Enjoying Nin Lagoon Beach: a Sandy Paradise in Croatia

Croatia, known more for its rocky coastlines than sandy shores, hides a gem near Zadar: Nin Lagoon Beach.

This beach, along with several others around the town of Nin, offers the perfect sandy retreat, especially for families with children of any age. Therefore, it’s a perfect choice for your travel to Croatia.

Nin town and its area is a top location in Zadar’s proximity, boasting the finest sandy beaches along the entire Adriatic coast.

Just 18 km north of Zadar, Nin Lagoon Beach is located in a shallow bay, far from the hustle of traffic and its adjourning pollution.

The sea here, warmer by 2-3 degrees compared to the open sea due to its shallowness and enclosure, offers a unique blend of higher salinity and aerosol. Mix that with the perfect sand and you have all the ingredients you need for an unforgettable vacation.

Actually, all the Nin beaches lie in a wind-protected bay, offering breathtaking mountain views. The water is consistently clean and warm, making it an ideal setting for a tranquil day at the beach.

Nin Lagoon Beach
One of the best sandy beaches in Croatia.

Nin also ranks as a top naturist-friendly destination. It hosts a mix of official and unofficial nudist beaches, with Punta Skala (Petrcane), Sabunike, and Zaton being the most popular.

If interested to learn more about naturist options in Croatia, read my previous article about the top nudist beaches in Croatia.

Here is a map of the area, marking the best Nin Lagoon naturist Beaches:

Nin Lagoon Beach

Nin Lagoon Beach, almost a mile long and famously known as Queen’s Beach, is the area’s top attraction.

This long sandy beach is perfect for families and the elderly, as I’ve already mentioned. We can say that it’s a perfect beach for any age, though.

Nin Beach Imagined
Artistic representation of the Nin Lagoon Beach

Renowned for its beauty, it has been repeatedly recognized by the German auto club ADAC as one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Dalmatia.

A notable feature is the medicinal mud which can be found in the center of Nin’s Lagoon. This is the largest such site in Croatia.

Exploring the Zadar-Nin Stretch

Traveling from Zadar to Nin, you’ll encounter numerous sandy and pebble beaches. The first noteworthy stop is Petrcane, a quaint 900-year-old fishing village 12km northwest of Zadar, renowned for its tourism.

If interested to spend some time in the city, check out the best Zadar hotels here. Or just take a look at the best all inclusive resorts in Croatia for a worry-free stay.

A few miles further lies Zaton, nestled in a bay between Nin and Zadar. Zaton’s 1.5 km long beach, fringed by pine forests, offers pebble and sandy stretches and a plethora of activities like tennis, horseback riding, and various water sports.

Zaton Holiday Resort, near this beach, is a family favorite and my top recommendation too.

It has an amazing location, offers great food, plenty of activities (especially for kids), has a huge pool area and beautiful sea views (as well as the fact that it’s right on the beach). It’s a perfect vacation spot. Just see below:

Beyond the Lagoon: Sabunike and Beyond

West of Nin Lagoon Beach lies the small settlement of Sabunike. North of this village, several kilometers of mostly clothing-optional sandy beaches await.

In the nearby village of Privlaka, part of the Zadar Riviera, you’ll find stunning sandy beaches and a variety of holiday accommodations.

Northeast of Nin, just 6 km away, lies the area of Vrsi. Divided into several districts, Zukve and Mulo, by the sea, offer a mix of sandy and pebbly beaches.

Notable among these are Jasenovo, Duboka Draga, and St. Jacob, each offering its unique charm.

Best Time to Visit Nin

Zaton Beach Nin Lagoon area
Amazing sun dawn view from the Zaton area.

Timing your visit to Nin can significantly affect your holiday experience. Here’s what you need to know – choose the period that fits your needs the best.

Peak Season

July and August represent the peak of the season. This is the best time to visit Nin, as long as larger crowds (and warmer weather) don’t put you off.

When visiting Nin during the peak season, expect bustling beaches, active nightlife, and a generally lively atmosphere.

It’s also the most expensive time of the year, so make sure to book your stay in advance to make sure you get any potential early bird discounts.

Off-Season: Still Good!

For a quieter visit, consider May, June, or September. The weather is still warm during these months, but the tourist rush subsides.

You’ll enjoy less crowded beaches and a more relaxed ambiance, often with reduced accommodation rates.

While May and June will be pretty cold and the water temperature will probably only allow the bravest tourists take a bath, September has gotten warmer and warmer in recent years, being perfect for the beach.

Based on my experience in Croatia in the past few years, you can have really good weather up to mid-October. This season, for example, I’ve seen people at the beach even in November as the weather was surprisingly warm.

But it’s still a bit risky in case the normal weather returns – so opt for September as an off-season visit to Nin area. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the weather!


Nin Lagoon Beach and its surrounding areas present a sandy paradise in Croatia, one you must explore when visiting the country, and especially if you don’t like Croatia’s offer of pebble and rocky beaches.

I hope you enjoy discovering this serene and sandy haven as much as I have. If you still have questions – or anything extra to add, please do so by commenting below.

Thanks for sharing this article!

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