Split 10 Day Itinerary: Island Hopping

How to plan your Split island hopping itinerary visiting islands of Brac, Vis, Hvar, Korcula, Mljet and Dubrovnik in 10 days starting from Split?

Many travelers have asked me this question in order to plan their holidays visiting Central and Southern Dalmatia islands and Dubrovnik.

An important aspect in the planning of this island hoping travel, is the period when this trip is possible. The period is from end of June to end of August. Actually it’s the high season period.

To make it possible book both, hotel and catamaran ride, in advance as the most of fast boat ships will be filled to capacity.

Keep in mind that this travel itinerary shouldn’t necessarily be performed in ten days, it can be based on two weeks program, but it can be scheduled on 7 days basis, only if you skip to visit some islands.

There may seem strange why this trip can’t be arrange in less than 10 days. The main reason for this is island Vis and connections between Vis and Hvar island.

Split Island Hopping – Plan of action

From the Dalmatia Counties map you can see that this island hopping refers only on Central Dalmatia and Southern Dalmatia.

The Central Dalmatia with Split city capital has following three islands, that are worth to be combined in Split island hopping adventure, island Brac, island Hvar and Vis island.

Three islands of Southern Dalmatia should be included in our itinerary, starting from Lastovo island, Korcula and Mljet islands to finish in Dubrovnik.

Even this island hopping itinerary can be organized in the reverse order, from Dubrovnik to Split, I consider Split more flexible for island hopping planning, as the 90 % of ferries and catamarans depart from Split harbor.

Before I explain this itinerary in more comprehensive way, I have to draw your attention to the fact, that this is only foot passengers itinerary and not for car owners.

In case you decide to travel by car, opportunity to visit some islands will be limited or even impossible. For example, visiting Vis island by car ferry from Split, you will be forced to return back to Split. Traveling by car to Hvar island, there is no way to proceed to Brac or Korcula island, unless to get back to Split again.

In case you decide to travel by car, opportunity to visit some islands will be limited or even impossible. For example, visiting Vis island by car ferry from Split, you will be forced to return back to Split. Traveling by car to Hvar island, there is no way to proceed to Brac or Korcula island, unless to get back to Split again.

Split Island Hopping Itinerary – Brac,Vis,Hvar Korcula, Mljet

The fastest means of transport for planning Split island hopping will be catamarans (fast boats) operated by two maritime companies:

  • MB Kapetan Luka TP – the fleet of this company consist of several high speed catamarans (only foot passengers) with capacities between 180-396 seats. The most important sailing routes of this company are:
  • Line 9602 Split – Milna (Brac) – Hvar town – Vis town (his route in 2018 will not be confirmed ( the same line with same line number will be run by Jadrolinija – see below)
  • Split – Milna (Brac) – Hvar town – Korcula town – Mljet island – Dubrovnik (This route is already confirmed and will start from April 14 2018 ).
  • A new line from Split-Brac(Bol)-Makarska-Korcula (Old Town)-Mljet (Sobra)-Dubrovnik.

Jadrolinija is a state shipping company maintains the most of links with Dalmatian islands, by cars&passengers ferries and catamarans. Below is 2018 timetable:

  • Line 9602 Split – Bol (Brac) – Jelsa (Hvar) -Vis (Ex Krilo company line !)
  • Line 9603 Split – Milna (Brac) – Hvar town
  • Line 9604 Split – Hvar – Vela Luka (Korcula) – Ubli (Lastovo)
  • Line 9811S Dubrovnik – Korcula – Hvar – Bol

To get a perfect route on Split islands hopping, you have to combine both shipping companies, Krilo company line Split – Dubrovnik and Jadrolinija line 9602. Both schedules are of essential importance. Why is it so important?

If you skip this day (Tuesday) you have to go back from Vis to Split to take another catamaran to Hvar town. But in this case you will turn upside-down the whole itinerary, not to mention the additional costs in money and time.

Another line is Krilo’s (Wing) company line from Split to Dubrovnik, docking at Mljet island (Pomena). It’s practically the only catamaran that links this island.

Split island hopping itinerary – Vis Hvar Korcula Dubrovnik 10 or 15 days

Here is one of possible Split island hopping itinerary of 10 to 15 days visiting some of most visited islands. This itinerary can be even shorter if you decide to skip some islands, like Vis or it can be set differently if instead of Vis, you want to visit Brac island.

In any way if you decide to tailor this adventurous islands hopping, you should combined both maritime companies to make it perfect for your needs and interest.

Let’s see this one doable Split island hoping example:

  • Day 1 Vis island (from July 1st to September 4th 2018) – take Jadrolinija catamaran line 9602 on Saturday on Sunday to Vis town at 18,00 PM (it take only 1 hour and 25 minutes). In alternative you can take Jadrolinija ferry line 602 (more slower 2 hours and 20 minutes).
  • Arriving on Vis island on Saturday, you’ll have two days on this pristine island, described as an island of Mediterranean as it used to be. Two days will be enough to take a trip to Blue Cave from Komiza town.
  • Day 2 or 3 – On Tuesday after your 2 or three days on Vis island, you will take the (Krilo) Jadrolinija catamaran line 9602 to Hvar island (Hvar town). This is the only day when you can leave Vis at 07,15 AM to get to Hvar town at 08.05. It will cost you 40 Kuna.
  • Upon arriving in Hvar tow you can plan to stay from 3 to 4 days. You can always take an extra day on Hvar if you stay less days on Vis island, but always bear in mind that Tuesday is a crucial day (only from Vis to Hvar).
  • To continue Split island hoping to Korcula island, you can take Krilo catamaran from Hvar that leaves every day at 08.55 arriving in Korcula at 10.00. One-way ticket is 80 Kuna. The Korcula island and Korcula town deserves at least 2 to 3 days to visit Marco Polo island. In alternative you can opt on Jadrolinija catamaran line 9811s that leaves every day to Korcula at 18:40 PM.
  • The next Split island hopping destination should be Mljet island (National Park). This island is worth staying not less than two days. From Korcula town, Krilo catamaran leaves every day at 10:10 AM and it takes only 30 minutes to Mljet island (Pomena).
  • Once you decide to leave Mljet island to get to Dubrovnik on Split island hopping tour, you should take catamaran from Mljet (Pomena) at 10.45 every day, arriving to Dubrovnik at 12:00. You have to pay 80Kuna on this route. How long you are going to stay in Dubrovnik, is up to you. I know for sure that it’s never enough of Dubrovnik.

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