7 Best Things to Do in Lokrum, Croatia

The island of Lokrum is just a stone’s throw away from Dubrovnik – and a great place to visit during your stay in Croatia. Today, we’re going to talk a bit about this great place, share the things you should do when here and why you should visit.

Lokrum is a real haven of tranquility, a place with a bit of history too and one the keeps you away from the huge crowds in Dubrovnik. Plus, it’s a natural park with a protected area featuring tropical and subtropical plants, as well as a unique botanical garden.

In other words, if you get the chance to visit – do it. If you haven’t planned to visit it yet – do it!

How to get to Lokrum from Dubrovnik?

The easiest way to go there is to book your own speedboat ferry from Dubrovnik to Lokrum. These usually operate during the season and (May – October). Getting to Lokrum (and back to Dubrovnik) is really fast: just 15 minutes per route!

IMPORTANT: Visiting Lokrum island involves a fee of 120 HKR (around 16 Euros) per person. Make sure you budget that before deciding to visit the island.

Seven Top Things to Do on Lokrum Island

One of this island’s appeal is the fact that cars are not allowed on it. You can stay on the island only from 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM. Nobody lives there and you can’t spend the night there as there is no accommodation of any type.

Therefore, this is really an unspoiled piece of land, just minutes away from the huge crowds in Dubrovnik. It comes as a fresh breath of air – and still has a lot to offer apart from tranquility and beautiful nature.

beautiful lokrum

Here’s what to do once you get to Lokrum!

1. Enjoy the beaches!

There are two beaches on the island, Portoc and Bijele Stijene (White rocks). These beaches offer amazing views over the water and towards the continent, as well as a perfect opportunity to relax under the sun away from the crowds.

Lokrum is known also as a home of some premier nudist beaches on the easternmost point of the island (read more about these here).

2. Take a stroll around the island

There is no better way to enjoy the silence of the island. Take a walk around and explore at your own pace.

Lokrum is crisscrossed by paths covered with pines and there’s something beautiful to discover everywhere.

Take your time to explore as much as you want to – the island is really small and walkable, with extremely clean air (since there are no cars around) and superb, unspoiled views.

However, one of the best ones is in the botanical garden – which is next on our list of things to see in Lokrum.

3. Visit the Botanical garden

Here you can find over 800 plants from all over the world. Botanical gardens might not be on top of your “to see” lists normally, but trust me that it’s worth visiting this one!

Apart from the beautiful – and generally massive and impressive plants – you will also find roaming around freely all sorts of amazing birds. I personally loved seeing the peacocks live, with their majestic tails exposed for all travelers.

A truly amazing experience that visitors of all ages will appreciate.

4. Explore the ruins of the Fort Royal

During your walks, make sure to follow the “Path of Paradise,” which is an old stone-made path dating from the times of Maximilian. It takes you all the way to the island’s own Fort Royal.

Built around 1835 by the French military, Fort Royal is still standing today and can be visited for free to get a glimpse into the past, but also nice panoramic views over the island itself as it is the highest point on Lokrum.

Make sure you have your camera fully charged, because this is the place where you can take a ton of unique photos!

5. Visit the Benedictine Monastery (the Monastery Complex)

There are many legends and stories about this island. One of the legends is about this exact monastery called the Benedictine Monastery.

According to the legend, the Benedictines as the first owners, have damned the island after they were expelled there from Dubrovnik. You can read all the interesting details about this story on Wikipedia.

Another legend is even more impressive, though. It says that Richard the Lionheart himself got shipwrecked here in 1192 after returning home from the crusades. He managed to survive thanks to the island, which is definitely a better story than it being cursed.

The Benedictine monastery complex on Lokrum was first mentioned in 1023 and it includes
the 12th or 13th century Romanesque-Gothic basilica and a 15th century Gothic-Renaissance monastery.

But there are some even more modern legends – and probably more impressive to you.

This is where city of Qarth in the TV series Game of Thrones was imagined and you will certainly be able to recognize it in its entire glory. There’s even an iron throne replica where you can take pictures and show the world that you’re the one and true ruler!

A pretty amazing place to visit, made even more amazing by the Game of Thrones TV series.

And since you’re most likely visiting Lokrum from Dubrovnik, make sure to continue your GoT experience by visiting the city’s walls.

6. Take a bath in the Dead Sea

lokrum island - dead sea

One of the special attractions of the island is a lake called the ‘dead sea’ (Mrtvo more). If you travel with children, the lake is suitable for them and non-swimmers.

The lake is shallow near the shore but goes up to 10 meters deep. However, the shallow area is really wide and therefore safe for kids.

Plus, the water is so salty that you simply float on it. A really nice experience for you and the family – your own miniature Dead Sea here in Lokrum!

7. Swimming in one’s ‘birthday suit’ on Lokrum island

Extensive rocky beaches run along the eastern end of the island, and there’s a nudist section (FKK) at the far eastern tip.

This island is a home of the country’s premier nudist beaches and of the most beautiful secluded places to get rid of your tan-lines. If you are a naturist fan, the same boat will take you there every day.

Wrapping up

Just 600 meters away from the hustle and bustle in Dubrovnik, Lokrum is a must-see attraction especially if spend more time in the area.

Not only that you will feel like royalty from the Game of Thrones in the Monastery Complex, but you will also experience natural, unspoiled beauty at every step you take. Really worth it for a day trip.

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