Complete Guide to Lubenice Beach on Cres Island, Croatia

If you remember, I’ve mentioned Lubenice beach, describing the beauties of Cres island in Croatia’s Kvarner region.

Official name of this beach is St.John (Sveti Ivan in Croatian) but it’s better known under the strange name of Lubenice (meaning ‘watermelons’), the name of 4000 years old town that today has around a dozen people and a most spectacular position.

When speaking of this place many will tell you about the past, rarely anyone about the present, and none about the future. Its name probably derives from Latin word ‘hibernicius’ meaning ‘chilly’, probably due to the wind that blows almost always, as the harsh winter with snow is not a rare phenomenon.

This tiny town has only two parallel winding streets. Streets have no names and houses have only the numbers from N° 1 to forty-two. There is also a school there but with no students as there doesn’t live no one younger than 65 years.

There are five churches and chapels, the oldest one dating back to 15th century. It’s almost like having a church of your own.

In spite of all this, this unique little town revives in the summer. The town of Cres traditionally organizes musical evenings in Lubenice visited by a large number of tourist.

In the church of St. Mary many concerts are held, and the square in front of the church hosts the opening and closing ‘Lubenice evenings’ , with the participation of numerous international and Croatian artists.

How to reach Lubenice Beach

Before you decide to visit this unique beach, it will be important to indicate the best way to get to Cres island . The shortest and the quickest way is taking a ferry ship from Istria peninsula.

Istria peninsula is regularly connected with Cres island by a car ferry from small port Brestova. From Brestova (63 km from Pula) leaves a ferry to Porozina (Cres island).

See where is Brestova on the map! It takes only 20 minutes from Istria mainland to Porozina, a small village on Cres island.

In high season this ferry goes up and down between July 1st to September 4th, thirteen times a day (the first departure at 00.30 AM and the last one at 10.30 PM).

  • Brestova – Porozina (Cres). Line N° 334 – car ferry.

There is another ferry connection from Krk island. From Valbiske (Krk island) take a ferry ship to Merag port on Cres island.

Lubenice beach and same name town is only 25 km from Cres town and it’s easy to reach it by car. The entrance to the town is very narrow so be careful how you drive. Here is the google map that indicates the road from Cres town to Lubenice.

Actually the beach is seated under the steep cliffs under this old town, 383 meters above the sea level. This pebble beach position makes it difficult to reach. The best way is by boat or to take one of tours from Cres town.

There is also a very limited parking place there. They will charge you a parking fee, I think about 15 or 20 Kuna (per day).

Once arriving to Lubenice by land, you’ll be shocked by a stunning view that opens up in front of you from the height of almost 400 meter to a a tiny paradise beach below.

If you decide to go on foot down to Lubenice beach, from the top of the hill be prepare for a risky walk. Going down is not a problem but climbing up will require more strength. The first and main thing will be to have an appropriate footwear and bring a lots of water since you have no place to buy it on the beach.

It will take you about 40 minutes down hill and more than an hour to climb back. It’s worth taking this risky adventure once you reach the beach that will be remembered for the rest of your life.

Where to stay near Lubenice beach?

Lubenice Beach Video

There is no better way to watch this video to enjoy the uniqueness and untouched nature of the beach, rightfully considered one of the most beautiful Croatia’s secluded beaches.

This is a truly beautiful beach you will instantly fall in love with as soon as you visit.

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