Pakleni Islands Your Exotic Escape in Croatia

Pakleni islands is a tiny archipelago of 16 islands right opposite the town of Hvar, the capital of Hvar island. Their exact name would be Paklinski otoci (islands).

I have heard someone calling them ‘Hell Islands’. Literal translation of the Croatian words ‘Pakao’ (Hell) or ‘Paklen’ (Hellis) has nothing to do with these islands, as it’s much better to call them paradise islands as more appropriate name, which they really are.

The islands were baptized so long ago, because of their pine bark (paklina in Croatian as islands were covered by pine threes) used to cook bitumen, a thick resin for sealing vessels.

Pakleni Islands Map

On the above map you can see all 16 islands spreading in front of Hvar town port. The biggest one are St. Klement, Jerolim and Marinkovac. It’s hard to cite all bathing places and a numberless of small and secluded beaches.

In yellow are marked some most famous nudist beaches. These are well-known and long-established naturist beaches, equipped with showers and a shop, but all around these islands one can find many isolated places to meet other nudist friends and nautical naturists.

Getting to the islands

There is only one way to reach these islands – by boat. The main Hvar town pier for these boats leave from Arsenal, one of town’s most important sights. There you can find a small taxi boats leaving to the largest Pakleni islands.

The boats run several times a day from Hvar harbor to Jerolim, Marinkovac (Stipanska beach) and St. Klement (Palmizana bay). Boats are leaving at about every half hour or so from 9 AM to 01 PM, returning at half hour intervals between 04 PM and 06 PM. Those going to Stipanska and Palmizana leave hourly in the morning.

Boat taxi prices vary depending which island you are heading to. If you opt for Amo Beach on Jerolim island as the shortest and cheapest journey it starts from just 35 Kuna round trip.

If you head to Stipanska Bay where you’ll find the famous partying Carpe Diem Beach bar, take a boat in the morning and they’ll bring you back later in the afternoon for around 60 Kuna.

If you want to opt for something a bit more luxurious then choosing the Palmizana bay found on St. Klement is your best bet, for around 60 Kuna.

Pakleni Islands Beaches

While many of the beaches on this archipelago are rocky or consist of small pebbles, there are also some for those ‘sandy or nothing’.

If you prefer only sandy beaches the best one is Perna beach, situated at St. Klement, the biggest island among Pakleni archipelago, just in the next bay round from Palmizana. This beach can be reached only by taxi boats or in case you rent your own boat.

This sandy beach is a real gem for all lovers of sand, particularly convenient for families with small children. Words are not enough to describe the beauty of this beach but thanks to Hvar Town Tourist Board pictures will show you why this beach will amaze you.

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