Despite the fact that five days in Dubrovnik may seem too short, planning them carefully will be sufficient to make the most of every moment in the Pearl of the Adriatic.

Who is this route for and why just Dubrovnik? Visitors with limited time available or for those visiting Croatia for the first time , Dubrovnik is perfect for a short break.

And, why just Dubrovnik? First of all, the medieval walled city of Dubrovnik has been one of Croatia’s best known tourist destinations for decades. Since the city walls, gates and tower were used as background in Game of Thrones, its popularity has incredibly increased.

Five Days in Dubrovnik for First Time Visitors

Whichever way you arrived at this fabulous city in southern Dalmatia, changing the plane in Zagreb or coming by ferry from Italy, you’ll want to make the most of every moment you stay there. Follow these five days in Dubrovnik step by step itinerary!

Day 1

First two days of five days in Dubrovnik should be dedicated to the inner part of the old town. After you check in your hotel, no matter where you choose a hotel ( most cheap two starts hotels are located in Lapad a residential suburb, only 3 Km from Old City), catch the bus to the Pile Gate (The main entrance to Old Town).

On the way, jump to tourist board, just across the Hilton Imperial hotel, and get a map of Dubrovnik’s Old Town, before you enter through the Pile gate that will take you at the beginning of Placa or Stradun street, the main street artery of Old Town.

My personal advice is to avoid strolling this street in killing time between 12.00 AM and 04.00 PM, in high summer season. It’s better to visit some of many churches or museums. Stop for lunch in one of many Dubrovnik old city restaurants .

While you wait until sun gets lower in the sky, if I were you, I would go to Porporela beach, a small pier with the Red Feral (warning light) is an ideal place for quick refreshment in the hot Dubrovnik summers, located under St. John Fort. (check your map).

Approximately after 05.30 PM it’s time to visit Dubrovnik city walls , your ultimate Dubrovnik experience, you shouldn’t miss. Grab a big bottle of water and head back to Pile Gate where is the entrance to the city walls.

This 2 Km long walls will take you about two hours of slow pace walk. If you prefer guided tours with Game of Thrones story and historical background of the walls, take two hours tour. (it’s more convenient than just only the entrance ticket).

After this enchanting walk on the Dubrovnik walls, it’s time to go back to Stradun or Placa street, where you can best feel the ‘pulse of the city’, the favorite promenade walk of all Dubrovnik citizens, young and old, as well as of all tourists coming from all over the world.

Once you get tired, sit in front of one of the cafes, get your drink and enjoy watching passing crowd. You can do the same if you sit on the steps of St. Vlaho Church or in front of Orlando’s Column (my favorite place).

If you still feel fit, you can explore some Dubrovnik nightlife venues, nested within the city walls. When it’s time to go back to your hotel, take a bus near Pile gate. Your first day is over.

Day 2

Plan your Day 2 exploring again everything Old Town has to offer but this time the streets that intersect famous Stradun street.

In some of these streets like Antuninska street N° 1 only few steps from Stradun, you’ll find the small buffet ‘Skola’ offering sandwiches of homemade bread with ham and cheese.

It’s a great place to provide yourself with a great sandwich before going to the beach. It’s yummy at a good price.

And if you happen to be there in the morning when a hot bread is just removed from the oven, it will be perfectly clear why these sandwiches enjoy cult status among the people of Dubrovnik and their guests.

When you want an ice cream or maybe the best crepes in the city, than Dolce Vita, a pastry shop in Naljeskoviceva street 1a, is right place for you. Don’t miss, Prijeko street, also known as the most expensive street after Stradun.

This is the day to ‘do’ the churches, museums, and palaces in Old Town.

In the afternoon of the second of five days in Dubrovnik you can take a taxi-boat (it leaves from Old Town port) to the tiny islet of Lokrum and have a swim.

Your five days in Dubrovnik wouldn’t be complete if you don’t spend some time for some spectacular Dubrovnik old town scenery. The best way is to take a cable car from Kralja Petra Kresimira IV street (check the map ).

