Best All Inclusive Resorts in Croatia for Summer 2024

The quality of the all inclusive resorts in Croatia is on par to what you can expect in premium destinations like Turkey, Egypt or the Dominican Republic, but usually at a better price/quality ratio.

In 2024, with prices being at all time highs all over the world, we need them to be affordable, as well as safe and clean.

We all want a perfect vacation in a beautiful place and fortunately this is what these all inclusive resorts will offer.

I’m listing all the premium AI resorts in the country based on the regions here, so you can easily find a perfect destination anywhere you go.

Best part? If you book early, you usually have massive early booking discounts – so act now to make sure you get the best possible deals!

If you don’t want to go through my entire list, just check my top recommendation below! (Although I still recommend checking the others out as you might like them better).

Waterman Svpetrvs Resort – Best All Inclusive Resort in Croatia

waterman top recommended

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All inclusive Croatian resorts are the best choice for families with children in my opinion, since you will have no problems in regards of what to eat.

They offer great value for the money, but also a guarantee that you know in advance how much your vacation will cost since there are few – if any – extra costs if you choose an all inclusive vacation here.

Some offers online provide you not only food and unlimited local drinks, but also airport transfers for a completely headache-free vacation. You really can’t ask for more!

And since this is Croatia that we’re talking about – a country where the cost of living is still low – there are some great deals to be had, especially if you book in advance.

So let’s check out the best of the best for a perfect summer holiday!

The Best Croatia All Inclusive Resorts

Below you will find the best all inclusive holiday resorts in Croatia, divided in four groups by the main regions along the coast and including the islands to make it easier for you to pick one in a specific area – in case you have preferences.

Best all inclusive resorts in the Istria region

Called the “new Tuscany” or the “new Provence,” Istria is a great place to find an all inclusive holiday, with its resorts scattered from Umag to Pula. Here are my personal recommendations:

Maistra Select Funtana

Maistra Select Funtana

We’re starting with this amazing place that has been renovated in 2022 to make it one of the best choices (very close to my top spot now) when it comes to AI resorts in Croatia.

Offering amazing views towards the sea and islets of the Vrsar Archipelago, this resort is in a somewhat secluded area, offering lots of privacy, nature and the amazing sea I was mentioning before.

A large resort, it has freshly renovated rooms that are clean and nice, which are surrounded by nature and silence and complete beauty.

The pool is also built close to the beach, offering breathtaking views, while the All Inclusive offers will keep you busy and happy all the time.

There is one main restaurant, as well as a few other bars and smaller restaurants serving delicious food and drinks, various activities for kids and adults and even a swimming school for those who haven’t learned how to swim.

And since swimming lessons are so expensive… it’s a great deal for children who need to learn to swim.

While a sandy beach would’ve made this place perfect, it’s still pretty close to it and I am sure you’ll love it. At least check it out – it’s worth it, trust me!

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Hotel Aurora Plava Laguna (Umag)

Hotel Sol Aurora 1

This is by far my top pick in Umag – a four star resort handled by Melia, one of my favorite chains, with excellent, high quality services. And their Hotel Aurora Plava Laguna in Umag won’t disappoint!

Located right by the sea – and yet just 2.5 kilometers away from the center of Umag, this is an environmentally-friendly hotel with a large pool (and a children’s pool as well), large rooms with stunning views of the sea or the park and amazing services.

The All Inclusive package includes all sorts of activities, as well as unlimited drinks and food – and if you’ve ever been to a Melia hotel, you know that the food is amazing!

Check the prices here.

Valmar Tamaris Resort (Porec)

Valmar Club Tamaris in Porec

A recently renovated 4 star hotel complex, Valmar Tamaris Resort in Porec is ideal for family holidays, sports and recreation – plus it is located in a picturesque area that you will instantly fall in love with.

What I love the most about it is that it offers accommodation in smaller, more private buildings – as opposed to huge hotels that we get in most other places. It offers a bit more privacy, it’s quieter and so much better in my opinion.

Valmar Club Tamaris in Porec 1

This all inclusive resort is also huge, offering a large, beautiful outdoor Activity Pool with water features and water slide, as well as an additional Relax Pool with underwater massage and waterfalls, with smaller children pool areas as well.

Kids will be up for a massive treat here: the resort offers a dedicated play zone for them, spread over 1900 sq meters, with staff always active and friendly, partaking in activities and keeping the kids happy.

You also have access to horseback riding, minigolf fields, tennis courts… all while the beach is just a stone’s throw away and marvelous. A really good choice for sure – one you will not be disappointed with.

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Hotel Zorna Plava Laguna (Porec)

Hotel Zorna Plava Laguna

We’re sticking to Porec with a more budget-friendly hotel rated at 3 stars. But despite the lower rating, the rooms are decently sized and the all inclusive system is really good!

While it doesn’t have the largest or most spectacular pools that you’ve ever seen, the beach is just across the street and the sea is delightful.

Plus, all the green areas surrounding the complex are really adding extra value to customers.

It has an active animation team that offers activities for adults and children, there’s a mini club as well and all in all, it offers everything you’d like to get from a three-star all-inclusive resort – nothing more, nothing less – for a fair price. Very affordable!

