How to Get from Serbia (Belgrade) to Croatia by Bus, Train or Plane

Information about traveling from Serbia to Croatia or vice versa will be of a great interest for many travelers. After the tragic events during the nineties, the connection between these states was almost interrupted.

Today the situation has completely changed and there are many ways to reach Croatia from either Serbia or Montenegro. Considering Belgrade as the main point to travel from Serbia, the average distance between two countries is about 800 km.

Distance from Belgrade to Split is about 800 km If you take a highway to Zagreb and than a new highway from Zagreb to Split. It will take you about 7 hours to reach Split.

There is also another way, driving across the Bosnia Herzegovina territory but it will take you more time (approximately 10 hours).

The map bellow indicates the route from Belgrade to Dubrovnik with three options. The route N° 1 (via Bijelina) is the shortest. It’s only 544 km long but it requires almost 10 hours drive. I wouldn’t advise this direction as a very challenging route and uncommon route.

The second route N°2 via Brcko is more advisable but the longer one with 600 km. It could me more interesting if you plan to visit Sarajevo and Mostar. It will take you more that 10 hours. The N° 3 road is the longest (via Banja Luka), 705 km to Dubrovnik. It takes more time 11 hours and traveling costs are higher.

Belgrade to Croatia by bus

Traveling by bus from Belgrade to any of Croatia’s seaside destinations is the cheapest, the safest but not always time saving way.

Bus lines from Belgrade to Zagreb are the most frequent with several daily bus connections. It’s the shortest way from Belgrade to the Croatia’s capital. The travel time is about 5 hours and 30 minutes with two or three short stops on the way.

Due to border formalities between two countries, you should count on some delays on the days of more intensive traffic, particularly in the period of high season (July and August).

This line is operated by different bus companies. The most frequent with four daily departures are Lasta Eurolines, Casmatrans also with four departures.

Other companies on this route are Autotransport Karlovac with one daily departure and Fudeks with two daily departures. Average ticket price is 28€ – 30€ (210 kn – 230 kn) for one way drive. Below you can check out the maps from Belgrade to different Croatian cities:

Belgrade to Zagreb bus route
Belrgade to Split bus route
Belgrade to Dubrovnik bus route

Serbia to Croatia by plane

The quickest way to reach Croatia is taking a flight from Belgrade. Air Serbia is flying from Belgrade to Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb.

If you are traveling from Belgrade to Dubrovnik, there is also another option to fly from Belgrade to Tivat (Montenegro) . From there you can take a bus from the Tivat airport to Dubrovnik. On this line operates Air Serbia with daily flights at very convenient fares, starting from € 52 one way. The route from Tivat airport to Dubrovnik is covered by Bozur Prevoz.

Belgrade to Croatia by train

Belgrade Railway station built in 1884

If you decide to travel by train from Serbia to Croatia, you have to take one from Belgrade Railway station directed to Zagreb and Ljubljana.

A daytime train leaves Belgrade every day at 11:00 AM arriving Zagreb at 18:09 PM and Ljubljana at 20:56 PM. It’s an old route across the former Yugoslavia once used by the Simplon Orient Express. One way ticket costs € 25 on-way.

There is also a night train with couchettes that leaves Belgrade every night at 21:30 PM arriving Zagreb at 04:28 AM and Ljubljana at 07:21 AM. The couchette supplement is around € 9.

You can buy tickets online, but they are very cheap and easy to buy at the station too.

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