Is It Worth Visiting Split, Croatia in September?

September is a great month for visiting Split! The temperature is warm but not too hot, the high season madness is over and you can experience a more relaxed Split during the first official month of autumn / fall.

For those who want to visit Split for its beaches, I have great news also: they are less crowded and the weather is still perfect for sunbathing and enjoying the sea (which is really warm during September).

Sure, the risk of rain exists this month – but it’s minimal. Also, days are shorter and slightly colder, especially in the evenings and during the night. But overall, September is perfect for visiting Split, Croatia, if you want to stay away from the crowds, but still enjoy warm weather and the warm water of the Adriatic Sea.

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We’ve actually talked about Croatia during the fall / autumn season and the conclusion is that this is indeed a good time to visit since it’s more budget friendly, less crowded and still beautiful during this time of the year.

Pros and Cons of visiting Split in September

Although officially the first month of autumn, September is still pretty warm and sunny, with average high temperatures of around 25°C (77°F). However, in the past several years, you could easily notice that the weather is warmer and temperatures higher during this month.

Officially, it rains on average for seven days during September, but unless you are really unlucky, these are not in a row. Usually, we get more rain here during the second half of the month.

With these extra details in mind, let’s check out some advantages and disadvantages of visiting Split in September, so you can easily draw the line and conclude if, for your particular situation, it’s a good idea to visit now or sooner:

Pros of visiting Split in September

– The city is less crowded during the peak season. Have in mind that schools in Europe usually start around September 10th, so after that date expect it to be as empty as it gets.

– The weather is still warm enough to enjoy the beach, while the water remains warm.

– Ferries and catamarans usually run in full season schedule during the month of September (but are way less crowded)

split in september pros cons

– Prices for accommodation are lower that they are during the summer. Prices can drop up to 30% during the month of September, so make sure to check out some prices for your dates on

– You can also enjoy island hopping and various other tours at great discounts. You have tons of options available and since the crowds are gone, you will get more for your money as the number of participants will be lower. Check out available tours here.

Cons of visiting Split in September

– The weather is a bit colder in the evenings and during the nights. Long sleeves might be necessary!

– The risk of rain or cloudy days is higher (although Split does get a lot of sunshine hours in September!)

– Not many events take place this month. You generally have the Split Film Festival going on, some wine and olive oil tasting, as well as the Diocletian Palace guard change… but not a lot more.

– Days are shorter, so you get to spend less time under the sun at the beach (if this is your main reason for visiting).

And this would be it, in all honesty! September is still a great month for visiting Split – the weather is fine, the water temperature is still perfect, prices are lower and most of the crowds are gone. It really can’t get any better than that!

Now, if you want to push things a little bit further, why not check out my article about visiting Split in October? That’s when we have a few more disadvantages to consider, but you might be surprised with that conclusion.

Have you visited Croatia, or Split specifically, in September? Share your experience with us below, so that our readers can decide if it’s something worth doing or not.

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  1. Visiting with a group of friends from September 20th-24th in 2021 and trying to decide between staying in Hvar and Split. Will there still be good nightlife in either Hvar or Split during that time?


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