These Are the Best Beaches in Hvar, Croatia

Before visiting Hvar island, Hvar island beaches are the most popular topics people are are interested in. The beaches are everywhere around the island of Hvar.

Not all beaches are accessible for everyone. Some, sometimes the most beautiful, you’ll never see, unless you have the boat or you plan to hire one.

The fact is that the island of Hvar has a large number of beaches of all kinds and for every taste and needs. Considering the type of beaches, the majority are rocky, followed by those pebble ones and finally very few are sandy beaches.

Except the beaches near Hvar island towns or those making the part of hotels, most of the beaches are scattered in numerous bays, inlets and on smaller islands along the northern and southern island’s coastal line.

According the above map gravel beaches are located on the southwest side of the island facing the open sea, near the village of Ivan Dolac, Zavala and Milna, including Pakleni islands archipelago.

Families with small children can enjoy some shallow sandy beach in deep bays in Jelsa (Mina beach) and near Sucuraj, Mlaska and Cesminica beaches or Maslinica sandy beach in Stari Grad bay.

Most of Hvar island beaches are encircled by pine trees and low Mediterranean bushes, giving protection during high summer heat.

If you are searching beaches, well protected and practically without wind, you’ll find them in 5 miles Stari Grad bay, called Tiha (a quiet) bay. These beaches are easily reached by boat or taking a walk.

Hvar Island Beaches In Hvar Town And The Surrounding Area

The most popular beaches of the Hvar town are scattered on the Paklina islands. Very often these islands are wrongly called ‘Pakleni’ islands (translated from Croatian means the – Hell’s Islands).

The name of this tiny archipelago with about twenty islets right opposite the town of Hvar, nested along the south side of Hvar island comes from the word ‘paklina(resin) – the melted pine resin for boat coating. So it’s much better to call them paradise islands as they really are.

This archipelago is the most beautiful part of the Hvar Riviera, offering the best Hvar island beaches. Paklini islands have numerous bathing places and a countless of small, secluded beaches.

Hvar town beaches

  • Amfora beach – biggest town beach, in front of hotel Amfora, 5 minutes walk from the town.
  • Sirena beach – in front of hotel Sirena, 2 km from the town.
  • Franciscan monastery beach – just a few minutes from Hvar town central piazza.

Hvar island beaches close to Hvar town

  • Milna beaches – located in village Milna, 4 km east of city of Hvar. Next to Milna lagoon there are two other woody lagoons – Malo and Veliko Borce. The village offers a lot of private apartments and villas. There is an organized transportation by boat from Hvar port, and it is also reachable by car or on foot.
  • Zarace village beaches – not far from Milna village, there is Zarace village, 6 km from Hvar. On the rocky cliffs stands this small scenic settlement with two deep coves with pebble beaches, Velo Zarace (Big) on the east and Malo Zarace (Small) on the west side. The village has several restaurants and comfortable private accommodation and can be reached by car or by boat.
  • Dubovica beach – this small pebble secluded beach is only 8 km east of the Hvar town. It ca be reached by boat from Hvar port or by car. It has a small restaurant offering always fresh fish meals.
  • Sveta Nedelja (St. Sunday) beach – a small settlement 12 km east of the Hvar town. It’s reachable by car or hiring a boat from Hvar town. There are beautiful pebble beaches with some good restaurants with possibility to rent rooms or apartments nearby.

Sandy Hvar Island Beaches

Hvar can not boast that it has many sandy beaches. The most sandy Hvar island beaches can be found at the eastern part of the island, close to small village, Sucuraj, a ferry port that connects island with the mainland.

Sucuraj Perna sandy beach
Mlaska sandy beach and campsite – Sucuraj
Grebisce sand beach – Jelsa
Mina sand beach – Jelsa
Stari Grad – Maslinica sandy beach
Soline Vrboska family beach

Secluded Hvar island beaches

Near Brusje, a small village located in the interior of the western part of the island, only 6 km from the town of Hvar, there are several secluded pebble beaches.

I have personally visited some coves in vicinity of Brusje. They are located one after another at the bottom of the steep slopes, below this small village.

These coves are more attractive for boaters and yachts owners but it’s possible to reach them on foot. The most beautiful are Grabovac, Lucisca and Stiniva coves.

Naturist or Nudist Hvar beaches

When talking about Hvar naturist beaches besides official naturist resorts (FKK – Free Body Culture) and beaches, you can enjoy in numerous other hidden little coves or bays, where you can enjoy total privacy.

You can find them practically everywhere. These beaches offer the best naturist vacations having possibility to choose a quite place where the nearest couple taking sun-bathing is at least 100 m far away from you.

What a joy to swim in the most incredibly clear water. It’s recommended for shy beginners. Keep in mind that those free beaches are rocky so it is a good to have a mattress.

One of ‘disadvantage’ of these beaches is to reach them. The best way is to hire a small boat in any of the Hvar island places like Jelsa, Hvar, Stari Grad or Vrboska. From town Hvar you can take a boat to the Paklina islands nudist beaches. They are all free for nudists.

Whichever part of Hvar island you choose, you can be sure there will be plenty of naturist possibilities. Here are some most frequented naturist beaches on Hvar island:

  • Zecevo – in fact it isn’t a beach but the whole island is dedicated for naturists with small rocky beaches. It is open during the summer season and can be reached by boat from Jelsa. Here is this island on the map!
  • Jerolim – naturist beach on the island of Jerolim (Paklina islands), southeast of Hvar, can be reached by boat from the town of Hvar.
  • Stipanska – naturist beach on the island of Marinkovac (Paklina islands), can be reached by boat from the port of Hvar.
  • Mlin – naturist beach on the island of Marinkovac.
  • Palmizana – a part of Paklina islands.
  • Zavala – naturist beach between Zavala and Sveta Nedjelja on the southern part of the island of Hvar

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