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Best all inclusive resorts on the Krk Island

You will be able to explore some of the best Krk Island beaches if you choose my recommended spot, although the pool itself is pretty amazing too.

Falkensteiner Hotel Park (Punat)

Falkensteiner Hotel Park 1

This hotel has recently undergone renovation, getting its rating raised from 3 to 4 stars and it became one of the best on the island of Krk in my opinion.

Located in the town center of the Punat village, it is surrounded by olive groves and pine trees at the 2 km long promenade. It is a modern, spectacular hotel, with a very business air to it.

It has a nice main pool, but also a waterslide that becomes the attraction of the area, plus a smaller pool for children – which is also shaded for maximum protection.

You can actually see the sea from the pool area – which will probably be difficult to let behind. When we visited here, we spent most of the time at the pool instead of the sea. It’s really nice and convenient.

The rooms are a bit on the small side, but still spacious enough not to get claustrophobic and also nicely decorated, with classy touches and high quality materials used.

Falkensteiner Hotel Park 2

The restaurant is also a place you’ll always want to be in, as it offers some breathtaking views over the sea. And even though it lacks in the beach department nearby, it has a cute train that offers rides to all the beaches in the area.

Please have in mind that this is a “light” all inclusive (at least at the moment of writing), meaning that the drinks are free only during the meals.

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Best all inclusive resorts in Zadar county

Zadar is a popular destination and for all the right reasons. While the offer of all-inclusive resorts for families is not amazing, there are a few perfect choices here too.

Hotel Donat – All Inclusive

Hotel Donat

This 3-star hotel enjoys a perfect location next to the crystal-clear sea and a marvelous beach, offering a wide diversity of sports, recreation and activity possibilities.

It does seem a bit outdated here and there and it has the big disadvantage of not having a pool – put if you’re a person that would rather spend their days soaking the sun near the sea, the nearby beach will help you achieve that.

Being so close to Zadar also makes it a great choice for those arriving by plane or those who want to still be within a short driving distance to Zadar itself.

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Pine Beach Pakostane – All Inclusive

Pine Beach Pakostane 1

Another 3-star resort, but this one is a real experience for sure as it has a ton of personality (and also offers a lot of activities and amenities).

If you choose this resort as your next destination, you will stay in one of their Polynesian-type straw cottages, equipped with ceramic tiles, beds and a wardrobe.

Have in mind that these cottages have no bathroom and no electricity (nor running water), but they’re all within several steps of toilet facilities, hot showers and water basins.

So if you want to connect with nature and really take a break from the modern world, this is the best place to do so.

Pine Beach Pakostane Cottage

It does offer Free WiFi in certain areas, as well as playgrounds for kids and a 180,000 square meters forest all around it – so you can never get bored. The beach is really close to all cottages – and it’s a one kilometer long beach as well.

You do have a restaurant with good food and all sorts of activities. So if you’re looking to connect with nature and choose a vacation that’s pretty much out of the beaten path, definitely choose this experience!

IMPORTANT: Last year, Pine Beach Pakostane switched to an “All inclusive light” system, meaning that the drinks are free only during the meals. Everything else expected in an AI package is included, though.

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Best all inclusive hotels in the Split – Dalmatia region

Holiday Village Sagitta

Holiday Village Sagitta

Strangely or not, we don’t have a lot of options when it comes to all inclusive holidays in the area. But the Holiday Village Sagitta – rated at 3 stars – comes to fill in the gap, and does so quite decently!

Located in Omis, some 20 kilometers South of Split, it is nearby a beautiful pine forest and close to a pebble beach with truly spectacular water.

The hotel doesn’t have a pool, but the breathtaking views over the sea manage to make up for it. Also, for a three star hotel, the food is of really high quality here!

Following the trend this year, this one also switched to a “light all inclusive,” meaning that drinks are only free during meals (but everything else that you would expect from an AI package is included).

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Bluesun Hotel Neptun

Bluesun hotel Neptun pool

One of the few Bluesun chain hotels that still offers an All Inclusive deal, it’s one that you should take advantage while it lasts. Especially since it’s so budget friendly and the hotel resort is really impressive!

Located near Tucepi, on the Makarska riviera, this hotel has a beautiful, large outdoors pool – as you can see in the photo above, but also great sea views, the beach just a stone’s throw away and a good All Inclusive offer.

Not all rooms offer sea views, so make sure to book one that has it, since it’s really beautiful.

Bluesun hotel Neptun room with a view

When it comes to the rooms, this 3-star resort is actually surprising. The rooms are decently sized (although not huge), but clean and in a good condition. The beds are comfortable too.

It has a kids club and evening entertainment and there are plenty of activities you can do in the area, if going to the beach or enjoying the amazing pool isn’t enough for you.

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TUI BLUE Adriatic Beach

tui blue adriatic beach

Located in the Southern Dalmatia region, in Zivogosce close to Igrane is very special as it offers a salt-water swimming pool. I haven’t been to many places that offer one and I have to say that it is indeed a nice experience.