You don’t have to worry about the time, as cable car runs from June to August up to midnight. Entrance fee is 140 Kuna (18 Euro or 23 USD). Better solution is to opt for guided tour that includes both, cable car and city walking tour for 39 US $ or 31 Euro.

Day 3

When planning five days in Dubrovnik, at least two days should be devoted to Dubrovnik surroundings. The choice where to start from can be rather complicated.

Dubrovnik makes a part of Southern Dalmatia region that stretches from Ploce harbor all the way to Montenegro border hiding the most visited sights of Adriatic coast.

The only concern will be whether to start visiting Dubrovnik archipelago known as Elafiti (three islands, Kolocep, Lopud, and Sipan) or to choose to spend a day on one of bigger islands, Korcula and Mljet.

Another choice is to spend a whole day in North Western part of Dubrovnik region, visiting Peljesac peninsula and Veli and Mali (Big and Small) Ston towns exploring the Ston walls (called Croatia’s China walls), sampling the best seafood in Croatia ( oysters and mussels).

This will be one of the most exciting day among five days in Dubrovnik. If you add the possibility for wine tasting of the Peljesac wines (red Dingac wine the most famous Croatian wines ) then decide on one of full day tours from Dubrovnik.

If you prefer to take this tour on your own, hire a car in Dubrovnik and take the coastal road D 8 to Peljesac Peninsula. ( 54 km north-west of Dubrovnik ).

If you decide to head south of Dubrovnik than visiting Montenegro on one day trip from Dubrovnik, will be the most scenic drive on the southern Dalmatian Coast.

It’s a great tour to Montenegro coast visiting UNESCO-listed Kotor, situated in Europe’s southernmost fjord.

Admire Sveti Stefan, a medieval island turned into a luxury hotel, and spend some time in Budva, a walled medieval town on the sea.

Day 4

For day four of your five days in Dubrovnik I suggest to take in consideration a day trip to Korcula island from Dubrovnik.

This memorable day tour is one of the most popular day excursions, spending the day exploring Korcula, a medieval walled town on an island of the same name, sometimes called ‘a small Dubrovnik’.

As an alternative tour, it might be interesting to head to another country for the day to see the best of Bosnia and Herzegovina on a guided day trip, including Mostar and Medjugorje.

On this tour discover Mostar’s Old Bridge as well as its multicultural heritage monuments, like the Mosque of Mostar and the Turkish House and on the way back you can enjoy a walking tour of Medjugorje, an important pilgrimage location for the Catholic world.

I’m convinced that any of these two you choose, your fourth day will be unforgettable.

Day 5

The last of five days in Dubrovnik will be ideal to summarize all impressions of Dubrovnik and its peculiarities. The best place for this will be to spend half day on Banje beach, the most popular Dubrovnik beach.

It is located in front of the eastern entrance (Ploce Gate) to Dubrovnik Old Town bellow luxurious Dubrovnik hotels Excelsior and Argentina. The beach has it’s reception, restaurant and cafe bar on the water front with often snobbish customers.

The beach offers a unique experience of sunbathing on the gravel base and a bath with a view of the old town, the city walls and Lokrum island. Perhaps it is best place to relax and to reload your empty batteries.

How much to budget for 5 days in Dubrovnik?

Daily budget planner for 5 days in Dubrovnik will depend first of all on the period when one decides to visit it. Below I’ve enclosed a rough calculation costs per two/per day in double room:

Low budget from 450 to 500 Kn

  • Dorm bed in hostel: 100–325 Kn
  • Tent site for two: 100–360 Kn
  • Meal in a local tavern: 60 Kn
  • Bus ticket: 10–150 Kn

Mid Range from 500 to 1500 Kn

  • Two or three stars hotel: 450–800 Kn
  • Meal in reasonable restaurant: 120 Kn
  • City tour: 175 Kn
  • Bus tickets or short taxi trip: 30 Kn

High Range from 1500 and more

  • Four or five stars hotel: from 800 Kn
  • Meal top restaurant: 300 Kn
  • Guided trip: 1000 Kn
  • Car-rental per day: 450 Kn
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