as an excellent starting point for those new to naturist beaches.

A shuttle boat service from Rab town to the beach is available, departing hourly from the pier in front of the Imperial Hotel.

But, to make things as comfortable as possible, I recommend booking your stay at the 4-star Kandarola Resort (check details here) and avoid the back and forth – enjoy the area instead! Plus, the resort itself is a great one!

Lopar’s Naturist Beaches

Lopar, located at the northern tip of Rab, about 13 km from Rab town, offers a ton of scattered beaches, most of them sandy or pebbly. There are at least 22 beaches in the area, framed by pine groves and shallow seas, making them ideal not only for naturists but also for families with small children.

Of these beaches, Stolac, Sahara, and Ciganka are dedicated exclusively to naturists. These beaches are conveniently located near the San Marino resort (check it out here to make sure you get to the Valmar one, which is the best), another camping site nearby, and numerous private accommodations.

To make things easier for you, I have created a custom Google map showing my recommended three naturist beaches in Lopar:

And these would be all my recommended naturist spots in the Kvarner Bay area, including the nearby islands. There are plenty of secluded spots (rarely, if ever, marked as FKK places) but they are only reachable by boat. The options above should be more than enough, though.

If you know of any additional naturist spot in the area – one that I missed to recommend – let us all know by commenting below.

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