This is a beautiful, large resort right on the beach. It is modern and nice, hence its 4-star rating.

The rooms are large and clean, and those with a sea view are truly spectacular. Youc an pamper yourself with their Junior suite that has a private pool just for you… or just enjoy the amazing sea views from the common pool.

tui blue adriatic beach sea view

The food here is delicious and everything is sparkling clean all around you. I already consider it one of the best AI destinations in Croatia.

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MORENIA All Inclusive Hotel

Morenia hotel overview

The biggest disadvantage of this impressive 4-star All Inclusive resort is that it’s a bit in the middle of nowhere. But trust me when I say that it’s worth the trouble of getting here.

First, you have a much lower price than you would expect to normally pay for such a high quality stay.

Second, you get a modern hotel with great amenities and plenty of activities for the entire family. And free private parking, since you’ll most likely have to drive here.

Morenia hotel room

Amazing sea views, three pools and plenty of space – as well as a very silent and relaxing area – are the things that come to round up this great resorts for a tranquil holiday.

The rooms are a bit on the smaller side for a 4-star resort, but I doubt you’ll spend much time inside anyways… so definitely consider this as your next AI-destination in Croatia!

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Best all inclusive resorts on Brac island

Waterman Svpetrvs Resort

Waterman Svpetrvs Resort

We’re going back to higher rated options with this 4-star resort located in Supertar on Brac Island.

Located right on the beach and surrounded by the lush Croatian vegetation, this resort offers accommodation in one of its 12 buildings with stylishly decorated rooms. They’re all quiet and nice – you will love them!

Waterman Svpetrvs Resort 1

You will fall in love, though, with the pools and all the views around the resort. It simply can’t get any better than that – guaranteed! You will love this place, so definitely consider it as your destination when you visit the country!

As you’ve seen already, this is my absolute top recommendation for a perfect All-Inclusive stay in Croatia. My all time favorite, and I am sure it will become yours too if you choose it.

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Bluesun Holiday Village Bonaca

Bluesun Hotel Bonaca

Another ideal vacation spot for families, as this 3-star resort focuses on keeping the kids entertained and happy, offering all sorts of activities for them throughout the day.

There is a large main pool for everybody, but also a smaller children pool, close to the mini club and the kids’ playground. The beach is just 150 meters away – while the famous Zlatni Rat beach is about 10 minutes away on foot. Make sure to visit it during your stay!

So despite it being rated at 3-stars only, this hotel offers a huge pool, great activities for kids and families, free scuba diving and delicious food. A real treat for sure!

Note: This hotel switched over from All Inclusive to “Full Board Plus” which is similar to an All Inclusive Light offer, meaning that all meals are included (plus drinks during the meals), but nothing extra.

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Croatia all inclusive holiday resorts in Dubrovnik

While there is definitely a lot more than Dubrovnik when it comes to all inclusive holidays in Croatia, it’s clear that most will choose Croatia’s jewel as their destinations. And I did find one great offer available for Summer 2024 here!

TUI Blue Kalamota Island

TUI Blue Kalamota Island outdoor pool

While not directly in Dubrovnik – but a 25 minute ferry ride away on Kalamota Island, this all inclusive resort operated by TUI is one worth visiting for sure.

You get an amazing outdoors pool here, but also a spectacular beach area right in front of the hotel (sandy beach too!), on a small and tranquil island in Croatia.

The food is delicious here, and the views are to kill for. The rooms are a bit dated in my opinion, but still kept very clean and comfortable and you won’t have anything to complain about!

TUI Blue Kalamota Island amazing views

So even though it’s a bit off the beaten path, it’s worth getting here for an unforgettable all-inclusive vacation. Give it a try – it’s probably one of the best kept secrets in the country!

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Why choose an all inclusive hotel in Croatia?

All inclusive holidays to Croatia are specifically tailored for families with children. So you get a vast amount of food choices (and we all know how difficult it is to find something kids like!), but also plenty of activities to entertain the children and adults.

I always choose an All-inclusive vacation when I travel with my family for this reason: no extra costs for the food, entertainment for the group and overall budget friendly.

As I said already, you get everything included in the price and it’s easy to budget your trip: you will spend almost nothing extra as everything is already paid for.

And you probably know how expensive eating out can get, especially when you’re in vacation mode!

But before you head on to book your all inclusive stay in Croatia, check carefully what is included in the offers.

Not all resorts will offer free beverages or some extra activities like diving or sailing lesson, spa treatments and such and in most cases, the plane prices (or any transportation costs) are not included.

Make sure that everything you need is included in the price, so you won’t be surprised with extra charges when you get there. It usually is, but it never hurts to do your own due diligence!

Final words

With all these in mind, you have plenty of choices for amazing all inclusive resorts in Croatia. Depending on the region you plan to visit, choose the hotel that seems to best fit the bill for you.

Or just go with my top recommendation – Waterman Svpetrvs Resort. It’s a truly amazing place offering everything you might need.

Let us all know which of these hotels is your favorite and where will you spend your All Inclusive Croatian holiday next.

Thanks for sharing this article!

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