Tourist Map of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Do you really need to have a map of Dubrovnik while visiting Dubrovnik? Considering the richness’s of cultural monuments concentrating on the relatively limited surface among the mighty city walls, I would say that having a map would be essential.

If you are staying in Dubrovnik for a day or two, probably you won’t be like a typical tourist, strolling the city core with a map in your hands. Why not?

Because you you will not have time to see too much, except some key landmarks like city walls, Stradun street and eventually taking a mount Srdj cable car.

Map Of Dubrovnik Old Town

Dubrovnik Old City Map with all main attractions and sights in Dubrovnik Old Town is ‘the must have’. If you need one before you arrive in Dubrovnik, get one on Amazon.

This map is for all looking for an easy-to-use, pocket city map that you can carry around with you, wherever you go without having to juggle with fold-able maps that quickly turn into a complete mess.

If you just do not want to spend money for a map of Dubrovnik’s old town, you can have a free copy at Information offices of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board.

Dubrovnik tourist board can be found at Pile gate and at Gruz harbor. The most important is one at Pile gate, in Brsalje 5 street, open all year long from Monday to Sunday from 08 AM to 08 PM. (Tel: 020/ 312-011, e-mail: [email protected]).

If you are coming by ship to Dubrovnik, you can get free map of Dubrovnik at Gruz harbor, located in Obala Ivana Pavla II, N. 1 street, working hours Monday – Friday from 08 AM to 08 PM and on Saturday and Sunday from 08 AM to 02 PM. (Tel: 020/417-983 E-mail: [email protected]).

Information offices of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board can be found also at Dubrovnik Airport and only in high season on the islands of Lopud and Sipan – known as Elafiti islands.

If you stay on Lapad Bay, you will find information tourist board office in Masarykov put 2, Dvori Lapad, open from Monday to Friday – 08 AM to 12 PM and from 05 PM to 08 PM. Working hours on Saturday is from 09 AM to 02 MP while on Sunday the office is closed.

The best way to explore Dubrovnik is to go on foot

Going on foot you will discover many things and details which you would miss driving a car or riding on a bus. The entire Old City is a pedestrian zone and walking is the only way.

From any other part of the city, even the remotest one, you will easily walk to the Pile or Ploce Gates, western and eastern entrances to the Old City – in half an hour.

A stroll from the Gruz Harbor, where numerous cruising ships land, will take you to Lapad Bay, another pedestrian zone – in less than half an hour, while a leisurely forty-minute walk will take you to the city walls.

For easier orientation get a city map which you can get free of charge at one of tourist information offices.

Bus Map Of Dubrovnik

All parts of the city of Dubrovnik are well connected by frequent, regular bus lines. City bus timetables are displayed at every major bus stop, and you can also get timetables at the Information offices of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, at Libertas bus company kiosks.

With about 70 buses, local bus company perform transport on 9 city and 18 suburban lines. Bus and car traffic is not permitted in the city center. The most important bus station right in front of the city center is located at Pile area, close to Pile Gate.

Among 9 city bus lines on the bus map of Dubrovnik, the most important lines for tourists are those getting to/from Pile Gate as a point of reference:

  • Buses run regularly almost every 15-20 minutes
  • Bus N° 6 runs from Pile bus station to Lapad and Babin Kuk, where most hotels and private accommodation are located. Here you can check all hotels in Lapad Bay and Babin Kuk .
  • Bus N° 4 drives from Pile to the Hotel Palace in Lapad.
  • The main Dubrovnik bus station is located in the village Kantafig in the area of Gruz harbor, close to the ferry port, about 2 km from the city center.
  • Buses N°. 1A, 1B, 3 and 3A drive from Gruz harbor to Pile Gate
  • Bus N° 7 drives from Gruz harbor to Lapad and Babin Kuk districts.
  • Bus N° 8 drives from Gruz harbor to Ploce Gate and St. Jakov.

Buses on the suburban lines connecting Dubrovnik with nearby towns:

  • Bus N° 10 keeps connection to Cavtat (see below bus lines – east map of Dubrovnik).
  • Bus N° 12 runs from Dubrovnik to Slano (west bus lines map)
  • Bus N° 15 to Ston
  • Bus N° 21 to Orebic (where is a ferry to Korcula island).
Map of buses from Dubrovnik to southern part of Dubrovnik region (Cavtat, Srebreno, Plat, Molunat)
Map of buses lines from Dubrovnik to western part of Dubrovnik region ( Slano, Ston – Peljesac peninsula)

Map Of Dubrovnik Including Old Town Map

The situation changes if you have decided to stay in Dubrovnik for 5 days or a week. Probably the most of visitors will prefer to stay in lodgings outside of old town walls (mostly due to lack of accommodation and high prices).

If you still haven’t decided what type of Dubrovnik accommodation is right for you , some of Dubrovnik’s best hotels and accommodations are located in neighborhoods outside of the Old Town.

On the map below you can see the most popular adjacent zones where you can find excellent hotels and budget choices for apartments, B&B and guesthouses.

On the map you can clearly distinguish all Dubrovnik’s most important neighborhood zones outside the old city town from Ploce, Lapad, Gruz harbor and Babin Kuk.

More Maps Of Dubrovnik

If you are flying to Dubrovnik the airport is about 20 kilometers from Dubrovnik. Bus transfers to Dubrovnik are available upon arrival for each regular flight.

On departure, the bus leaves the main bus terminal 1.5 hours before every Croatia Airlines and Austrian Airlines flight. For all other regular flights, a bus departs from the main bus terminal approximately 2 hours before the flight. Tickets are bought from the bus driver and the price is 40 kuna.

Check this map below to find the distances from some important hotels on Lapad and Babin Kuk to Pile Gate.

Hopefully these maps of Dubrovnik and its surroundings will make navigation a lot easier for you and your travel more enjoyable, with no major attractions missed!

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