Croatia Nudist Beaches Guide & Vacation Spots

In today’s article, I’m building up a guide to help you discover all nudist beaches in Croatia. Fortunately, it is very easy to be a naturist in Croatia as there are plenty of dedicated beaches, as well as secluded ones that can be used.

It’s incredible that such a small country still has over 1,000 islands that can offer so many official naturist beaches, including hundreds which are not officially so, but where nudism is generally tolerated.

Croatia’s tolerant and accepting attitude toward naturism makes it an ideal place for the beginner or experienced naturist to experience the country naturally. Naturist beaches are practically everywhere!

This article serves as a general overview for all nude beaches in Croatia, highlighting the most important ones that you can book today – but also directing you to my previous articles where I have more in-depth looks based on the different regions of the country.

One thing is clear, though: there are many beautiful, secluded places on the coasts of Croatia, on the calm, clear, blue Adriatic Sea. Let’s talk about them all below – as well as the well known FKK places for naturists visiting the country.

Best Croatia nudist vacations

Nudist vacations in Croatia can be a great idea for a great vacations specially for couples and families wishing taking a vacation without clothes.

best naturist beaches croatia

Have in mind that these are not party-style vacations. They are for people who want to connect with nature, who agree to get out of their comfort zone… but usually nothing more. Just regular people enjoying their time off.

Don’t hope to come here for “fun” (you know what I mean!). That’s not the case or at least not more than on a regular beach or anywhere else in the world.

But if you’re looking for a complete all-naturist vacation in Croatia, I have a few recommendations to share below. These are dedicated to naturists, offer really high quality accommodation and you will just love the vibe there.

It’s easier to go this route in most cases, as it takes the guessing work away and it’s all just easier and more relaxing overall.

Have in mind that some secluded nudist beaches will offer you total privacy, appropriate for those who feel less comfortable in the nude. But these well known resorts attract a community of like-minded sun worshipers.

Wherever you go, know that a visit to a nude beach is a natural experience. And that the pleasure of sunning and swimming at a nude beach is one you will long remember.

Possibilities for this vacations in Croatia are practically countless. Regardless of where you are planning to start your holidays, but my recommended ones are these three:

FKK Solaris Camping Resort by Valamar

This is probably the best known naturist resort in Croatia, and one of the most amazing and appreciated ones, offering a 2,500 meters-long, Blue Flag certified, beach for naturists. Amazing!

The resort itself is in a perfect location – near Lanterna, in the NV part of the country, it is surrounded by trees and beautiful nature, but also right by the sea.

fkk solaris nudist resort

The accommodation offers the best options for your stay (spacious, amazing rooms with great views), while the resort itself will delight you with animation and various events, live music and great food. By far your best choice!

Check out more photos, as well as everything you need (including prices) by clicking the link below.

Check out prices for your dates here.

Eco glamping – FKK Camping Solaris

tent accommodation

This is a newer property launched (or re-launcehd) in 2022, with very modern amenities and perfect for a naturist experience in Croatia. It is located in the Istria peninsula, next to the Valmar camping resort recommended above, in Croatia’s main area for naturists.

At the same time, this is not the type of accommodation that everybody will appreciate. You will spend your vacation in one of the tents on the property. They are well equipped and all feature a nice terrace area, but they are tents nevertheless with minimalist design and no air conditioning.

I personally enjoy this type of experience as it helps you establish a better connection with nature… but then again, I know for sure that it’s not something that everybody appreciates.

So my recommendation is to check them out and decide for yourself if it’s something you’d like to try or not.

Click here to learn more and see prices.

Maistra Koversada Naturist Mobile homes

Located in the naturist park Koversada, this one is a great choice if you don’t really want to go the DIY way completely, but still enjoy a camping-like naturist holiday in Croatia, but with top notch amenities and modern equipment with breathtaking views.

Mobile Homes Koversada offers extremely high quality mobile home accommodation, with access to a children playground and various activities that take place in the area.

It is also very close to one of the most popular FKK beaches in the region: we’re talking about FKK Punta Križa Beach, one of the most appreciated in the country.

You will surely love it here, like all guests did – this is one of the highest rated naturist resorts in Croatia at the moment of writing!

Click here to check prices for your dates.

And check out those views once again. You can’t help but love them:

amazing views croatia

Naturist Mobile Homes Eden in FKK Ulika

Naturist Mobile Homes Eden in FKK Ulika

Last but not least, if you want a 4-star naturist experience, you’ll get it from these mobile homes which are decently sized, fully equipped and all have air-conditioning units to keep you cool on a warm day.

Also located in the Istria peninsula, where Croatia’s FKK paradise resides, this resort is located to the North of Porec.

One of the main highlights here – and what it sets it apart from all the other recommendations on my list – is the presence of an outdoors swimming pool – which is perfect for naturists who don’t want to test out the otherwise amazing waters of the Adriatic sea.

Either way, definitely a place that is worth checking out if you’re looking for a 4-star vacation in a 100% FKK area.

Click here to check prices for your dates.

How to find nude beaches in Croatia?

The most important sign that you have to look out for is “FKK”. This is how these beaches are market and you will often find these markings, showing you directions, on the alleyways, road signs or near existing beaches.

Some places offer mixed experiences: you can have half of the beach dedicated to traditional, clothed sunbathing, and half being FKK (aka naturist).

Perhaps you have not tried nude bathing and you are reading this page because you are curious about trying it.

Swimming in one’s ‘birthday suit’ is a very freeing experience and contrary to what you may think fellow nudists are not checking you out.

Keep in mind that it isn’t a style of bathing for you if you are very self-conscious of your body or feel it has to be perfect to share its visibility on a naturist beach. This is not what this is all about!

One advantage of coming to naturist beaches in Croatia is that you will not run into your next door neighbor!

It is true, nudists come from all over the world to use these beaches and contribute an exciting international flavor to the scene.

So first, to get a glimpse about the paradise that Croatia has to offer to naturists worldwide, you can check out the video below which shows you some truly spectacular, fully FKK beaches in the country.

Croatia Nudist Beaches From Istria to Southern Dalmatia

I have written in depth guides on all the nude beaches in Croatia – which are definitely too many to list in a single article. And it would make no sense to do so anyway, since you will stick to a single region anyway.

Therefore, it’s best to decide upon a region that you want to check out (or have already booked your stay in) and then see the appropriate beaches in the area.

Below you will find a list of major Croatia nudist beaches scattered over different Croatian counties starting from North to South. Read my articles below:

Maybe it’s important to point out that naturist beaches (official or not) aren’t in remote, hard to find areas. Most of them are usually just within walking distance from centers of towns, villages or resorts.

Many of the regular beaches have also a naturist section (usually at the end of the beach). So wherever you come, you can be sure there is a naturist beach nearby for you!

Share your story about Croatia’s nudist beaches

Share your story, tips or reviews about the nudist beaches that you love here in the country.

I would love to hear about your best experiences, your most interesting information about these beaches… anything you think our readers would find useful.

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